8 Reasons Why Nungwi Beach Is A Top Tourist Destination

8 Reasons Why Nungwi Beach Is A Top Tourist Destination : Africa is dotted with a wide range of stunning beaches found on the Atlantic Ocean on the western coast and the Indian Ocean on the eastern part of the continent, because of the stunning beaches Africa is list. Nungwi Beach is one of the breathtaking beaches on Africa continent , this beach is one of the world-famous beaches found on the island of Zanzibar worth visiting for a beach holiday on an Africa Tanzania safari.

Nungwi Beach is situated on the Island of Zanzibar in the East coast of Africa continent, Zanzibar Island boosts a colorful history as an important trade center during the spice trade of the 16th – 17th centuries. This an amazing island developed from its production of spices of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It also developed as a destination for beach holidays.

 Nungwi beach is one of the most popular and prettiest beaches on the Zanzibar island, in 2018 it was recognized as one of the best beaches by CNN. Nungwi beach is one of the most visited beaches in Tanzania and here are the reasons to why

  1. Warm temperatures all year round

Nungwi beach is found on the island of Zanzibar located in the equatorial region, because of its located the beach and island receives warm sunny weather for the most time of the year which is perfect for beach holiday. The sunny weather creates a perfect opportunity to lay at the beach and get your tan on while sun bathing, occasion rain and storms are usually experience and because of this you are advised to check with your travel agent before visiting the beack for a Kenya beach holiday.

  1. Amazing sunset views

Zanzibar Island where Nungwi beach is found runs along the western coast of Indian Ocean to the northern tip of the island creating an opportunity to witness spectacular sunset views, for travelers who enjoy nature the sunset views are very magical and offer an opportunity to get an instagram worthy photos. While on a Kenya beach holiday at Nungwi beach you can enjoy a cocktail from a rooftop bar of your resort as the sun set over the tropical horizon, alternatively sunset cruises o a dhow boat are offered. Watching the sunset is a reason one of the reasons to why the beach is listed among the popular romantic destinations in the world and Africa as well.

8 Reasons Why Nungwi Beach Is A Top Tourist Destination
Amazing sunset views in Nungwi Beach
  1. Experience nature up close

Experience nature up close is one of the 8 Reasons Why Nungwi Beach Is A Top Tourist Destination. Nungwi beach offers an up close interaction with nature, while on a Tanzania beach holiday you can visit the Mnarani Natural Aquarium situated in the northern region of Nungwi village. The Aquarium is a conservation site run by the locals and is focused on rescuing and conserving green and hawksbill turtles and releasing them back to the sea, the turtles are usually released in the month of February.  Tourists can swim through the shallow waters during the low tide and see colorful shells and small marine animals, alternatively they can also join the locals in gathering of sea food in the tide pools situated beyond the beach. In the southern part of Nungwi beach you can spot cows roaming around.

  1. Thriving nightlife

Nungwi beach has a thriving nightlife to keep you entertained during your Tanzania beach holiday, as the sun sets the beach thrives into a vibrant nightlife for tourists who wish to have fun and dance the night away. Nungwi beach has a number of bars such as Cholo’s Bar the oldest in the village, the bar hosts parties on Thursday nights. Another popular bar is the Mangi’s Bar perfect for sunset drink and dance the night away.

  1. Enjoy local flavors

Your trip to Nungwi Beach is never complete without tasting several local cuisines served at various restaurant found on the beach and Nungwi village, Munira Restaurant is a popular destination for serving the best Zanzibar food in the whole Nungwi village. Nungwi Beach Restaurants serves cuisines varying from French Fusion dishes, Classic Italian dishes to Local dishes. The best place for visit for local dishes in Nungwi Village is Chef Bakery and Munira Restaurant.

  1. Dhow boat building activities

A Dhow boats are a trademark boats in the Indian Ocean region and a term used to refer to sailing vessels, these dhow boats are used by locals to go fishing and for sailing experience. The Dhows are constructed along the beach near the fish market and tourists are welcomed to engage building of dhows and witness the techniques used in building them. Dhow boat building lessons are offered by fishermen.

8 Reasons Why Nungwi Beach Is A Top Tourist Destination
Dhow Boat Activities
  1. Walking around the village

Nungwi village is a hot of culture and traditions and during your Tanzania beach holiday on Nungwi beach you have an opportunity to have a guided walk around the village, during the walk you will visit the village market hosting a lot of items ranging from local fruits and vegetables to souvenir items. The village is a good place to tryout local delicacies and snacks such as date nut bread, fried plantains, octopus and fried cassava. You will also buy some of the species in the village such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves sold in almost every stall.

Note: during your walking experience around the village, make it appoint to cover your shoulders and knees I respect to the local culture.

  1. A Hodgepodge of culture

Nungwi Beach was a strategic location for the spice trade which was participated in Asians, Europeans, Africans and Indians which resulted into a mixture of cultures and traditions which can be seen in the local’s livelihood, religion, value and cuisines which can be witnessed during your visit at the beach and Nungwi village.

 Though Zanzibar has a number of beaches, Nungwi beach remains one of the best and most popular beach to visit on Zanzibar Island, if you are looking for the your next tropical destination Nungwi beach is your perfect destination.

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