Animal Camouflage in Kenya : Animal camouflage is known as the military sense related among the animal species, camouflage is one of the biological ways which helps the animals to survive in their animal world. Various animal species in Kenya do camouflage for many reasons though some animals do camouflage in order to use it in their favor while hunting, so camouflage helps a variety of the animal species which get it by birth. Kenya being the best safari destination in the entire Africa it has got a rich biodiversity which amazes the very first time tourists, but among the variety of the wildlife of Kenya some of the animal species can camouflage, and these are some of the best camouflage animals in Kenya that you  expect to see on your next safari in Kenya, so on your safari to Kenya make sure that you give the special and ken attention to these animal species as you enjoy their camouflaging abilities and their beauty.

Animal species that camouflage in Kenya.

Animal species with the camouflage skills in Kenya is an added merit for their survival, it helps them in hunting, in some other cases, it deceives a predator from getting hold to it, and camouflage is a biological tactic that helps the animal species to stay alive in the everlasting battle of the survival for the fittest. Camouflage helps the animals to hunt and to keep themselves safe from the threat of predators, so the predators also use to remain unnoticed as waiting for the prey and other animals use it to disguise themselves in the surroundings from the distracting predatory animals.


Lions in Kenya do camouflage because of certain interruptions like hunting, here the lions usually do blend themselves in the yellowish grassland and wait for their prey from there. In this period the lions can be calm and very contended  while waiting for the prey as they are laying themselves in the grassland and even they can take hours and hours while waiting and if it happens they see a predator they cannot give up they chase it until they get it ready handed, so camouflaging helps the lions to get what eat in their life, this is widely seen in almost every national park of Kenya like Tsavo national parks, Amboseli national park, Maasai Mara National Reserve and among others, so on your safari to Kenya it is always advised for you to be very observed and there you will be able to see the lions while they are doing the animal camouflage in different national parks.

Animal Camouflage in Kenya
Game Drives in Maasai mara reserve


Cheetah is known as the big cat in Kenya which is the fastest animal species on the planet, though with the related camouflage abilities like that of the leopard. Being the fastest animal the cheetah can be in its habitat or in the national park while humbling itself but in case of any prey that comes across trust me you cannot win a cheetah it survives on you because it spots its prey from a distance and nothing can stop a cheetah to eat it. Cheetahs are mostly found in various national parks and reserves of Kenya like the Maasai Mara National reserve, Nairobi National Park and many others.


Though a leopard do camouflage like how the lion does but on the other side a leopard uses different ways, first of all its nature skin with the black patches acts as camouflage, but any case any animal species that come across also cannot avoid it, though also a leopard being a speedy animal and its colour it always becomes easier for it to easily catch its prey. Leopards can be easily seen in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Meru National Park, and Aberdare National Park and among others.


Giraffe is so unique in its camouflage this uses disruptive coloration technique to avoid its predators, also for the giraffes being in their groups every time this also prevents them from being taken by the predators like the lions, leopards, on your Kenya Safari a tourist enjoys the unique camouflage of a giraffe. Giraffes have got the most beauty and the gracious walking style while finding its fresh leaves from the branches of the trees, gives the freshness to the eyes. Giraffes are easily seen in Amboseli national park, Chyulu Hills National Park, Tsavo East and Tsavo West national park and among others.


Hyena is not a huge animal specie and being with its colour helps it to blend it in the bush or the dry grassland. For a hyena its always patient for attacking its prey in its right time which is another natural adaption besides its camouflage of the body hairs. Though being with almost the way of camouflage like that of a lion, a hyena at times is always defeated because of its small size of the body while comparing it with other big cats in Kenya that why the hyena hunts in the herd and which gives it the excessive aggression during the hunting. Hyenas are mostly found in Meru National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Shaba National Reserve, Chyulu Hills National Park, Tsavo National Parks, Amboseli National Park, Maasai Mara National Reserve and among more.


Zebra is the major delight that is such attractive in various national parks and reserve of Kenya, zebras use the unique way of camouflaging with their black and white stripes also this helps them to dodge the predators also the zebra when it senses a predator it estimates its speed and direction which helps a zebras from being hunted.

Animal Camouflage in Kenya
Zebras in Kenya

Best national parks and reserves to see the  zebras in Kenya  includes  Samburu National Reserve, Lewa wildlife conservancy, Amboseli national park,  Maasai Mara National Reserve, Buffalo Spring National Reserve and among others.


A crocodile do camouflage to hunt, though a crocodile’s coloring resembles its surrounding and which makes it difficult to be hunted because you cannot detect its position and their movement being strategic but a crocodile increases its speed while they are sure about hitting its target. On a safari to Kenya it is very amazing to watch a crocodile while hunting because it pretends as if there is nothing until it realizes that it is sure and when it becomes sure it speeds up opens its jaws to directly swallow its prey.

Best places to see crocodiles in Kenya includes Nairobi National park, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli national Park, Samburu National Reserve, Shaba National Reserve and among others.

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