National Parks and Reserves in Kenya : There is a lot to discover in the republic of Kenya and once it comes to safari adventures Kenya is ranked to be one of the most excellent destinations to have wildlife and a nature explore in East Africa.

There are two main types of terrestrial protected areas in Kenya: national parks, and national reserves due to the fact that these areas hold the most valuable nature species in the country.

National park and national reserves in Kenya are maintained by the Kenya Wildlife Service with a lot of restrictions to see to it that all Kenya’s flora, fauna and ecosystems in the different national parks and reserves are safe and well protected from different effects from both humans and nature.

Kenya has got over 23 national park and over 28 national reserves within the republic of the country and this is the main reason as to why once on an adventure in the country one cannot run out of safari activities to carry out.

And among these 4 national park, 6 national marine reserves and these also adds up to the level of fascination of safari adventure in the country most go to the country just to have a thrill of different marine species in the Republic of Kenya.

All these national parks are filled with different wildlife species and if you sight not the expected wildlife you can get to sight it from a different national park or reserve.

All the national parks and national reserves are open to private visits and facts are that Most national parks and national reserves are not fenced in hence one has the chance to sight different wildlife in Kenya national parks.

The national parks and the national reserves are entry fees are set in US dollars and payable either in dollars or in pounds and these destinations are mostly visited in the months of June to October due to the fact that there is virtually no rain and daytime temperatures are not too hot hence being favorable to all sightseers.

National Parks and Reserves in Kenya
Meru National Park

In this article, join in on the journey as list down all the national reserves in the republic of Kenya so as when on a choice to which destination to choose you won’t run out of options to choose from the list is as below.

National parks

  1. Aberdare National Park
  2. Amboseli National Park
  3. Arabuko Sokoke National Park
  4. Central Island National Park
  5. Chyulu Hills National Park
  6. Hell’s Gate National Park
  7. Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park
  8. Kora National Park
  9. Lake Nakuru National Park
  10. Malindi Marine National Park
  11. Malka Mari National Park
  12. Masai Mara National Park
  13. Meru National Park
  14. Mombasa Marine Park
  15. Mount Elgon National Park
  16. Mount Kenya National Park
  17. Mount Longonot National Park
  18. Nairobi National Park
  19. Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
  20. Ruma National Park
  21. Saiwa Swamp National Park
  22. Sibiloi National Park
  23. Tsavo East National Park
  24. Tsavo West National Park
  25. Watamu Marine National Park

National reserves

  1. Arawale National Reserve
  2. Bisanadi National Reserve
  3. Boni National Reserve
  4. Buffalo Springs National Reserve
  5. Dodori National Reserve
  6. Kakamega Forest National Reserve
  7. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary
  8. Lake Bogoria National Reserve
  9. Masai Mara National Reserve
  10. Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary
  11. Mwea National Reserve
  12. Mwingi National Reserve
  13. Rahole National Reserve[1]
  14. Rimoi National Reserve[2]
  15. Samburu National Reserve
  16. Shimba Hills National Reserve
  17. Tana River Primate Reserve
  18. Utwani forest reserve

For more information about the national parks and the national reserves contact our trusted tour operators to get you’re self-booked up for and kind of adventure in any of the above National Parks in Kenya.

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