Cultural tours in Uganda : With a diversity of cultures, Uganda is one of those interesting countries to visit in Africa and in the world. The different cooking styles, dress codes, cultural dances and music, the different forms of art and the uniqueness of each and every culture in Uganda attract many travellers each year. As a country, Uganda is ranked second in the world in terms of hospitality and friendliness. The travellers get to interact with the cultures of the areas they visit and enjoy the fascinating folktales and values of the people as well. Cultural tours in Uganda are usually done in conjunction with a wild life tour or specifically a gorilla trek.

The most visited tribes or people are the Batwa pygmies and the Karamojong but of the two, the Batwa are the most visited by foreign tourists because of their close proximity to the gorilla trekking sites especially Bwindi. The Karamojong are visited because of their pastoralist lifestyle despite being in a modern world. Other tribes visited are the Baganda, Batooro, Banyankole among other tribes.

In addition to visiting tribes, a day walking around the town in your location is a great cultural tour deal. You will get to see the amazing Ugandan kiosks which are common in the whole of Africa and taste the famous Ugandan Rolex which is a cuisine in its own right. You can also walk to bus parks of the city or town to experience what transport means in Uganda. Grab a bodaboda to complete your town experience.

Most visited cultural activities in Uganda.

The Nomadic Pastoralists

Cultural tours in Uganda
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In the North East of Uganda are the largest group of nomadic pastoralists, the Karamajong. They graze their cattle moving from place to place depending on the availability of water and pasture. In the recent past, they have resorted to settling on farmlands and significantly reducing on the number of cattle they own due to the never-ending population growth. Despite settling down and reducing on they pastoralist activities, they are worth a visit because their culture still is centred around cattle and its products. They are also around Kidepo National game Park which is a plus as a tourist.

The famous Batwa trail.

Before the recent past, the Batwa were fruit gatherers and hunters who lived in the dense Bwindi impenetrable forest for many centuries. They gathered and hunted for food and medicine and therefore had overwhelming knowledge of the forest plants. This knowledge was passed on through songs, storytelling and dance. They now live in the communities surrounding the forest and it’s amazing adding the Batwa trail to your visit to Uganda.

The kingdoms

Learn more about the history of the different kingdoms when you visit Uganda. Places like the Uganda and Kingdom museums provide you with the ultimate historical cultural experience when you learn about the different tools and artifacts like the royal drums and spears that were used in the past. You can also visit the different palaces like the Buganda, Busoga and Toro royal Palaces and learn about how the different kingdoms operate. You’ll learn the different songs, norms, cultural dances and games among other things when you make that memorable trip. In Kampala city which lies in Buganda kingdom, historical monuments are all around the place. The most noticed are the independence monument, the liberation statue, the Kabaka Muteesa 1 statue among many others.

Other cultural tours.

Other cultures that deserve a honourable mention include the communities around the crater lakes, the cultivators, the sabiny tribe among others. You’ll understand how to grow certain foods if you visit a cultivator’s home, the cultural beliefs of the people closest to the crater lakes and the culture of the Sabiny and why they produce the majority of runners in the country!

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