Lamu Island Beach : The gorgeous sandy beaches and classic stone structures of Lamu Island are its defining features. Each ethnic group has made its mark on Lamu’s distinctive culture, including the numerous European, African, Arab, and Asian people that call Lamu home. Lamu Island is a small island in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of northern Kenya, 150 miles northeast of Mombasa. The island is a significant island in the Lamu Archipelago and has a population of slightly over 25,300.

Since the fourteenth century, Lamu Island has been known for having the longest-standing and best-preserved traditional Swahili town. Lamu Island has long served as a significant trading hub, luring merchants and sailors from China to the Arabian Peninsula. Traditional buildings on Lamu Island are being gradually replaced by more contemporary ones as part of a harbor area revitalization project.

Lamu Island Beach
Lamu Island Beach

Tourist activities: Things to do at Lamu Island beach

On Lamu Island, there is a staggering variety of tourist activities available. Among these are motorbike trips across the entire island, which are fantastic for visitors who like to move quickly, and leisurely hikes through the sand dunes, which are perfect for visitors who prefer a relaxed pace. On Lamu Island, there are no highways; instead, there are just alleyways and pathways, so people move around by foot or by boat. Materials and goods are transported by donkeys.

Another fun adventure is a trip to Lamu Old Town. Among the remaining Swahili cities, this one is among the oldest and best conserved, and as a result, it has been given UNESCO World Heritage status. The town’s charming boutiques and mosques coexist in an intriguing way, and the labyrinth of lanes makes for a fun spot to spend hours getting lost in. The structures are renowned for their interior courtyards, verandas, and intricately carved wooden doors. They were constructed from coral stone and mangrove timber.

The most breathtaking beaches may be found in Shela hamlet, which is two miles south of Lamu Old Town. Visitors to Lamu Island can also enjoy a floating bar off its shore, while Manda Beach on neighboring Manda Island is another incredibly beautiful coastline location to explore.

Lamu’s cultural festivals: There are a number of festivals held on Lamu Island throughout the year. The Lamu Food Festival, Lamu Arts Festival, Lamu Maulidi Festival, Lamu Yoga Festival, and the Lamu Cultural Festival—one of the most well-attended neighborhood festivals in Kenya—are the most well-liked events.

This three-day festival aims to introduce people to Swahili culture. Donkey races, traditional henna artwork, dhow sailing competitions, poetry readings, musical performances, and competitive Bao games are among the events. All of the contests are based on Lamu’s tradition, and donkey racers prepare for an unforgettable performance over the course of a whole year.

Snorkeling and diving: The coral reef on Lamu Island is among the nicest in Kenya. You can anticipate seeing a variety of animals, such as colorful reef fish, dolphins, and sea turtles. The remoteness of the shore limits the options for scuba diving. Prior to your arrival, diving excursions and courses must be scheduled.

Visit the Takwa Ruins: On Manda Island, the Takwa Ruins are the remains of a town from the sixteenth century. Visit the Maweni village while you’re there to see where the coral used to create the structures on Lamu comes from.

The best time to visit Lamu Island beach

The warmest months are January through March, while July through September see milder temperatures. The long rainy season begins in April and May and concludes in June with brief showers that begin in November.

Although Lamu is accessible throughout the year, the dry seasons are from July to October (when it gets cooler) and from January to February (hotter and more humid). Typically, May is the wettest month. Because it’s the holiday season, December is often highly busy.

Accommodation on Lamu Island beach

Lamu House Hotel: In the center of the Old Town, on the seaside, lies this classic Swahili mansion. Two adjacent Swahili houses with private balconies and commanding views of the Indian Ocean make up Lamu House Hotel. Couples will love this townhouse, and the suites provide the ideal honeymoon accommodations. The hotel also offers family-friendly activities and accommodations with childcare services.

Lamu Island Beach
Lamu Island Beach

Banana House and Wellness Centre: A boutique hotel that welcomes pets, Banana House has 16 rooms spread among three gorgeous residences. Family rooms, suites, wedding suites, non-smoking rooms, and accommodations with an ocean or pool view are also options. There are additional rooms with connections. A workstation, sofa, wardrobe, private balcony, dining space, seating area, and private bathroom are included in each room. The hotel’s tropical grounds, pool, and spa are all great places to unwind.

Numerous water sports, such as fishing, windsurfing, boat tours, canoeing, and snorkeling, are available at the hotel. On request, personal training sessions, yoga courses, and walking excursions are also offered.

How to get there: Getting to Lamu Island beach

By air transport: A number of airlines operate daily flights from Nairobi, Malindi, and Mombasa to Lamu. Wilson Airport serves as the primary departure point from Nairobi for flights to Lamu, but there is also one flight each day from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The flight from Nairobi takes roughly one and a half hours. Depending on the time of year and demand, flight itineraries can change.

Road transport: Between Mombasa, Malindi, and Lamu, the primary bus companies are TSS, Falcon, Zam Zam, Khadi Star, and Tawakal.

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