East Africa Tourist Visa: Obtaining an East African Tourist visa is one of the best ways to explore different countries within East Africa region at ease. East Africa thrills with plenty of tourist attractions that range from endangered primates like Mountain Gorillas that reside in Uganda the pearl of Africa and Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. Another population of Gorillas thrill in Democratic Republic of Congo. Other primates in East Africa include chimpanzees, Golden moneys and several other primates, mammals, birds and many other wildlife species that are seen in various national parks across East Africa. This therefore comes as an opportunity to obtain only one visa to rotate across various countries in East Africa other than obtaining multiple visas for each country.

For instance if you wish to have a combined East Africa safari to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda other than buying different visas for different entries into these countries, an East Africa tourist Visa could be the best choice.

East Africa Tourist Visa
East Africa Tourist Visa

Introduction of an East Africa tourist visa was such great news that was launched in Uganda the pearl of Africa between state leaders of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya and the actual operation of this Visa kick started in 2014 easing the stress of obtaining different visas at each entry point. This was mainly done on purpose to ease border crossing, boast trade and tourism across East Africa.

For tourism purpose, an East Africa Tourist visa is valid for 90 days approximately 3 months and it can be used to visit Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with just one visa. This tourist visa is however nonrenewable thus upon completion of 3 months, tourists are expected out of these countries.

What is required to obtain an East Africa Tourist Visa include;

  • First and foremost, tourists must possess a valid passport that is at least 6 months from expiry and with free pages for visa stamps.
  • Full vaccination against Yellow fever with a certificate as an evidence
  • Colored passport photos with a white background
  • A visa application letter and you are good to go.

Once you have gathered all these requirements, a payment of $100 is necessary to process your East Africa visa and proceed to obtain your visa either online or you may opt to pick it upon landing in any of these East Africa countries that allow an East Africa visa be it Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda and proceed to enjoy your breath taking adventure across the above stated East Africa countries.

This East Africa tourist Visa is only applicable for the tourists that are foreign nonresidents of the above countries. Foreign Residents only require to show their valid work permits while residents of these East Africa countries require to show their valid IDs.

Optionally, if you do not need an East Africa tourist Visa, one may decide to buy ordinary visas at a cost of $50 per visa per country you need to enter. You may get all the detailed information about the visa from various embassies in respective countries.

Destinations to visit while on an East Africa tourist visa.

As mentioned above, an East Africa tourist visa takes you to countries including Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.  With this East Africa visa, it’s very easy to combine a Wildlife safari in Kenya with gorilla trekking safari in either Uganda or Rwanda.

gorilla trekking in Mgahinga
gorilla trekking in Mgahinga

Let’s have a look at some of the destinations to visit with an East Africa tourist Visa in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

In Uganda, you will enjoy a memorable Mountain Gorilla trekking in 2 parks of Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park. A permit to trek Gorillas in Uganda costs $700 as of 2021-2022 rates. You may as well visit Kibale forest national park for Chimpanzee trekking. This park harbors over 13 primate species. Uganda also thrills with stunning savanna parks including Murchison falls national park the oldest savanna park and as well the largest of all the 10 parks in Uganda. Visit Queen Elizabeth national park a home to tree climbing lions, Kidepo valley national park the most beautiful savanna park in Uganda but least visited due to its location in the wilderness of Karamoja region, Lake Mburo national park and many more. Apart from parks, Uganda thrills with sanctuaries, game reserves, lakes, rivers and many more that are worth a visit while on an East Africa Safari Tour.

While in Rwanda, you have an opportunity to visit 3 beautiful national parks in Rwanda including the most visited one Volcanoes national park that harbors the endangered mountain gorillas and the volcanos in Virunga Massif. There is yet Akagera national park the best savanna park in Rwanda that protects all the big 5 games and finally Nyungwe forest national park a primate destination in Rwanda that has over 13 primate species just like Kibale forest national park in Uganda. Rwanda as well has stunning Lake Kivu, cultural villages, genocide memorial sites and the cleanest city in Africa, Kigali city.

In Kenya, there are also lots of destinations to explore led by the most famous destination, Masai Mara National Reserve that thrills with the best savanna vegetation best for existence of several fauna and flora species without forgetting the annual wildebeest migration across river Mara. Other destinations to explore in Kenya include Lake Nakuru national park, Amboseli National Park, Hell’s Gate national park, Tsavo East National park, Tsavo West National park, Meru national park, Nairobi national park among others.

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