Best Things to do in Saiwa Swamp National Park : Saiwa Swamp national park is considered as one of the smallest national parks, which is situated near Kitale in Tran-Nzoia County in Kenya, and it lies within the Kenya’s rift valley province. This national park was established in 1974 covering a total surface area of about 3 square kilometers. Saiwa swamp national park is being managed by the Kenya wildlife services in order to protect all the wildlife animals in this game park, which are considered as one of the top tourist attractions in the country. more so, Saiwa swamp national park is dominated by its green forests, tropical wetlands, acacia woodlands, variety of tree species, riverine forests, dense forests, stunning waterbodies like; Saiwa river, bulrushes, woodlands which all act as good natural habitats to the animals in the park. and within Saiwa Swamp national park, there so many attractions which always capture the attention of many tourists to come through and visit within the park hence leading to the development of the tourism industry of Kenya. Therefore, some of these attractions include; the Kitale Nature conservation, Kitale Museum, Kapenguria museum, Kitale showgrounds, and wildlife species such as; the Semi-aquatic sitatunga antelopes which are seen as the top attraction in the park and many others.

Activities done within Saia Swamp National park.

Touring and exploring around Sawai Swamp National park gives you chances to participate in so many different activities, which include the following;

Wildlife viewing.

Saiwa Swamp vegetation is good destination to travel to while on an adventurous Kenya wildlife safari because it is a home to so many wildlife species that individuals can see while on their tour such as; bohor reedbuck, buch bucks, leopards, lions, defassa waterbucks, giant forest squirrels, African civet, ratel species, spotted necked otter among others. and there are many primate species which can be spotted while walking through different trails and along the swamp edges and some of these include; black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, the rare brazza’s monkeys and snake species such as; African rock python, forest cobra, and side-stripped many others. More so, there are reptiles and Amphibians species such as; bell’s hinged tortoise, blue-headed tree agama, lizards and insects and butterfly species such as; swallowtails and charaxes. There are other species like; Papillion Dardanes, African mocker swallowtail, ants swamp which are spotted at the forest floor.

Bird Watching.

Saiwa Swamp national park is a good birders destination due to the fact it harbours around 372 birds, which are easily spotted along the forest trails. And some of these birds include; Grey heron, lesser jacana, Narina tragons, African black duck, coucal stork, the yellow bishop, colored sunbirds, cormorant, ross’s turaco, hamerkop, Qonolek, crane, Black goshawk, wahlberg’s eagle, ludher’s bush shrike, cinnamon chested bee-eater, crown cranes, orange tuffed sunbird, little grebe and many others.

Sitatunga Antelope spotting.

Tourists touring around this park without seeing the Sitatunga Antelope is considered as an incomplete tour because they are ranked to be among the top attractions with in the park, which are easily spotted while they duck in and out of the swamps to feed and evade on their prey.

Best Things to do in Saiwa Swamp National Park

Guided nature walks.

Tourists can opt to go for guided nature walks during their free time as they walk through different trails as they are being accompanied with the park guides due to the fact they are so familiar with many parts in the park and they have their major role to protect both the safety of both individuals and animals.

Mores so, there are more Kenya safari activities which individuals can participate in and these include; Vegetation exploration due to the fact that the park is surrounded with beautiful landscapes and tropical wetlands which consist physical features like; reeds, wooded grassland, exotic banana trees, sedges, wild fig trees, tropical forest among others. In addition, they also go for picnics, camping, which gives you a good night experience while in the wild, it has beautiful scenes for photography, game drives and many others.

Accommodation Facilities in Saiwa Swamp National park.

Saiwa Swamp national park, which has many accommodation facilities where tourists can have their stay after their long day of exploring through the park. However, these lodging facilities are ranged and classified differently like; from budget, mid-range and luxury, which gives individuals chances to choose where to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. therefore some of these accommodation facilities include; cranes haven lodge, Afrikana yard cottages, Sophie’s garden hotel, A&B Cozy apartments, Saiwa picnic event site, Sirikwa tented camp which is ranged luxurious lodge which grants visitors with many facilities such as; electricity, en-suite bathrooms which have cold and warm showers, barbeques and sitatunga public campsite and many others.

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