Packing List for Murchison Falls National Park Uganda: Upon finalizing with the decision of taking on a wildlife safari to Murchison falls national park Uganda,  you will as well need to put into considerations the things that you might need while on your safari to the largest and oldest savanna destination in Uganda the pearl of Africa. In this article, I have included all the basic items you need for a successful wildlife safari in Murchison falls national park and any other destination in Uganda. You do not need to pack a lot of things, just pack a few that you are sure might need during your safari. All you need to put into considerations is that Uganda experiences 2 seasons that is the dry and wet seasons thus the attire you include in your backpack matters. This however is only a guide to the basics thus you may choose to add or reduce some items from the list.

Packing List for Murchison Falls National Park Uganda
Packing List for Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Let’s roll down to the basic items you need to pack for your safari to Murchison falls national park;

  1. Passport: A passport one of the most important travel document that you can never enter into Uganda without it.  You need try as much as possible not to misplace or forget your Passport as you plan your safari. You as well need to ensure that your passport is at least 6 months from expiry date.
  2. A flight air ticket: You now have your passport ready, the next thing you need to keep with you is a flight air ticket since it will be required before you board the plane and hopefully you don’t need miss out on you flight.
  3. Visa: Visa is a MUST have before entering into Uganda for your Murchison falls safari or any other safari in Uganda on a Uganda Safari. This is best applied online before embarking on your trip though there are some countries that accept visa on arrival. A Ugandan tourist Visa costed $50. However, you are planning to explore more than 1 countries across East Africa, you may opt for an East African visa at $100. There are a few countries who are visa exemplary majorly east African countries.
  4. Yellow fever card: I repeat this, you are required to present your Yellow fever card upon arrival at Entebbe international airport thus this should be included in the most important travel document you have handy with you as you plan your Murchison falls national park safari. You will need to get your yellow Fever vaccine at least 21 days before embarking on your flight.
  5. Passport photos: You pack along like 2 or more passport photos, you never know when the need arises while on your safari. 
  6. Photocopies: Kindly ensure that you have photocopies of each of your documents and keep them in you safely at all the time. For the documents that you receive online such as Visa, travel itinerary, flight tickets, etc. Kindly ensure that you print them out and keep them safe.
  7. Credit/ debit card: you need to ensure that you carry along your credit or debit card even if you are 100% sure that you cleared all your costs for your safari. A need may arise when you need some money maybe to buy some souvenirs, crafts and to tip the driver/ waiters etc. However, you need to inform your bank in advance such that they are aware that it’s you using your card outside your country otherwise the transactions maybe declined.
  8. A money belt: This is as well amongst the items you plan to pack. Money belt helps in carrying extra dollars and your cards while on your safari not in Uganda’s Murchison falls national park but in any other travel destinations.
  9. A travel backpack: a backpack is necessary as you plan your next Murchison falls national park safari. You will use your backpack to carry your devices like Camera, and other items that you will need to use while on your safari.
  10. Clothes: Appropriate clothes should be packed for your safari. For A Murchison falls national park safari, you probably need to pack some short / mini dresses, shorts, skirts etc. However, do not be dressed inappropriately, ensure that your attire at least covers up your thighs. Ensure that you stay away from very bright colors as they may interrupt if not attract the animals in the park. you as well need to pack your sweater, scuff, socks, night dress and many more that will make you comfortable during the day and night. This is best for almost all your safaris to savanna parks. However, if you are heading for a gorilla trekking or chimpanzee trekking safari, ensure that you pack some water proof hiking shoes, long trouser, long sleeved shirt, garden gloves, sun glasses, a cap and a rain jacket on top of the already mentioned attire.
  11. Reading materials: Book lovers can carry their books/ Novels and writing materials (note book and pen). This will help you during your leisure time, during your flight and many more.
  12. A Camera: Trust me you will need to capture all those moments of you on a safari in the Uganda’s largest savanna park, Murchison falls national park. On top of a camera, you as well need to carry extra charged batteries to push you while in the wilderness on your safari. Other electronic you may need include Laptop, Music device, a mobile phone and headphones.
Packing List for Murchison Falls National Park Uganda
Murchison Wildlife Safaris

Other things you need to think about while packing for your Murchison falls national park safari are a small towel, toothbrush and paste, and many other items you consider minor but would yet be necessary for you while on your safari though most of these can easily be bought from a supermarket within the country then one has to consider the Packing List for Murchison Falls National Park Uganda.

Important to Note is that the top 4 are a MUST have while planning your Uganda safari to Murchison falls national park or any other safari destination in the pearl therefore one has to consider the Packing List for Murchison Falls National Park Uganda. 

Let us plan your next wildlife safari to the oldest and largest savanna park in Uganda, Murchison falls national park.

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