Importance Of Tourism In Uganda : Uganda is landlocked country, found in the Eastern part of Africa. However, it has never been limited by its land locked ness as it has diverse natural resources and minerals which has over the years increased and made its Tourism industry thrive. The Tourism industry of Uganda is governed by a body known as Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Tourism board making it one of the Economies major sources of the Income. However, it should be known that Tourism does not only benefit the Country financially but also through various ways that include the following;

Employment opportunity; The Tourism industry being a large one has been able to provide a range of employment opportunities from national able consultancy firms, Restaurants to mention but a few. Many Ugandans have also been able to create their own jobs and also open an opportunity window for others. This has made it possible for Ugandans to earn a living and improve the overall standards of living.

Infrastructural growth; Due to increase in demand of facilities to support tourism activities , infrastructural development has taken a fast course for example good roads have been constructed to improve access and movement to tourist attractions like national game parks, Hotels and Lodges have also been constructed, E banking activities have also been pushed to the distant parts of the country, air fields are being pushed to remote areas of the country , urban medical facilities to among others. These do not only benefit tourists but has also eased ways of lives and encouraged over development of Uganda as a country.

Conservation of Wildlife; Growth of Tourism has made it possible for the government of Uganda to gazette endangered areas where wild animals were being mercilessly poached helping to restore some wild animal species for example Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is as a result of Tourism growth and has led to restoration of the southern white Rhinos in the country that were to go extinct because of poaching for their ivory and meat. All these activities help to conserve wildlife making it possible to keep species for many generations.

Promoting International relations; Tourism is an activity that attracts people from all continents thus making it possible for countries to come together for a common purpose of getting to do businesses together, negotiating over certain agreements to mention but a few. All these encounters make it possible for Uganda to strengthen ties with other countries thanks to Tourism.

Source of foreign exchange; When tourists visit Uganda tourist site for example Queen Elizabeth national park,kidepo national park, Bwindi Impenetrable national park among other they pay for entries and certain activities that are carried out in the Uganda national parks and these are usually in their foreign currencies which adds the foreign currency in Uganda’s’ reserve making it possible for Uganda currency to fight competitively in the international market.

Importance Of Tourism In Uganda
Murchison falls

Source of Government revenue; This is mainly through taxation of tourist related facilities such as transportation, hotels among others. These taxes are used to develop infrastructure, provide social services to mention but few All these lead to the general growth of Uganda.

Agricultural growth; The Uganda tourism industry through gazetting certain reserves has encouraged growing of plants, crops among others this has increased the growth of flora and this has helped to preserve the environment and thus encouraging agriculture.

Preservation of Culture; Through protecting of cultural sites, historical sites among others this help to preserve Uganda’s cultural heritage and it has helped to preserve these sites for the future generation.

Education and training. Tourism has encouraged and eased learning for students in Uganda especially since it has preserved the wild life species this has made it possible for people to practically view what they are being taught by going to wildlife educational centres and reserves for example Entebbe wildlife educational centre, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, Murchison falls national park among others.These gazetted areas  have centres where one can get educational content from books,  guides and tourist officials this has made education especially on tourism related   content possible .

Growth of others. These to the growing Tourism activities people in areas around these tourist sites like national parks are creative especially in creating beautiful crafts, art pieces and businesses especially restaurants, lodges among others this has helped to create opportunities like employment for people living in these areas, it is also a source of income and has encouraged development of remote areas in Uganda.

Economic Growth; The tourism industry has encouraged development of Uganda. improved the standards of living of Ugandans due to the jobs and income earned by the entrepreneurial activities thus this has generally improved the Gross domestic Product of Uganda making the standards of living of Ugandans to improve.

Diversification of the economy; Tourism has made it possible for Uganda not to solely rely on Agriculture as its back bone. The country collects a sufficient amount of money from sectors like Tourism making it possible for Uganda to diversify.

Tourism is indeed a great industry in the country and we therefore encourage the different people in the world to visit Uganda and be able to be part of this impact.

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