How Many Tribes Are In Kenya? Kenya is one of the most diverse countries in the whole world which has many different cultures and tribes and it is noted to have over 150 ethnic groups and its society is divided into three linguistic communities which include; the Bantus whose population is about 67%, the Cushitic speakers and the Nilotics who are over 30% of their population in the country. However, Kenya as a country is well recognized to have around 42 official tribes and these tribes are known to have both advantages and disadvantages. And the most interesting part about these tribes all have their own way of norms and traditions such as; each tribe has the food they prefer and their own dressing code among others. more so, these tribes are also noted to speak different languages however, Swahili and English are seen as the official languages used in the country therefore, exploring through this country gives you great opportunities to interact with local people from different tribes. In addition, some of these tribes include;


The Maasai people are found within the Southern and central region of Kenya and it is seen as a small group, which makes up over 841, 622 people and it is one of the most famously known tribes in the country because of its history and their height. On top of it, they are known to believe in a supreme God called “Enkai”.  In addition, the Maasai people always noticed to be social people among themselves because they stay in Hubs of ten to twenty small huts, which are surrounded with strong fences or bushes with sharp thorns, and they are referred to as Enkang. More so, the Maasai people are known as cattle keepers who consider cattle as their source of food and they are also known as the Semi- nomadic people who have their most interest in grazing cattle.

The Kikuyu.

The Kikuyu tribe is known to have a total population of over 22% and they are found within the central region of Kenya. In addition, these people are known to be interested more into business because they are inclined with money. In addition, they area also famously known for being large-scale farmers who grow cash crops such as; tea, coffee among others.  more so, the kikuyu people believe in a God called Ngai who is found in Mount Kenya. However, there are more facts that are interesting to know about this tribe such as; the kikuyu men have a right to marry more than one woman as long as one is able to meet their basic needs. More so, the exercise of paying bride price is considered as a big factor.

How Many Tribes Are In Kenya?
Kikuyu People

The Luhya.

The Luhya are famously known to be the second largest tribe in Kenya, which covers a total population of about 14%, and they are found within the western region of the country. and the unique part about this tribe is that is made up of over 18 sub tribes that tourists can get a chance to know about and some of these tribes include; the Masaaba, the Bukusu, Idakho, the Gisu, the tiriki, Marachi, Tachoni, the Marachi, Banyala, Bukusu, Kabras, Ishukha, Kisa, Khayo, Banyore, Samia and many others. however, the intresting about these sub tribes is that each of them has their way of lifestyle and they believe in a god known as; Nyasaye.

In addition, apart from the above-mentioned tribes, there are so many other tribes that are found within Kenya and here is the list of some of them, which include; the Kalenjin, Mijikenda, the Luo who make up a population of over 13%, Samburu, turban, akimbo, luhya, meru, kiisi and many others.

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