Aday In A Life Of Mountain Gorillas In East Africa : Mountain gorillas are such attractive primates, that everyone admires in life. The mountain gorillas are found highly in East Africa biodiverse regions in countries including Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Tourists usually admire the presence of the mountain gorillas especially when they encounter these unique animal creatures in their habitats.

Mountain gorillas spend most of their time while moving in the forest while looking for the food, and another third of their day they spend it while resting, and again these creatures spend time while taking the gentle walks in the forest while stopping every time for a family picnic, foraging the finest raw, and among many others which makes tourists to enjoy their primate safari in their favorite destinations. As the tourists enjoy sighting the mountain gorillas as they are playing and teaching with their dearest and nearest.

Tourists enjoy spotting the mountain gorillas as they are playing. This is where the young gorillas in every gorilla family, as it helps them to get used and familiar with various animal species and also to be accepted as the part of the group, as playing helps the mountain gorillas to clearly practice communication as they do learn various ways of the behaviors that are in their families. This moment is such marvelous and its where the most of the travelers achieves their milestone while experiencing  the fascinating and wonderful mountain gorillas as they touch their faces and hairs that gives tourists the best moments to take them the pictures hence best safari experiences.

Gorillas are such gorgeous as these take enough resting time. Mountain gorillas are such attractive while making their nests also known as the beds to where they spend their nights sleeping in as they prepare themselves for the next day.

On a Uganda safari, you can never visit the mountain gorillas and fail to spot the silverback’s, as this is such a giant one and plays a fatherly role as the protector to the fellows. The silverback has got the grey hair behind in its back as this identifies it from the rest of the members, the silver plays a big role in the gorilla family, like the way it’s in the human beings the way how the fathers caters and takes the responsibilities that’s how the silverbacks protects the fellow members in the gorilla family, from the predators for example like the leopards can kill the unprotected gorillas.

Aday In A Life Of Mountain Gorillas In East Africa
Gorilla trekking

Tourists enjoy the mountain gorillas father their children, as the young ones usually keeps closer to their fathers, while leaning on him and also invite him in their games they are playing. As the relation close to their fathers is too important in their life, and the father protects the young ones while caring about them, as incase their mothers dies or leaves the group still their fathers will be present to take care of the young ones. At this extent the silverback is the one who takes care off immediately and looks for the young ones and even allows them to sleep in his nest, Aday In A Life Of Mountain Gorillas In East Africa

Like the way the fathers do, the mothers as well care for its young ones that is the attachment parenting, as the mother holds the young ones, during the day until they are like three years old, after three years now the baby can be independent and again that’s the period when the mother can have the choice to have another baby, like the way in the human beings. Also in the mountain gorillas unlike the fathers, mother gorillas do teach some part of the gorillas, and then the fathers are the teachers to their children.

Gorilla trekking is the most interesting part with the gorillas, also known as the life changing, this is where the tourists enjoy sighting these creatures in their natural habitats which is the most thrilling safari that everyone can ever receive in his or her life time. That’s is gorilla trekking in Uganda is 700 USD, Rwanda it is 1500 USD, Democratic republic of Congo its 400USD.

The day spent with the mountain gorillas is the most way where the tourists can enjoy the presence of natural while witnessing it with their own eyes, as being with the presence of these creatures gives the tourists the best safari memories the East African countries.

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