Reopening of Tanzania borders and airports for tourism

Reopening of Tanzania borders and airports for tourism: Tanzania is the first brave country in the entire East African region to reopen up its border points and airports for tourism activities and all other activities. Amongst the countries that faced the total lockdown due to covid19 that originated from Wuhan China in late 2019, Tanzania wasn’t among as the country left most of its activities moving on within the country as usual with a few guideline including the use of face masks at all the times and sanitizing the hands with alcohol based sanitizer / frequently washing hands with soap and water. However, with the wide spread of covid19 around the world, most countries closed their border point, suspended flights and this in turn also affected Tanzania’s economy as the business were deeply affected by limited movements though the internal activities with in the country continued. 

Amongst the most affected sectors of the economy in Tanzania was the tourism sector as the passenger flights were suspended to minimize the importation of coronavirus but this suspension didn’t last longer as Tanzania declared the reopening of all its border points and airports in less than 2 months for tourism activities in order to boast back its economy as tourism is amongst the stronger sectors of Tanzania’s economy. 

When we talk of tourism in east Africa, Tanzania is one of the most visited country in the entire East African region due to existence of unique tourist attractions such as tree climbing lions that are found in Lake Manyara national park. These tree climbing lions are also found in Uganda with in Queen Elizabeth national park which implies that tree climbing lions are found in only two destinations in the entire East African region and the world at large. Other famous tourist attractions in Tanzania are the Wildebeests that are usually seen migrating seasonally between Serengeti national park of Tanzania and Masai Mara national reserve of Kenya through Mara River. There are many more beautiful destinations that attract plenty of tourists all year round but due to Covid19 pandemic, all the tourism activates were put to a hold as the government of Tanzania together with the ministry of health tried to control the spread of the novel coronavirus that is responsible for the cause of Covid19.

Now that Tanzania reopened all its borders and airports, tourists are able to fully enjoy all the safaris in Tanzania at any given period of time as long as tourists adhere to follow all the measures put in place to prevent the spread of Corona virus Covid19 while in the protected areas on a Tanzania safari.

Procedures for all protected areas;

The ministry of health and the government of Tanzania decided to put in place various operating procedures to be used by anyone accessing the protected areas in Tanzania such as national parks, game reserves, Conservation areas, museums, among others.

 The measures put in place to be followed by tourists while in these protected areas:

After clearing with the airport or border point, all tourists are advised to follow the guide lines put in place by the Ministry of Health at all times while in protected areas and these include;

  • All tourists to be screened using a temperature monitoring machine before accessed any protected area in Tanzania.
  • Tourists to maintain a social distance is a must while on a safari in Tanzania.
  • Tourist to wear appropriate face masks at all the time while in the park on a Tanzania safari.
  • Tourists to wash their hands frequently was water and soap or else use and alcohol based hand sanitizer at all the time
  • Tourists to are advised to ensure that the a trustworthy record of their destination is provided which include the contact phone number and Hotel number for easy tracing in case of any issue related to covid19.
Reopening of Tanzania borders and airports for tourism
Reopening of Tanzania borders and airports for tourism

Procedures to be used by tour operators upon after reopening of Tanzania for tourism include;

  • Tour operators are advised to ensure maximum protection through use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, gloves, and face masks at all the time.
  • Tour operators to maintain a social distance while interacting with the tourists.
  • All travel vehicles to be promptly sanitized including the door handles, car seats, and any other object that is frequently used by the tour operator.
  • In case of any suspected symptoms that resemble coronavirus symptoms, tour operators are supposed to call the emergency team as soon as possible.

Conclusion: With the listed healthy and safety procedures, I wish you the best as you enjoy your Tanzania safari at any time in the biggest country and the first country to reopen its borders and airports for tourism and other activities in East Africa with plenty of tourist attractions including fauna species and flora species. Remember to wash your hands and sanitize frequently while on your Tanzania safari.

Reopening of Tanzania borders and airports for tourism

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