Bio-Ken snake farm Safari Kenya is located just about few minutes’ drive from the Watamu’s hotel resorts, the Bio-Ken snake farm is a safari destination in that it houses the largest collection of the snakes in the entire East Africa and is a destination that is open to the public. Bio-Ken snake farm is a 30 year old research centre dealing with the reptiles especially the snakes and the snake-bite. Bio-ken has received more visitors for over 30 years with the extensive collection of the Africa’s deadliest snakes.

The black spitting cobra, the horned viper and many other snake species can be spotted from here at the same time on your safari you will find the plain-looking but deadly twig snake for whose has no cure. The Bio-ken snake farm was founded in 1980 by James and Sanda Ashe, who left it to Royjan Taylor and his wife Clare, EAVS (formally known as the Bio-Ken) which is the research and education centre with the mission to save the snakes, on your safari to Bio-Ken snake farm with Focus East Africa tours it will give you the most insightful herpetology safari in Watamu. It is a prime area of Kenya to spot the various reptiles.

Bio-Ken snake farm Safari Kenya
Bio-Ken snake farm Safari Kenya

Bio-Ken snake farm has got other infamous creatures up close but there are also many other non-lethal snake varieties that can be spotted on a safari, 127 species in all, not only the snakes  at the Bio-Ken snake farm, the farm as well got houses an immense collection of the other reptiles and amphibians, on your safari to the farm you will be able to spot the soft-shelled, leatherback, Africa side-necked turtles, terrapins and among others and you will spot all the examples of the reptiles like the geckoes, chameleons, frogs, toads, lizards, crocodiles and many others. Bio-ken farm holds biannual snake-bite seminars which can be attended by the experts from all over the world. This is where the people can be taught with the correct procedures when faced with a snake bite, and they can be taught the importance of snakes and why they should not be necessarily be killed, but instead be maintained on sight.

Not only being the best farm to see the reptiles, it is also a research centre and laboratory, specializing in anti-venom research and travelers at times go there to study about the snake bites, here you can get the opportunity and see the snakes that are being milked for their venom to create specific antidotes which can be used to make the anti-venom for the local communities and the medical facilities,  also the Bio-ken snake farm is such amazing in that it provides emergency care for the snakebite victims throughout the area and the entire community. The farm provides you with the 127 different species, the farm is known for having the largest collection of snakes in the entire Kenya that includes 93 harmless non venomous species, 10 species that inflict painful non-lethal bites and 24 deadly species, with 18 species being known to have taken human life or are less dangerous.

However dangerous some snake species are, they have got the specific importance in our environment said by the researchers, the dangerous snake species help to reduce the vermin, which in turn controls disease and the destruction of the crops, as also offer the attraction of the tourists that is offering the education program for the visitors and the public about the main vital for preserving the snakes. As the Bio-ken offers a free ‘’remove a snake’’ service in the Watamu Island it’s a matter of contacting and alerting the farm and they will respond to secure your life and capture the errant snake and after release it back into the wild.

Bio-Ken snake farm is a safari tourism destination that is where you will be able to spot various and exciting snakes in their natural habitat, as the farm has got the professional and skilled guided tours to nearby Jimbe and Gede where you can learn to locate and identify the various snake species. Bio-ken offers the travelers a range of safari to discover the snake species in the wild after your safari from the farm you will be an expert of the snakes because you will associate with a variety of them.

Bio-Ken snake farm Safari Kenya
Bio-Ken snake farm Safari Kenya

The opening hours.

Bio-ken snake farm operates from 10:00 hrs to 17:00 hours, then to add on that the farm works and opens for the whole seven days in a week.

Best time to visit the Bio-Ken snake farm.

We consider July to October to be the best time to visit, as this is the longest dry season with the cool coastal conditions and the skies are clear and sunny, but Watamu is a beautiful all year around to be visited on a Kenya Safari.

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