Airstrips serving Serengeti National Park

Airstrips serving Serengeti National Park: Serengeti national park is the most rewarding Tanzania wildlife destination and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Serengeti national park covers an area of 14,763 square kilometers composed of endless rolling plains stretching to Kenya – Tanzania border, the park is composed of acacia savannah in the centre, dry grasslands to the south, wooded highland in the western corridor and north region, wooded grasslands along the Grumeti and Mara rivers. 

Serengeti national park is the most visited national park in Tanzania and a renowned destination for Africa wildlife safaris famously known for the endless plains, a huge concentration of wildlife including the big 5 and the annual wildebeest migration. Serengeti national park is visited majorly because of the thrilling Tanzania safari activities offered such as game viewing, bird watching, hot air balloon safaris, walking safaris and cultural tours. 

One of the ways to get to Serengeti national park is using air means of transport that is domestic /chartered flights, domestic flights are offered from Kilimanjaro International Airport and Arusha airport to 6 airstrips serving the Serengeti national park. Airstrips serving Serengeti national park include 

Seronera airport 

Seronera airstrip is the largest airstrip in Serengeti national park by size and it handles both small regional flights to the neighboring destinations and domestic chartered flights to Serengeti national park. Seronera airstrip is situated in the heart of Serengeti national park in a small town of Seronera, the airstrip lies in a drive of 2 hours from Naabi hill and Ndabaka gates. 

Seronera airstrip consists of an airport building serving as a lobby and also hosts administrative offices of the airstrip, the airstrip is situated close to special and public airstrips, a tourist information centre, 2 fuel stations, shops, bars and a dispensary. Seronera airstrip lies in a distance of 1 kilometers from Pimbi campsite, 5 kilometers from Seronera visitor information centre, 5 kilometers from Seronera village, 6 kilometers from Tumbili campsite, 7 kilometers from Nyani campsite and 1 kilometer from Nguchiro campsite. 

Serengeti Kusini airstrip 

Serengeti Kusini airstrip is a frequently used airstrip in Serengeti national park situated near Kusini Kopjes south of Serengeti national park a few kilometers south of Maswa game reserve, the airstrip is also situated close lakes such as Lake Masek, Lake Elemeti and Lake El dabish, 2 kilometers from Mawe Ya samba Kopjes, 1 kilometers from Kusini Kopjes, 9 kilometers from Maswa game reserve, 9 kilometers from Soito Kopjes and 8 kilometers from Itiganya Kopjes.

Serengeti Kusini airstrip is strategically situated in the area where the annual wildebeest migration starts from and while using the airstrip tourists can lucky enough to spot the migration. 

Lobo airstrip 

Lobo airstrip is one of the significant airstrips serving both Serengeti national park and other neighboring destinations/areas, the airstrip is situated in the remote north eastern region of Serengeti national park in Lobo area. Lobo airstrip is found next to the eastern border of Serengeti national park in a short distance southwards of Lobo villages, the area where this airstrip is found is famously known for hosting a large population of lions and close to both public and private campsites. 

Lobo airstrip is also situated in a distance of 6 kilometers from Lobo Kopjes, 6 kilometers from Lobo campsite, 6 kilometers from Klein’s gate, 7 kilometers from Bologonja springs and 8 kilomters from Ngare Naironya airstrips.   

Fort Ikoma airstrip 

Fort Ikoma airstrip is situated close to Seronera airstrip and in a short distance in the North West region of Serengeti national park, Fort Ikoma airstrip is strategically situated amidst Serengeti to the south, Grumeti to the west and Ikongoro to the east. 

Fort Ikoma airstrip is a small airstrip and because of its closeness to Seronera airstrip, its not usually used. The airstrip lies in 3 kilometers from Fort Ikoma, 3 kilometers from Fort Ikoma campsite, 1 kilometer from Fort IKoma gate, 3 kilometers from Retina Hippo pool and 1 kilometer from Nyabogati Hippo pool.

Kirawira B airstrip 

Kirawira B airstrip is situated in the western rend of Serengeti national park in a short distance from Grumeti River, 3 hours’ drive from the city of Mwanza and half an hour drive from Ndabaka gate. Kirawira B airstrip is a relatively small airstrip and it lies in 4 kilometers from Kirawira migration cross point 1, 8 kilometers from Grumenti game reserve, 8 kilometers from Handajenga gate, 2 kilometers from Ndabaka gate and 7 kilometers from Balili view point.

Kogatende airstrip 

Kogatende airstrip is a strategically situated airstrip in Serengeti national park located in the Northern region of Serengeti national park on the southern banks of the Mara River, Kogatende airstrip is also situated 2 kilometers from the Larelamangi salt lick, 7 kilometers from Bologonja gate, 1 kilometer from Klein gate and 3 kilometers from Lobo Kopjes. 

Kogatende airstrip is the most convenient airstrip used to access the remote area of Serengeti national park with panoramic views of the landscape, the southern banks of Mara River lies a few kilometers south of the border of Kenya and Tanzania. This area is a significant spot during the annual wildebeest migration as it is used by millions of wildebeests and thousands of Zebras, grant’s and Thomson gazelles to cross from Serengeti national park to Maasai Mara national reserve in an event referred to as Mara river crossing.

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