The Zika Forest is a tropical forest adjacent to Entebbe in Uganda. Know more about Zika Virus and things to do in Zika Forest. Being a must-visit forest in Uganda, Zika Forest Uganda covers around 25 hectares (62 acres) and it’s easy to admission uniting numerous ecosystems.

The forest is home to numerous bio diversity of swamps full of crocodiles, grasslands as well as forest types spreading to Lake Victoria the forest includes 140 kinds of woody plants, 60 moth types, 35 saturnalia.  There are also leopards, snakes, mosquitoes and monkeys. Zika Forest is located along Entebbe town in Uganda. It is 25km away from Kampala city.

For invitees who are beginning or ending their Uganda safaris from Entebbe International Airport, this is should be one of the places that you must make a stopover while on Uganda holiday tour

Zika forest is irrefutably the finest site for one to make a stop-off while on road trip from Entebbe to Kampala and astonishingly, you can try out picnic tour around it and you will be excited with involvements of lifetime. This is the flawless spots that shouldn’t failure out in your travel plan. Not only is this forest famed for its usual loveliness, history and wildlife but topographies as a vibrant enlightening site and furthermost students flock here for studies and hosts a number of leisure enthusiasts. zika forest as well has its own history just like other forests in Uganda this also has its facts that may thrill your mind to know about and below they are.

Stimulating Facts about zika forest

 Ziika resources “overgrown” in the Luganda language, the name Zika has been complete disreputable after the awareness of Zika Virus, involved in a mounting number of outbreaks around the globe that started from 2007.

 Well-known Statistics in Zika Forest: Former U.S President Jimmy Carter once stayed Zika Forest for bird watching as it has an unusual species of birds and it is well known that Zika is home to the very renowned Uganda Virus Research Institute that is accountable for investigating the insects that carry diseases and different viruses in Uganda.

Zika Virus: The Zika virus was termed after the forestry where it first came from. It was principal visible in a monkey situated at Zika back in 1960. It banquets by daytime vigorous Aedes Africans Mosquito. The virus is connected to the microcephaly which is a birth fault sickness. Nevertheless, the expanse now is free from the virus.

Zika Forest
Zika Forest

besides the history and facts about zika forest there are also numerous activities that can be done in and out of zika forest due to the fact that it is in Entebbe town and Entebbe town has a variety of attractions that can thrill your mind starting from the greatest lake in Uganda lake victoria to the famous Uganda national airport this implies a lot of fun activities are at zika forest and out that await you to try out.

What to Do in Zika Forest

 Actuality adjacent to Entebbe international Airport, Zika Forest ought to be on the main list of spaces to visit on your Uganda Safari this place has a variety of attractions that can be done around it and the nearby areas of it and all this can give you a thrilling stay in Entebbe town.

Bird Watching: Zika Forest is one of many small forests in Uganda that has mature trees, which makes it a perfect spot to witness birds from Entebbe Road. Many of the bird watching enthusiasts said that the forest is a great experience when it comes to bird watching.

Picnic Holiday: Zika offers visitors a chance to take a break from Entebbe and Kampala’s bustling life. It is a perfect spot for a picnic holiday with family and friends.

Camping: A number of visitors would always want to have the life-threatening natural and wild setup of venture. They would thus opt for camping. Camping within explicit selected segments of the forest the administration of the forest gains a group with guides and rangers to protect and guide them throughout their experience.

Take a nature walking Tour: A great way to get an overview of the forest is to take a locally led walking tour like this. We love taking walking tours, especially when we are new to an area. We find they are one of the best ways to see the highlights, learn about the culture and history, and get tips from locals on other activities.

Go to the Beach: Entebbe sits on the shores of Lake Victoria, and there are a number of stretches of beach that can be found all along the lake. Some of the small beach areas are sandy, some rocky. These beach areas can be found all along the lake front, from the airport area, to the Botanical Garden and beyond.

Visit the Botanical Garden: One of the most well-known attractions in Entebbe is the National Botanical Gardens of Uganda, normally just referred to as the Entebbe Botanical Garden. This is often included on visitors’ safari itineraries because it is an excellent way to get an introduction to some of the plants and birds of Uganda

Play a Round of Golf

Eat a Rolex

Take a Boat Tour

Visit Chimpanzees

Explore Local Markets

Go to Victoria Mall

Best time to visit zika forest

In Uganda we have two seasons that are experienced throughout the year and that is the rainy season and the dry season which influences the flow of tourist in the country.

But best recommended season to travel is during the dry season when it is easy to drive through the dusty road trails, at the same time also visiting Lake Bunyonyi

The dry season is during the months of June to October the long dry season, December to February the short dry seasons in the year. so you are free to make your bookings with Uganda safaris for a special visit at zika forest and the nearby areas.

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