Interesting Facts About Mountain Gorillas  : Mountain gorillas are the special creatures that normally inhabit and live in forests, high in the mountains mostly at the elevations of 8000 to 13,000 feet. The mountain gorillas have got the thicker fur and more of it as the fur helps the mountain gorillas to survive in the habitats where the temperatures often drop below freezing. Mountain gorillas are unique species that share 98% DNA with the human beings. These are vital attractions for majorly East African countries as these mountain gorillas are only found on the African continent, the gorilla safari is the best way explore the giant creatures in their habitants in the destinations below.

Mostly the mountain gorillas are found in various destinations in African and majorly in East Africa which includes Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park, Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

Most interesting facts about the mountain gorillas.

Interesting facts are the features that the mountain gorillas do have which makes them to be identified, on your safari to East Africa it’s advisable to visit the destinations with the mountain gorillas in order for  the tourists to explore and have the best safaris which gives them the unforgettable safari memories.

Mountain gorillas are incredible mammals that share DNA with the human beings with the genes very close to the human beings.

The mountain gorillas have got the leaders known as the silverbacks who are in charge of the gorilla families, the families that includes of the young ones and the mothers every gorilla family has got the different silver back from the other. The silverbacks have got the grey hair in the back as their age describes and makes one to be known as the silverback, the silverback is the one in charge of all the activities of the gorilla family.

The mountain gorillas do live in the different gorillas families where for example each gorilla family contains over 30 members including the silverback, the young ones and the mothers which makes the tourists to be interested after watching and trekking the gorillas families. Silverbacks fight to protect its family from any danger and then the mother will fight to death to protect its young ones.

Mountain gorillas are the gentle giants though they are shy and strong, the mountain gorillas can never chase you even if you  look into its eyes though if threatened they can be aggressive they beat their chests and roar.

Interesting Facts About Mountain Gorillas
Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas have got the nose prints like those of the human beings, as well as the fingerprints like for a human which they use while identifying the members of the family.

Mountain gorillas are majorly the herbivores as they feed on the leaves, bamboo forest, fruits and small insects though the adult gorillas feeds on the large amounts of the feeds even they can consume 30 kgs per day. Gorillas hardly take drinking water they mostly use the water that they get from the sacculate feeds that take.

Mountain gorillas have the unique dark brown eyes, with the frame of dark ring around the iris and it is said that they have a singular eye color of dark brown, where some domestic mammals have more than one eye color though rare in the wild animals.

Mountain gorillas beings like the humans they are such intelligent animal species that they use different communication methods including the sounds, signs like the way human beings do it in the daily life. Mountain gorillas have got the emotions exactly like the humans do, as they can laugh when they tickle themselves and as well cry when are hurt.

Mountain gorillas are such large primates on the planet, as these weigh spans of up to 390 pounds for the males then the females do weigh half weight of that of the males that is 240 to 250 for the females.

Mountain gorillas have got the long lifespan and even it can live up to 54 years old and some can even exceed especially those found in the zoos.

Female gorillas give birth after 4 to 5 years with the estimated gestation period of eight to nine months, to one baby, it’s rare for the mountain gorillas to produce the twins.

Mountain gorillas do construct and build the nests to rest in every evening and once in a while they also construct the nests for the afternoon naps

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