One and Only Gorilla’s Nest is Rwanda’s finest eye catching full of the biodiversity with the beautiful eucalyptus trees and among many other beautiful diverse tapestry wildlife where guests can spot the mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, bird species around and within the accommodation. One and Only Gorilla’s Nest is such excellent and incredible with the beautiful topography of the gorgeous volcanoes that defy gravity, which offers guests with the massive atmosphere and perfect during their stay.

One and Only Gorilla’s Nest is the excellent accommodation facility for the tourists who are nature lovers where the lodge welcomes you with the fragrant roses, serval eucalyptus trees, culinary experiences and among many others that encourage native wildlife to flourish.

Accommodation at One and Only Gorilla’s Nest.

One and Only Gorilla’s Nest is awesome and an intimate collection of 4 lodges/rooms and 7 suites, that are swathed in the eucalyptus and volcano views that makes your stay at the lodge the most rewarding to the guests. The environment at One and Only Gorilla’s Nest is such friendly and best for everyone to have on a Rwanda safari that inspires the guests with the incredible surroundings from the comfort of your chic sanctuary, framed by vast eucalyptus trees and atmospheric volcanic vistas.

The lodges and suites at One and only Gorilla’s nest includes the Forest King lodge, Two-bedroom forest lodge, Virunga Suite, Ingagi suite, Silverback suite and among others. All the lodges at One and Only Gorilla’s nest have got the endless expanse of greenery, that are feel immersed in every corner of rainforest from your open-air lounge, with the intimate fire pit overlooking your private pool. The rooms and suites have got the woody architecture that represents the staged authenticity in the natural environment.

The rooms at One and Only Gorilla’s nest in Volcanoes National Park are all attractive and spacious that allows the guests to enjoy the free space. With the additions of the contemporary wood interior and earthy colours framed in the traditional African art pieces like the imigongo styles that makes one and only gorilla’s nest much more treasured and ranked as the best African lodge while in the middle of the Rwanda’s jungle.

Interiors of One and only gorilla’s nest are hushed with the amazing modern interior parts that makes the lodge to look more luxurious on a Rwanda safari. The lodge is also made and the contracted out of the natural raw materials harvested from the forest and the volcanoes nearby wilderness are combined to make a flat ceiling of the rooms. The floor of the lodge is made out of the wood from the forest, with little stone detail to make it cool all the time with the cool air and natural. On a Rwanda safari staying in Volcanoes National Park is real meaning of diving into the spell birding views of the forest with the surroundings.

Dining at One and Only Gorilla’s Nest.

One and Only Gorilla’s Nest has got the dining that is full of fresh seasonal cuisine inspired by colours, scents, textures and among endless. There are number of the different dining’s inside one and only Gorilla’s Nest like a Bountiful chef’s garden, as this is a vibrant garden with the team of local farmers and focused chefs that inspire you with dishes that gives you all the Rwanda’s story while selected with care and attention there do not leave any ingredient behind but instead they nurtured new culinary creation to you.

One and Only Gorilla’s Nest
One and Only Gorilla’s Nest

There is THE NEST, located in the middle of one and only for your morning coffee and romantic evening meal, with the seasonal cuisine that is in complete harmony with the natural world, with the impressing menus that alternate that increases appetite upon the meals served. Other dining inside one and only Gorilla’s nest includes Nest bar, Private dining, Jack Hanna Cottage, discover flavors inspired by nature, The taste of here, where the guests are cared and treated in a very special way as well as receiving the best of the meals prepared in an excellent way.

This offers the guests with gorilla trekking safari activity that is such impressing and interesting, it takes place a short  distance from the lodge to the starting point for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. There can be presence of the guide at the lodge that takes you around and in the entire safari activity that gives you the best gorilla trekking safari experience when you find an alpha male with all the bunging on the chest thingy that all the trekkers makes their everlasting safari memories.

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