A Safari to lake Bunyonyi in Uganda: Lake Bunyonyi is among the most commonly visited freshwater bodies in Uganda, located in the Southwestern region of Uganda between two districts Kabale district and Kisoro district, ranked as the second deepest lake in the whole world because it straddles at an altitude of about 1962 meters above the sea level after Lake Tanganyika.

Lake Bunyonyi is also referred to as “the place of many little birds”, touring around this lake makes a visit int Uganda a safari as sightseers get to view classic and breathtaking sceneries that comprise terraced hills and many other features.

What to do while touring around Lake Bunyonyi.

Bird Watching.

Lake Bunyonyi is seen as a perfect birding destination to travel most especially while on a birding safari in Uganda because it is home to over 200 bird species therefore, a birding tour around this waterbody will give tourists chances to spot bird species such as; pied kingfisher, cinnamon chested bee eater, bronzy sun bird, pied wagtail, grey shrike, grey crowned crested crane, black heron, hadada ibis, swamp fly catcher, great cormorant, fan-tailed widow bird, streaky seed eater, speckled mouse bird, egrets, levellant cuckoo among others.

Canoeing/ boat rides.

Sightseers can carry out canoeing or even more exciting get to have a boat ride along the lake granting you chances to take to the Lakes islands such as; the punishment island, having these rides allows sightseers to view a number of attractions and these are the best done in the morning, afternoon and evening therefore, giving those chances to choose what time they prefer.

A Safari to lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.
lake Bunyonyi canoeing


For the case of sightseers who know how to swim, there is a chance to have a deep swim in the lake due to the fact that the lake is free from Bilharzia, there are no species like crocodiles or hippos among others. however, individuals are always advised to be careful not to go so deep while they swim because the lake is the deepest lake in Africa.

Community visits/ Culture Encounters.

Sightseers also get the chance to visit the local communities and have a great cultural encounter most especially from the Bakiga and the Batwa pygmy as they learn about their history through paying attention to the storytelling moments, customs and traditions, daily lifestyles, how they speak, prepare the local meals and many others.

Guided Nature Walks.

Lake bunyoyi is a great destination to carry out nature walks from while on a safari in Uganda, sightseers get to walk through the highlands of Kigezi on foot and many others as they get to view different attractions around the lake such as birds and different tree species.

Accommodation Facilities in Lake Bunyonyi.

While at lake bunyonyi there are so very many accommodation facilities that are always available for guests to use as a resting pointing these lodging facilities range differently; such as; budget, mid-range to luxury which enables guests to choose where to stay according to their preferences.

These accommodation facilities include; Lake Bunyonyi resort, Arcadia Cottages Bunyonyi, Bunyonyi safari resort, Lake Bunyonyi Eco resort, Lake Bunyonyi Overland, Bushara island camp, Byoona Amagara Island many others.

The lake can be visited at any time of the year; however, it is mostly recommended to visit the lake during the dry seasons because during the rainy season, it may be had to ride across the lake and hence miss out on a lot of the numerous safari activities along lake bunyonyi.

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