What to see on a Murchison falls national park Safari : The Murchison falls while on boat cruise and top of the falls. Nobody comes to Murchison falls national park and misses out on the falls on River Nile either on a boat cruise or top of the falls. Murchison falls national park is divided into sector by River Nile and along the Nile River, a spectacle and grand feature known as the Murchison falls finds its rest within the regions of Northwest Uganda. The falls are great in both form and diversity and form an ethereal landscape that has to be seen to be believed. The falls are the biggest highlight of a Murchison falls national park safari.

You will witness great turbulence in the waters of the Nile where vivid compressions of water can be seen forcing through a narrow gorge. Right here at the World’s most powerful waterfall, the unmitigated power force of the mighty river stirs up magic and squeezes through a tiny chasm of 7 meters as it vehemently tumbles 43 meters down. The sight so created is good to look at. The area near the falls also attracts numerous species of birds and wildlife which come to cool off from the heat and as well take a drink. This creates a great combination of beauty all in one place and offers more than just moments and memories. The experience encountered is just forever beautiful. The falls can be accessed by a 30 minutes hike, a car or by a taking a boat cruise from Paraa landing site.

The most popular boat ride is the Boat Cruise to the Bottom of the falls. we not only offer great opportunities for game viewing and bird watching, but also a spectacular view of the Murchison Falls – the strongest waterfalls in the world. Boats set off at the jetty next to Paraa Safari Lodge and sail towards Fajao Gorge, right at the bottom of the falls. The calm waters of the stream make this boat ride an easy and memorable one. It beggars belief how the stream can be so calm yet the falls that feeds it is so turbulent and violent. The image of the Falling waters before you will never leave your mind. Murchison Falls will leave you humbled and bowing in respect to the integrity, beauty, and stability of Nature, What to see on a Murchison falls national park Safari

The boat cruise usually happens after lunch and lasts for 2-hours. The Launch Cruise (Uganda boat safari) on River Nile sets off at Paraa, going upstream to the bottom of the Murchison Falls. Boat ride offers an array of wildlife sightings – Nile crocodile, hippos, and lizards are a common sight throughout the cruise. Other animals include; Elephants and other animals that are seen feeding and playing on the river’s forested banks. As you reach the falls, you notice a lot of huge crocodiles amongst the largest ever seen amassed together. The place is called “Croc Bar.” Big game such buffaloes, elephants and antelopes can also be sighted drinking and cooling off the heat by the river banks and with a little luck, you might even spot a leopard resting in a tree close by the water.

It is easy to see the animals at a close and clear encounter for many animals come to drink, bathe, and as well to eat some grass. Herds of hippos can be witnessed playing in the waters, all of which offers a wonderful opportunity to take photographs of the various animals. Since the Nile is a bird magnet, it offers an opportunity for one to tune in and listen to the melodious twitters of various birds that find the river environment an haven of rest. This birdlife is vey impressive, and keeps you constantly entertained, with a profusion of colors and species. You will also be totally blown away by a spectacle of sheer power and beauty with which the water squeezes through the devil’s cauldron.

What to see on a Murchison falls national park Safari
Boat cruise

Reaching the bottom of the Murchison Falls, you will leave the boat and set out for a 45-minute hike rocks adjacent the Murchison falls and thereby accessing great views of the falls at different spots along the trail. If your reserved lodge is in the northern section, you will get a ferry to cross to the southern for a hike or to go to the top of the falls. Once reached the top you will find the tour guide waiting to drive you back to the lodge for dinner and overnight. You will have the opportunity to watch the sunset over the River Nile at dusk.

Big Five Game of the Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls National Park is the prime destination for game viewing and wildlife excursions. The park has a phenomenal 76 mammalian species. Murchison falls is the main stronghold in Africa for Rothschild Giraffes and therefore large herds of them can be found at the park. You will also encounter other wildlife species like the warthogs, cheetahs, hippos, waterbucks, oribis and chimps among others.

The big five refer to mammals, which are dangerous and originally hardest to hunt. Murchison falls national park has four of the five big game with the exception of the Rhinos. These include; the Elephant, the Buffalo, the Lion, and the Leopard. However, to complete the big five with the Rhino, one has to en-route visit Ziwa rhino sanctuary which is about 3 hours’ drive away from Murchison falls national park from Kampala/Entebbe. Therefore, on your Murchison falls Safari, you will see these animals within the different pockets and ecosystems of the park. You will also see other big game and wildlife species. To be able to spot a variety of animals during your Murchison falls national park, you will do both morning and evening game drives and boat cruises along River Nile, What to see on a Murchison falls national park Safari

Game viewing/ game drives are one of the most popular activities in Murchison falls national park Uganda. Given that the Nile River divides the park into two sectors, the Southern and Northern sectors. The Northern section largely contains savannah and woodland ecosystems as compared to the south, which is more punctuated by forest cover. Therefore, the game drives in Murchison falls park are predominantly done in the Northern area of the park. The game drives happen during different intervals but are best done in the early morning or the late afternoon/early evening since the weather then is still favorable for the animals. The early morning is a better time for to spot nocturnal animals and elusive predators such as Leopards since they are usually still out actively hunting in the morning hours and have not returned to their hideouts. Game drives during Midday or Afternoon are usually least productive since fewer animals can be seen in the hot weather.

Evening drives are as rewarding as the morning ones since the big cats tend to become more active in the evening hours. The best game viewing spot in Murchison is at Buligi on the Nile delta where the White Nile joins Lake Albert to form the Albert Nile. The pastures and plenty of waters in this place attract large animal populations. Predators are also common in this area to take advantage of the high prey concentration. There are different tracks within the park that lead to different hotspots where various species of wildlife can be found. The game trails towards the Albert delta will expose you to different species of wildlife including the predators and many antelopes. This is all you need to know about the Murchison falls game drive.

Birding in Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls National Park has a combination of different ecosystems, which provide for the prevalence and survival of numerous species of birds.  The park has over 460 bird species that include the rare shoebill. Other species of birds include the Grey backed Camaroptera, The African Crake Crex, Glossy Ibis, Laughing Dove, Helmeted Guinea Fowl, African Jacana, African Paradise Fly Catcher, Augur Buzzard, Barn owl, Eurasian Oystercatcher, Marsh Tchagra, Lesser Moorhen and the African Crake Crex among others.

Birding at Murchison falls National Park can be done at majorly 3 spots. The include the Nile Delta at Buligi, the woods at Kaniyo padidi and around the falls. You will encounter many endemic, resident and migratory birds, What to see on a Murchison falls national park Safari

Nature and guided walks

Nature walks enable one to explore the hidden beauty on the park on foot. As you navigate your way through nature, sights of rare birds become more evident as well as other wildlife that include the Nile Crocs, Hippos, Shoe bills and more. The nature walks take place from different landscapes, ecosystems and habitants. In the south of the park, there is an opportunity for forest lovers to traverse through the forest and enjoy the gold there is. The forest is also home to a habituated chimp group, which can be tracked.

Cultural tours in Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls national park is endowed with a variety of culture all across. You will interact with different tribal groups and get a detailed explanation of their activities, traditions and nature of living. You will see them dance, sing and participate in different cultural acts. There is for example a group of women from Bunyoro called the Boomu Women’s Group. The group is made of 40 women and was formed in 1999. The name Boomu means “together” and is a combination of women that come from the villages of Kihaguzi and Kigaragara.

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