What to wear for your Africa safari: Wondering about what to wear on your Africa safari? Worry not and I have gathered all the information about what to wear on a safari. Depending on the kind of safari you are planning to do in Africa, this article brings you the most appropriate attire you need to put into consideration for a successful Africa safari. Some of the safaris to enjoy in Africa include, Gorilla trekking enjoyed only in Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo, Chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing, wildlife viewing safaris and cultural tours to mention but a few. Therefore, the safari you choose will determine the kind of gear you need to wear for that specific safari.

Below is what you will need to wear or even pack for your Africa safari;

  1. The Long Sleeved Shirts and trouser: This is the best attire for those intending to do a gorilla trekking safari, chimpanzee trekking safari or forest walking safaris in any Africa destination be it Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya or Tanzania. This long attire enables you to stay away from injuries by tree branches, thorns, insect bites and nettles to mention but a few.
  2. Short sleeved shirts and short trousers: These re basically wore by tourists on a wildlife viewing safari. For instance if you are heading out for a game drive, a boat cruise, or beach relaxation, you will just need shorts to make your day colorful. You can as well wear these shorts at your accommodation.
  3. Socks: These are necessary especially for those planning to have a gorilla trekking or chimpanzee trekking or hiking safaris in Africa. These socks are important to help you tack in your long trouser to avoid entrance of small insects and pests in the forests like ants and many more. So ensure that you remember to pack your socks in your backpack as you never know when you will need them. You may as well need these socks during cold weather, early in the morning or late in the evening to keep your feet warm.
  4. Underwear: The most recommended underwear while on your Africa safari is cotton type. You are always advised to keep it clean and dry at all the time to avoid catching infections.
  5. A hat: You greatly need that safari hat at all the time while on your Africa safari. Be it on a game drive, on a boat ride, on gorilla trek, chimpanzee trekking, Mountain hiking or even at the beach. A hat is so crucial in protecting your head and the neck from the scotching sun in Africa. You may choose to use a cap but this won’t offer you much protection like the hat. Apart from the hat, you will as well need sun glasses.
  6. A rain jacket: Especially if you are planning to have a trek, a hike or a nature walk while on an Africa safari. You will sincerely need to ensure that you keep that rain jacket closer to you always as the sky can decide to shower you at any time of the day without any warmings.
What to wear for your Africa safari
African Safari Gears
  1. Swimming Suits: Yes, you really need this in your back pack while planning your Africa safari. Africa is blessed with lots of waterbodies including lakes, rivers, waterfalls, beaches and well swimming pools probably at your hotel so you may need to soak yourself during the afternoons to cool down your body and a swimming suit will be of great help at this point. Why not pack it then?
  2. Pajamas: The weather in Africa varies. It can be hot during the day very cold in the night. You will therefore need your warm pajamas to keep your body warm.
  3. A sweater: This goes hand in hand with a pajama as they serve a similar purpose in providing warmth in a cold weather alongside warm cocks.
  4. Suitable Clothes: depending on what activity you intend to do on your safari, you may pack different attires accordingly. Shorts for the city tour, boat ride, game drives and the long attire, garden gloves, insect repellant for the treks and hikes.

Conclusion:  After knowing all you need to wear for your Africa safari, you may now proceed and take you your breath-taking Africa adventure to different destinations including Magical Kenya, Uganda the pearl of Africa, Rwanda the land of a thousand hills, Tanzania and DRCongo.

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