How to prepare for a boat ride: Boat rides are the most common top-up activities, done by safari goers in game parks or facilities that have water bodies.

In East Africa, tourists will have boat rides on Lake Victoria in Uganda, lake George and Kyoka still in Uganda, lake Mburu, Nile River, Lake Bunyonyi and Kazinga Channel in Uganda.

Others are lake Ihema in Rwanda and Lake Kivu also in Rwanda. And several other water bodies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Well because of the popularity of boat rides, most people are excited to take them or even be a part of those cruising on top of the water.

But what do we know about boat rides?

Boat rides as explained are experiences taken on the water to view the flora and fauna in the water from the comfort of the boat.

They definitely start at the shoreline and then proceed to the stretch on the water body before again landing back on the shoreline.

Boat rides are done by more than one person at a time, usually a group of tourists; unless it’s been considered private.

There are protocols and safety measures taken when going for a boat ride, these will be communicated at the point of entry.

Usually, the boat rides are open to adults so children are not so much taken.

How to prepare for a boat ride
Boat cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

You don’t need to know how to swim to go on a boat ride but it helps if you know just in case of anything.

The boat rides will take about 2 to 4 hours depending on the water body you are on. And the weather conditions in which you took the boat ride.

You will have a guide on board who will kind of guide your boat ride tour explaining to you the different views and sights and flora and fauna as you move. Also tells the history and changes done to the water body and the surrounding communities.

You usually have a snack on the boat ride so don’t worry about being hungry or anything.

Anyway, now that you know what will happen on a boat ride, this is what you need to prepare for the boat ride.

Mentally prepare yourself to be floating on top of water. Most people who don’t swim often can get sea or water sick, so prepare yourself mentally for the experience. If you need someone to talk to find someone to help talk to you.

Other people need medication, get that if you are one of such.

Get the right clothing for the boat ride.

There’s a particular dress code for the boat rides but wear what will make you feel comfortable and be appropriate for the boat ride.

Boat rides are not physically demanding so you will not need any physical fitness, just be able to bring yourself to the starting point.

Also, carry some needed gadgets to capture moments and help you enjoy the moment. Most people carry cameras and binoculars among other things.

Before the boat rides some guidelines or rules shared with you, plan to adhere to them even before you step on the boat. Otherwise, look forward to a great boat ride experience.

For more information about boat rides, consult your tour consultant or operator.

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