Explore Lamu ,Swahili settlements in East Africa  : Lamu, Manda, Pate, and Kiwayu are the four main islands. The airport is located on Manda Island, and new arrivals are transported to neighbouring islands by dhows from the dock next to the airport. The islands have no of cars. Both locals and guests use boats, donkey rides, and walking. The majority religion of Lamu’s residents is Islam. Kenya safari tour activities include big game fishing, water sports, bird watching, and dhow excursions. The November Lamu Cultural Festival, the December Islamic Festival of Maulidi, the February Lamu Art Festival, the March Lamu Yoga Festival, and the April Lamu Food Festival are some noteworthy festivals. In 2001, Lamu Old Town received the designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are many tales of Chinese ships stopping over a millennium ago, but the island was first documented in writing in 1441 when an Arab visitor met a Lamu-based judge in Mecca. The Portuguese, Omani, and British invasion waves did not stop the island from developing into a major hub for trade in goods like art, crafts, ivory, and slaves. The Sultan’s Fort, Lamu Museum, Shiaithna Asheri Mosque, German Postal Museum, and donkey sanctuary are some of the Old Town’s points of interest. Arriving from Manda Island, migrants from Takwa, an abandoned village, founded Shela Village on Lamu Island in the seventeenth century. A lovely sand beach encircles the quaint Swahili hamlet. Among the numerous mosques on the island is the Mnarani Mosque, which is both charming and real. The dhows that glide across the islands are made in Matondoni, which is located northwest of Lamu Island. A traditional town noted for its handicrafts and vast stretches of deserted beaches, Kipungani is located near the southwest edge of Lamu Island. The well conserved Takwa Ruins are located on Manda Island. They are the remnants of a Swahili trading town that was thriving in the 15th and 16th centuries but was abandoned in the 17th century when the water supply ran out. Mosques, tombs, and homes directed towards Mecca can all be found among the remains.

There is some of the best snorkelling in the archipelago at Manda Toto Island, which is located off Manda Island. The historical sites of Pate Island are many. The decaying ruins of Nabahani are in Pate town. Once a hub of Islamic education, Siyu was established in the fifteenth century and is today little more than a plain village under the watchful eye of a sizable fort. When Faza rose again in the sixteenth century, it was demolished by the Portuguese, having been destroyed by Pate in the thirteenth. The primary attraction in Faza is the Kunjanja Mosque situated on the waterway.

Kiwayu Island is a part of the Kiunga Marine National Reserve, a chain of over fifty islands and coral reefs. In addition to protecting mangrove forests, sea grass beds, and coral reefs, the reserve offers migratory seabirds a place to build their nests. In addition to being a haven for dugongs and sea turtles, it is also home to lobsters, sea urchins, starfish, olive ridley, and reef fish. Water skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, and windsurfing are among the available activities.

Where to stay in Lamu

The Moon Houses

It is reported that fishermen gave this cluster of graceful homes their name after noticing them twinkling under the moon one evening. All of the houses have views of the sea, white-washed walls, barati ceilings, hand-carved Lamu doors, handcrafted Lamu furniture, and Zanzibar chests. The houses can be rented together or separately. The complex features a large swimming pool, numerous baraza sitting areas, and a tropical garden bursting with bougainvillaea. One of the three en suite double bedrooms at Full Moon House is the roomy master bedroom located on the top floor. The ground floor dining room has a view of the swimming pool.

Kiwandani features three double rooms with en suite bathrooms across from the pool. With two en suite apartments, Mama Daktari is the former home of renowned Flying Doctor Anne Spoerry. The Garden House features two double rooms with ensuite bathrooms, next to Mama Daktari. With one en suite double room, a large balcony, and an infinity pool, Betty’s suite on Garden House’s rooftop is a romantic haven. The chef prepares meals based on the preferences of the diners, such as desserts, vegetarian options, and freshly caught fish. The staff is available to arrange tours to Lamu Old Town, massages, and dhow cruises.

Beach Tower

Standing on Manda Island’s shoreline, Beach Tower overlooks Shela Village’s charming white-painted homes across the canal. Built in the Swahili architecture, Beach Tower is privately owned and furnished with both modern art and Swahili antiquities. The first floor has two en suite master bedrooms, while the ground floor has six en suite double bedrooms. Each room is roomy, furnished with cosy chairs or baraza seats, bookcases, niches, lights, and other pieces of seaside antiquities. The resort features a kitchen, a massage room, an open lounge space, an enclosed living room, and both indoor and outdoor dining places. The beachside makuti thatched garden pavilion is fantastic for yoga or relaxation, and the rooftop provides a great deck for stargazing. Dhow excursions, sailing, wind surfing, snorkelling, fishing, and water skiing are among the available activities.

Explore Lamu
Lamu Island

There are tennis courts close by, and massages, pedicures, and manicures may be scheduled. There’s a cook on hand, and childcare can be scheduled. Beach Tower features WiFi, solar electricity, and a backup generator. Between Manda Island and Lamu Island, boats operate often. Highlights of Lamu Old Town, located on Lamu Island, include walks through the historic alleyways, Sultans Fort, Lamu Museum, and German Postal Museum. Lamu Old Town is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Honeymoon House

Perched atop the sand dunes, Honeymoon House offers stunning views of Shela Beach below. This large home boasts an abundance of amenities, such as three boats, a cinema room, and an L-shaped 30-meter swimming pool that winds around the courtyard area. The twelve-person crew consists of boat captains, chefs, security, and a home manager. Large proportions are used in the construction of the home, which includes sweeping stairs, tall columns, roomy terraces, and expansive common areas. The five en suite bedrooms feature tasteful Lamu furniture and antiques, while brass trinkets and ostrich eggs adorn the wall niches. There is a safe, an intercom, and WiFi in every room. You can unwind during the day or slumber at night on the two bandas in the grounds.

A TV, projector, a vast library of DVDs, a printer, a scanner, and plush chairs are all present in the media room. There are 20 chairs at the dining table. The chef discusses each meal with the guests before cooking it, and the kitchen is fully stocked. Power is produced using a generator, solar energy, and mains 3-phase electricity. Ice and plenty of drinking water are produced via reverse osmosis. For water skiing or boat excursions, there are two speedboats and a dhow accessible. It is possible to plan birthdays, weddings, honeymoons, and celebrations.

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