Ibyiwacu cultural experience – Volcanoes national park: While on your next adventure to Rwanda’s favorite Volcanoes national park probably for gorilla trekking, Golden monkey trekking, volcano climbing and many more, I recommend an extension to visit the Ibyiwacu cultural village also known as the Gorilla Guardian village for a fascinating and breath taking adventure with the local Rwandese that reside in this Village. The Ibyiwacu cultural village is situated just outside Volcanoes national park that reason why it’s very easy to combine it with other park excursions like Mountain gorilla trekking which is the major safari highlight of most of Rwanda trips, then Golden monkey tracking, Mount Karisimbi hike, Mount Bisoke Hike, Dian fossey Hike, and many more thrilling adventures enjoyed in Volcanoes national park Rwanda.  Ibyiwacu cultural village is situated in Musanze within the North province of Rwanda near the famous Volcanoes national park thus most tourists on Rwanda safari to Volcanoes national park add this activity as a way of getting to know more about Rwanda culture and indeed adding this visit to your bucket list enables you to the real life style of the locals that reside in this cultural village. Visitors are welcomed by the beautiful locals with all genuine smiles and welcome songs without forgetting the amazing traditional dance moves. All you need is to have a sit and relax to enjoy all that will be presented before you.

The residents of Gorilla guardian village (Ibyiwacu) were initially poachers until they were made aware of conserving the nature and good enough they listened and adopted to conservation work. This saw arise in the number of gorillas that were at a point of total extinction in the wild. Today, volcanoes national park harbors at least a 3rd of the entire population of mountain gorillas with Uganda leading with more than a half of the total population of these endangered primates in their natural habitats in its Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. The remaining population of mountain gorillas reside in Congo’s Virunga national park. Well, while on an adventure in Ibyiwacu Cultural village, tourists are rewarded with the stunning entertainment of music, dance and drama as these locals exhibit the past and present Rwanda in their songs and tales. In fact, a visit to Ibyiwacu cultural village is the best way to know what happened in Rwanda as tourist get to learn more about the Rwandan culture and way of living.

Ibyiwacu cultural experience
Ibyiwacu cultural experience

Tourists may choose to have a few hours’ visit to this Village or even choose to spend an entire night in the traditional houses to make their experience overwhelmingly rewarding. There is yet an opportunity to have a taste of the local meals prepared in Ibyiwacu cultural village, have a taste on the local beer made out of bananas, and have fun as you join the locals in ridding the wooden bicycles, grinding millet and sorghum on stones, and enjoy the breath taking entertainment by the Intore dance group.

Tourists have a great opportunity of listen from different stories from the elderly people as they narrate about what happened in Rwanda in the past years, tourists as well meet the fortune tellers, and as well get an opportunity to buy some souvenirs and crafts at a cheaper price.

Tourists as well have an opportunity to join in and learn more about the production of local beer from Bananas which is yet a fascinating thing to do while on your adventure to Ibyiwacu Cultural village. You however, need to inform the tour operator in advance to ensure that this activity is arranged for you in advance.

Tourists while on a cultural experience in Ibyiwacu cultural village can as well join the locals who deal in pottery production to learn more about the entire process.

Ibyiwacu cultural experience
Ibyiwacu cultural experience

You may as well join the hunting to get some hunting skills. You will however, not be allowed practice this in the park unless you obtain a hunting permit from the responsible officials.


All in all, Ibyiwacu Cultural experience should be added on every traveler’s bucket list in case one really wants to get insights about the culture and traditions in Rwanda.  Get in touch with our experienced tour consultant to plan your next Rwanda safari. We as well organize safaris to Uganda the pearl of Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and DRCongo.

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