Best Time to visit Serengeti National Park : Serengeti National park is the largest national park in the northern Tanzania, it is a greatest safari destination in Tanzania, the park is known for its natural wonders being renowned for the largest annual animal migration in the world of over 1.5 million blue wildebeest and over 250,000 zebra along with the Thomas’ Gazelle and eland. The best time is the most recognized time majorly for spotting the wildebeest migration such that the tourists can be rewarded with the best safari tourism experience.

Generally in Serengeti National Park the best time to visit the park is during the late June to August and also from January to March, that’s the peak season in the park though wildebeest migration is from late June to August or early September then the park has got the calving season that happens from January to mid-March, though the rest of the game viewing in the park is such astonishing and it takes place almost all the year around.

Serengeti National Park has got the best timings according to the safari activity and the following  are the most favorable times  that you should know in Serengeti National  park that includes watching the great migration, calving season, best time to avoid crowds, best safari for deals and specials, best weather, bird watching and among others. In Serengeti National Park every season has got its advantages and disadvantages.

Best Time to visit Serengeti National Park
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Great Migration in Serengeti National Park.

The great migration is the fascinating wildlife trek in East Africa, that is every year almost millions and millions of wildebeest joined by the thousands of zebras, gazelles, antelopes while attracting the large numbers of the predators that are too hungry, the migration takes place while migrating from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and then Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The best time to visit Serengeti National Park for the great migration is from the late June to August which is known as the best time that makes it the perfect time to visit the park, so depending on the movement of the great migration is the best time to go for a safari in Serengeti National Park.

As well from late September and October is least period to see great migration in Serengeti National Park in fact during that period you can catch up with the last of the herds as they are crossing Mara River from Tanzania to Kenya, so to make it perfect it’s better to visit the Maasai Mara National Reserve in July to October to see the breathtaking Great migration.

During November the wildebeest herds can be returning back to the northern Serengeti National Park from Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, they can be in the north-eastern Serengeti and migrate further in December, so the timing of the migration does shift from a year to a year so it needs you to know the best time to visit Serengeti National Park.

From January to March also is the great time to visit Serengeti National Park especially to the tourists who are interested in viewing the young calves and young animals in the park but not seeing the migration on the move, also the calving season is such a super natural that gives you the best safari experiences in Serengeti then during February the tourists on a safari in the park can experience the herds slowing right down while the mothers are giving birth in the southern Serengeti.

April, May and early June can be best time to see the migration though it can be wet, the wildebeest moves to the western region of central Serengeti from about April to June, the herds move slowly because their calves are still young, then April and May are the peak rainy season months and road conditions can be poor. In early June the herds become more scattered and cover vast distances, crossing the Grumeti River.

Not only being the great migration safari destination  as the most vital point of visiting Serengeti National Park  also the park has the best timings to visit the park that are based on your needs and the wants as follows,

For the great migration, June to August or early September (high season)

Best Time to visit Serengeti National Park
Best Time to visit Serengeti National Park

For calving season, January to March (short rain season)

Least crowded times in the park, March to April, and then May and November to December (low season)

Best time for Budget Serengeti Safaris, March to April or May and from November to December (low season)

Best weather in Serengeti National Park, June to October (dry season)

Best time for birding for bird lovers in Serengeti National Park, November or January to May (rainy season).

Before visiting Serengeti National Park again you are reminded that each season has its own disadvantages and advantages for your best time in the year to visit Serengeti National Park depends on your best choice with focus east africa tours

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