Chalbi desert in Kenya is a real gem safari that covers an area that is equal to a 100.000 kilometers square, Chalbi desert is one of the hottest and arid places in the northern Kenya. It is located in Marsabit County, east of the famous Lake Turkana. Chalbi desert is the most amazing tourism safari in Kenya because it is an important geosite of Kenya. Chalbi desert is a stretch of coarse sand spiced up with pure rocks and immense clay where there are also ash gray ridges and the broken clusters of the tiny huts. The southern part of the desert is a home to the Rendille while the eastern part is towards the Ethiopian border which is a home to the Gabbra people. The chalbi desert is aptly named in the native language of the Gabra people as ‘’salty and bare’’

Chalbi desert is amazing Kenya safari destination where the tourists can be able to spot the volcanic hills as these create a magical panorama with only selected animals and vegetation that can withstand the hostile climates in the entire sub-Saharan regions, also the salt pans that are found in the desert are so grateful to the pastoralists as these are taken to their animals. Chalbi desert is such unique on its northern edge is gorgeous area of the oases with the groves of the palm trees that attract sand grouse and other bird species like the vulturine guinea fowls and many others which can be seen by the tourists, of which these oases are used by the Gabra people as the water sources for their camels.

Chalbi desert in Kenya
Chalbi desert in Kenya

Though it is believed that there was a lake in the Chalbi Desert which got dried up a thousand years ago, after it was named the Chalbi desert which means bare and salty. On a safari to this barren and desolate location, you may be able to spot some of the animal species in a distance like the Oryx, ostriches, grevy’s zebras and among other animal species.

Climate at Chalbi Desert.

Chalbi desert is the hottest and the most arid area in Kenya, the average daytime temperatures range from 1090F (430C) to 1150F (460C) whereas the temperature drops to around 57 to 590F (14 to 150C) degrees at night. The Chalba desert experiences two types of the dry seasons and two rainy seasons. The long-dry season takes place from July to October, and the short dry season is in January and February with some times in March. The long rainy season occurs in April and May through parts of June the short one happens in November and December.

Activities at the Chalbi desert.

Desert safari.

Chalbi desert is a safari destination hence providing the most stunning desert safari, while on your land cruiser you can enjoy a perfect short drive desert safari, as these vehicles are such excellent for the sand dunes racing and surfing this is because the desert has got the most reliable and offers the picturesque sceneries and the tranquil oases.

Cultural Tour.

Chalbi desert provides the travelers with the most loved safari activity, for any safari to Kenya it cannot be complete minus the cultural safari, as here the tourists interact with the local communities like the Rendille, the Turkana, the Samburu, Gabbra, Orma, Turkana, El Molo, Dasannach and among others, this is where the tourists explore the culture of the people in various ways like interacting with them in their ways of lifestyle, dressing, dancing, food types and among others as this gives the tourists the great memories on a safari.

Camel derbies and caravans.

The tourists on a Kenya safari to Chalbi desert do explore the on the back of the Camel as this is a great safari experience, as here the guest can enjoy the desert and to know how to ancient civilizations and some of the modern desert people transport this is the most unique an amazing safari experience in the Chalbi desert.

Chalbi desert in Kenya
Chalbi desert in Kenya

Best time to visit the Chalbi desert.

The best time to visit the Chalbi desert is during the dry season, from the period of October and in January and February, it is when the animal species gather around the few remaining water sources and the dry terrain is much more conducive to the camel ride safari, game drives, walking safari and among others.

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