Lake Kyoga : Located in the central part of Uganda in the districts of Soroti,  Apac , Amulotar and Dokolo it is   approximately  145km  from Kampala , Lake Kyoga was formed as a result of faulting in the western Rift valley causing a depression which was then filled by water to form the lake.It is a shallow lake and also known to be swampy since it is surrounded by vegetation that feeds on the lake .Lake kyoga  is  a home to various fish species such as Nile Perch,Tilapia,Mud fish to mention but a few. It also consists of fresh waters and wildlife species like hippos ,the nile crocodile, elephants,Zebras, and numerous bird species like shoebill stock, Fox weaver, African fish eagle to mention but a few.This lake is connected to Lake Victoria and lake albert by Victoria Nile.

Tourist attractions and activities at lake kyoga

Boat cruises; Taking these cruises can be relaxing and one can be able to view the beautiful sceneries around and in the lake for example the hills, trees, birds among others while on a boat cruise one can also be able to view the different wildlife like hippos,  crocodiles, elephants among others.

Fishing; Lake kyoga being a shallow lake, contains various species of fish like mud fish, Tilapia, nile perch among others that shall make ones fishing experience indeed thrilling and on addition one can be able to catch fish for a meal.

Nature walks; This involves tourist walking along the shores of Lake Kyoga with a guide while viewing the different landscape, wild animals, birds , waters, vegetation around the lake  among others.

Explore Nyero rock painting site; This is where rocks were beautifully painted in the ancient times. These Rock painting sites are found in Kumi district a few kilometres from Lake Kyoga one shall be able to learn the ancient stories about the rocks making it indeed a beautiful experience.

Bird watching; This lake has a variety of bird species that will make ones’ bird viewing experience beautiful as it’s a home to over 350 bird species which include the shoebill stock, African fish eagle, Turaco, Parrots among others.

Lake Kyoga
Lake Kyoga

Wildlife viewing;  Lake kyoga act as an inhabitat to various wildlife species for example hippos,crocodiles,elephants,zebras to mention but a few these shall really make a tourist on a Lake Kyoga  Uganda safari have a great experience with sight of these wild animals.

Island tours; This involve touring the islands on the on lake kyoga. Lake Kyoga has numerous islands spotted mainly large vegetation of  Papyrus and water hyacinth  one can explore these  large papyrus and suds islands while canoeing/on a boat cruise on Lake Kyoga.

Cultural encounter; This involves one taking a tour around the local community around the lake shores , learning about their ways of living, fishing techniques and olden day stories about the lake,   traditional songs and dances to mention but a few.

Water Tours; This involves one taking a guided tour on the waters of Lake Kyoga in order to view the wildlife on the lake like crocodiles , hippopotamus among others.

Agro Tourism ;Lake kyoga is surrounded by fertile soils which has encouraged groing of crops and raring of wild animals thus giving an opportunity to tourists who come to lake Kyoga the opportunity to learn abaout growing of crops and raring of animals locally in Uganda to mention but a few.

The best time to visit lake Kyoga is during the dry season of January, December, February, June, July, August, September as this is a good time when the waters are calm and can navigate carefully.

Accomodation around Lake Kyoga

Accomodation around lake Kyoga various from Luxury, midrange and budget One can get from the variety according to their preference for example Soroti hotel (48.95 miles), Hursey Resort Hotel, strikers hotel, Landmark hotel, Attoti Prime city Hotel, YNM Adam’s Hotel, Eziana Palm Hotels among others, Upendo Gold Guesthouse, Henotes B&B.

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