Kenya’s most dangerous Animal species : Kenya has got a variety of the iconic animal species on the planet and wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities and also a home to large a selection of the dangerous animals, it has a variety of wildlife, however on your safari to Kenya do not be relaxed and fooled by the brochure images of every smiling family on a safari, as Kenya has its fair share of the beasts and creatures you would do your best to avoid on a safari. On your safari to Kenya it is important when you’re planning a trip to Kenya anytime from now to know first and there you will be able to notify the most dangerous animal species in Kenya.

Kenya’s most dangerous animal species.

Cape buffalo.

Cape buffalo is among the big five animal species in different national parks found in Kenya, the cape buffalo is among the species that were hardest to find to kill by the hunters and at the moment it’s among the major animal species that every tourist would wish to see on Kenya Safaris, though it is the most dangerous animal species in Kenya even not only in Kenya but in Africa. Cape buffalo is regarded to be the most dangerous animal species in Kenya, also their aggression and unpredictability mixed with their incredible size and weigh are what makes it a very dangerous animal species, at times it is referred to as widow maker’ or ‘the black death’, these aggressive and unpredictable beasts can weigh up to 1000 kgs and grow up to 1.7 meters tall.

Kenya's most dangerous Animal species
Cape buffalo

The spotted hyena.

Spotted hyena is also known as the laughing hyena with the most strongest jaw pressure and the most powerful bite animal in different national parks of Kenya, the spotted hyena is a savage scavenger for example when it happens and food is scare they cannot be afraid to try out new cuisine of the human form if they are desperate, Kenya’s most dangerous Animal species.

Nile crocodile.

Kenya is blessed with large Nile crocodile population in the lakes, rivers and the marshlands, these are grouped in the family of the reptiles with the dangerous canines that they use to protect themselves from the enemies. However those that run the greatest risk of the attack are generally those who need to spend the vast amounts of time around the water, such as a fisherman, laundry workers and the regional guides. Crocodiles are the continent’s largest fresh water predators and these being aggressive nature and they are involved in most fatal attacks on the humans and killing several people every year.

Crocodiles being the indiscriminate hunters that can attack any animal that comes within reach even including the humans while using the powerful jaws, dragging them in water to drown them before stashing them under submerged branches or rocks to eat later, mostly the attacks of people by the crocodiles happen when they washing their clothes near the lake shores and also when the fishermen are getting in and out of their boat and mostly the crocodile attacks are commonly during the warmer season when they are more energy.


Hippopotamus are also the dangerous animal species that one should never joke around with, these are having the 20 teeth inches long and they are generally known as the terrestrial animals that is mostly and can be found in the grazing grass or at times in the water and the hippos can run at a speed of 30mph. It is recognized as the Africa’s most feared animal species. Although overlooked, but the hippopotamus is actually the biggest killer of humans of all the African animals though they are herbivores these are highly terrestrial animals that are estimated to kill over 3000 people every year.

Hippopotamus weigh up to 1500 kg and are the third biggest animal species in Africa behind the elephants, rhinos and can run up to 30 km per hour, comparing their conditions the aggressive nature, agility in and out of the water, and sharp, half-meter teeth in the enormous jaws that tells to why the hippos can make for such a fearsome creature to encounter.


On your safari to Kenya, one should never miss out seeing the lion which is also among the deadliest animal species on the planet where the Maasai Mara national reserve is the Kenya’s famous for these vast wildlife species which are known as the big cats, the lion is one of the world’s top predators. These are the most dangerous animal species and also called the king of the jungle and these are great animal species and can spend 20 hours napping in a day. Every year 200 are estimated to be killed by the lions, also whilst there have been a handful of the reported deaths of the tourists and guides that are being killed by the lions during a safari trip, and these cases are very much the exception, and the most people killed are the locals going about their daily lives in or on the fringes of African game reserves, Kenya’s most dangerous Animal species.

The male lions are so big in that they grow up to 10 feet in length and they are the largest big cat on the content and larger than other animal species twice in size and these animal species are so dangerous and are not shy when it comes to the feasting on the humans from time to time. Also the sight of a lion also tells they have an exhilarating experience and definitely a boasting point at any dinner party.

Puff Adder snake.

In Kenya puff adder snake is dangerous animal species of which to any tourist on a Kenya safari should always take off, these are found in the grasslands and vary in colour, from the dull yellow to light brown then however it can be recognized from their chevron markings down its back and a large triangular shaped head and moving at a high speed. This vaper is responsible for the majority of the snake bite injuries and fatalities which is largely due to their incredibly well camouflaged skin, so at times you cannot avoid the danger because it can be unexpected especially where your stepping, though the bites tend to happen especially during the dry season due to the shortage of the prey, though of which the venom from this vicious viper can cause swelling and cell destruction and also causes fatal at times.

Black rhino.

Black rhino has two sharp horns and the ability to reach the speed of 35mph, these are dangerous animal species and can easily harm you because they have poor sight but its smell is excellent, they majorly found in the roaming grasslands due to poaching these animal species they are probably far more scared of you than you do for example if you do respect them and keep a distance far away from them, they will also simply just be another one to the Big 5 sightings.

Kenya's most dangerous Animal species
Black rhino

Although the black rhino is generally more aggressive both the black and white rhino charge when threatened which cause into the human death, rhino mothers with calves are very protective of their young and are quickly to attack anything which they consider as a threat.

Rhino can charge at speeds of up to run to speeds of 64 km per hour, and have two large, sharp horns so be sure to always keep your distance and never get between a mother and a baby, or anywhere near an older male.

African elephant.

African elephant is recognized as the largest animal species on the planet weighing up to 7000 kg, with floppy eared intelligent mammal weighs up to eight tons and reaches up to 10 feet in height. It is the popular big 5 mammal, these are among the dangerous animal species and minus everything their tusks alone provides them the most powerful weapons, naturally these animal species are generally peaceful and they are prone to aggression when sick, injured or harassed.

All the elephants are particularly dangerous the males and the elephant babies these are particularly dangerous to anything that crosses their path, though seen as the relaxed animals the elephants each year cause the death of over 500 human beings, Kenya’s most dangerous Animal species.


Mosquito is a tiny creature but it harms more, than the most of the creatures  and which is the most dangerous animal species in Africa, the mosquito has got many species and between them these they cause diseases and of which they kill people every year in Kenya. Though mosquitoes can be controlled and prevented through waring light colors, also using the spray or lotion repellents and sleeping under the mosquito net.

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