Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel – Queen Elizabeth N.P : Boat cruise is the most exciting and attractive safari where the tourists can experience the most attractions like the acquatic bird species, animal species that happens to be around Kazinga channel. Kazinga channel is one of the section of Queen Elizabeth national park. Kazinga channel is gorgeous water body that connects Lake Edward and Lake Gorge together, Kazinga channel is nearly located at Mweya peninsular close to Mweya safari lodge in the western part of Uganda.

Tourists who come to visit Queen Elizabeth national park can never complete their safari minus exploiting the waters of Kazinga channel which is well done through the boat cruise as the best way to do so on a Uganda safari. Kazinga channel boat cruise experiences the tourists with the best cruise moments that can be led by the professional guides and the activity takes around 3 to 4 hours. During the boat cruise at Kazinga channel the professional guides gives you the important history about and information about boat cruise on Kazinga channel, and they as well go further elaborating to you the wildlife that you will see along the shores of Kazinga channel during the magnificent boat cruise, Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel – Queen Elizabeth N.P

The professional guides during the boat cruise can be ready to give you every answer about the questions that you may ask them during the boat cruise on Kazinga channel. Including the birds along the shores, animal species, vegetation type, other activities done along Kazinga channel, communities neighboring Kazinga channel and among many others which gives you the best company while carrying out the boat cruise along Kazinga channel.

Boat cruise on Kazinga channel.

Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel - Queen Elizabeth N.P
Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

Boat cruise on Kazinga channel is done two times a day, where it’s during morning and the evening. The morning boat cruise starts in the morning from 11:00 am and ends at 1:00pm, while the one in the evening begins from 2pm up to 5pm in the evening.

Boat cruise on Kazinga channel is fancy as it’s the best way how various travelers experiences the fascinating water wildlife that is found in the area which cannot be seen anyway. The guests enjoy spotting the bird species, animal species and many others. On a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park the boat cruise on Kazinga channel is the simplest and the best way where the tourists can sight the large schools of the hippopotamuses, which are in the large numbers along the Kazinga channel, Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel – Queen Elizabeth N.P

This is the best moment where the tourists can watch the behaviors of the hippos in the water compared to the animals in the park, as the hippos stay for a long in the water, though the hippos move away from the water during the night when there is no sunshine as it’s said that the sunshine affects them. Being with the much fat in their bodies the hippos skin is affected by the sun, due to the fact that they have no fur on their skin this makes the sun to hit directly their skins so that’s why their entire life they like being in the water.

Not only the hippos being the most likely animal species to be seen during the boat cruise by the most of the tourists, as the tourists can watch the crocodiles, as well other animal species get to be spotted along the Kazinga channel as they come to drink the water along the shores of Kazinga channel like the buffaloes, elephants, waterbucks, antelopes, bushbucks and among others.

Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel - Queen Elizabeth N.P
Boat Cruise on Kazinga Channel

Kazinga channel is renowned as the best spotting areas for various attractive and beautiful bird species, all over the world, which is known as the conserved area for the birding safari in Uganda, as the Important Birding Area (IBA), never miss out the rewarding boat cruise on Kazinga channel to observe most of the bird species like the goliath heron, African shimmers, king fishers, majestic African fish eagle, African spoonbills, pelicans and many others.

Kazinga channel boat cruise fills the travelers with the peaceful magical experience while enjoying the king fisher ferry of Mweya that gives tourists the most humble times through relaxation  and drives away their stresses and puts your life on a pause mode for a while on a Uganda safari if you plan and prepare your boat cruise safari with

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