Maiko National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the Republic of Congo and this is because the national park is home to numerous wildlife that are so attractive to view and sightsee.

Maiko National Park is located in the remote eastern forested area of the Democratic Republic of Congo, covering an area of approximately 10,885 square kilometers.

Maiko National Park is known as the largest national park in the Republic of Congo and was originally established Belgian colonial administration as a Bukuma hunting game reserve in 1970 with the aim of preventing the exploitation of mineral resources and wildlife species.

Maiko National Park is a dense rainforest made up of savanna, swamps, and rivers, and home to three of the country’s prized wildlife such as the Eastern lowland gorillas, the Okapi, and the Congo peafowl.

Mailo National Park is also home to other wildlife such as; African forest elephants, eastern chimpanzees, bush pigs, bush bucks, warthogs, and the endemic aquatic genets.

Maiko National Park does not only stop on being home to a variety of different wild animals but also is home to various species of birds including those that are endemic to the area such as broadbill, pitas, sparrows, cormorants, Turaco, egrets, herons, kingfishers among others.

Safari activities to do in Maiko National Park

While at the national park sightseers have the chance to be engaged in numerous safari activities as they get to know more about the national park and the country as well and some of these safari activities include;

Eastern lowland gorilla tracking

This is the major safari activity carried out in the great maiko national park and this is because the national park is home to a large population of the Eastern lowland gorillas.

Visitors at the national park can get to carry out gorilla trekking tours in Maiko National Park as well as explore the hidden gems of the remote rainforest on foot in search of these fascinating primates. They get to view wildlife such as African forest elephants, eastern chimpanzees, okapi, and Congo peafowl among others. Once these magnificent primates are located, you will be allowed one hour of interaction with them, observing their daily activities such as playing, breastfeeding, and feeding among others.

Wildlife viewing

Maiko National Park is home to numerous wildlife including the largest population of okapi, forest elephants, eastern lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, leopard, forest buffalo, bongo antelope, water chevrotain, and a wide variety of birds and insects, are among the wildlife. Making wildlife viewing a spectacular safari activity to carry out in the national park.

Maiko National Park
Maiko National Park

Bird watching

The park boasts a variety of different kinds of bird species including those that are endemic to the forested region. Bird watchers can spot various species of these birds as they enjoy the various activities in the park. Bird watching in the park can be done in the morning or afternoon which allows visitors to track a variety of fascinating birds such as grey parrots, African fish eagles, great blue Turaco, Rwenzori Turaco, Handsome Francolins, broadbill, pitas, sparrows, cormorants, Turaco, egrets, herons, kingfishers among others.

Guided Nature walks

As earlier mentioned, the national park is filled with exciting attractions at o behold while carrying out different safari activities and guided nature walks are some of the ways visitors can view some of these attractions such as; plant species, spectacular views, butterfly species as well as birds, scenic waterfalls forest elephants, forest buffalos Okapi among others. Visitors on the national park guided nature walks get an opportunity to explore lush forest trails, marvel at cascading waterfalls, and immerse themselves in the park’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Cultural encounters

While at the national park, sightseers can get to thrill at the various cultures of the tribes that are near the national park and this is done through sightseers getting engaged with local communities which gives them a chance to learn more about the tribes in ways such as local traditional dances and others.

Getting there visiting Maiko National Park.

Due to the fact that the national park is located in the dense forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is only accessible via a 4×4 road that connects Bafwasende to a few villages inside the park. But still the national park can be accessed through other ways though even these require four-wheel-drive safari vehicles the great Maiko National Park can be reached from Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Benin, Goma or Butembo.

When to visit Maiko National Park

Sightseers interested in having an adventure at the national park should consider knowing the best time to have the best safari experiences at the national park, maiko national park can be visited all year through but it is advisable to visit the national park during the dry seasons of the year which are the months of June to September these dry seasons are known for making the national park ideal for outdoor activities such as wildlife viewing, trekking, and bird watching.

Accommodation safaris in Maiko National Park

When it comes to the case of accommodations within the national park there are no accommodations in the national park though there are a few excellent accommodations around the national park and these range from mid-range, budget to luxury.

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