Hippo Point in Kenya  : Hippo Point is a private wildlife conservancy that is located between Lake Oloidien and Lake Naivasha, Hippo Point a birding safari destination with over 350 bird species and average of 1200 resident animals around the grounds it is a greatest safari destination in Kenya, hippo point consists of the two historic private Kenya house the Manor House ( sleeps 12) and the iconic Cyprus-cla 120 foot tower rising among the yellow fever trees and set in the lush grounds that inhabits a wide range of the wildlife.

Hippo point is perfect safari destination getaways and large groups. Hippo point house is a British colonized building, it was originally built in the 1930’s and restored and renovated in 1998, Kenya Safaris Tours.

Hippo Point in Kenya
Hippo Point in Kenya

Hippo point sanctuary is not fenced and shares border with a certain game  reserve so  it is a abundant with the wildlife as the experienced guides helps you to move around while walking in various animal species like that’s the way the tourists do experience the nature as well the place is perfect for the bird lovers. Hippo point is such amazing environment to enjoy nature and have fun with your friends, families as you as well sleep under the Russian linen sheets, smothered by the great African stars.

Historic private Kenya houses.

The 1932 Manor House.

Manor house is a classic British country house in the entire Africa where the roses and the lush lawns contrasts sharply with the bright yellow dusty tree trunks of the surrounding acacias, the resident has got wildlife like the buffalo, hippo, zebra, buffalo, gazelle stand out against the soft, with the comforts of the Russian bed linen and the warm wooded floors and bathtubs. It has 8 doubles, 1 single with two sections at the end ideal for the children.

Dodo’s Folly.

Dodo’s Folly is among the one of the most luxurious Kenyan homes frequented by the people in search of the unusual, its used as the family’s second home today it is open to a limited number of the guests during the year, on a safari the guests enjoy the breathtaking of Oloidien and Lake Naivasha while observing various animal species like the zebra, giraffe, hippos at the tower. There are 4 double rooms, 1 single ground floor room, a dining room, kitchen, spacious living room with the most incredible view point , writing room, the meditation room and a small top view room that is nice to be enjoyed and visited with your beloved ones the family, friends so it is the best unique luxury safari experience in Africa.


The house it was once an Irish magistrate’s country welling, which is mock Elizabethan, and had been lovingly restored to what it must have looked like in the early 20th century it is surrounded by a garden that has the succulents, It includes the en-suite double bedrooms, a swimming pool, dining room, lounge and spa its style is upcountry like it’s a wooden flooring, exposed beams, fireplaces, deep set chairs and sofas.

Set in the thinning acacia wood, nine stories high are built almost entirely out of the wood, it has an extra ordinary architectural icon, has the stunning views of the lake and surrounding environment, they were designed in a great way, the tower is a homemade pagoda with four en-suite bedrooms, a beautiful veranda the tower is such amazing like no any other place in Kenya.

The Hippo point has the best food and the quality service that is they serve the organic food even all their vegetables are got directly from the garden next to it) they are such delicious, yummy  , and the service is sufficient.

Hippo Point in Kenya
Hippo Point in Kenya


The tourists who visit the Hippo point and tower on a safari  do enjoy a variety of Kenya safari Activites like tracking the animals, pincking, night wildlife drives with hippos, boat trips and water sports, long walks with wildlife, maasages, swimming, volcano climbing, bird watching, water sports and among others also there is an orphanage nearby which as well be visited.

Hippo point is so unique in that it is a second home and it takes only 25 minutes from Nairobi by private plane or helicopter, it provides unique comfort and fun in the wilderness that will be hard to find in years to come.

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