You’re DONTS on an East African Safari : You must be thrilled if not elated to be finally going for you East African Safari. Well good on you, East African Safaris are some of the most amazing experiences on the African continent, they are not only refreshing but greatly adventurous, fun and fulfilling. So whichever safari you choose to take part of, you are assured of fun and fulfilment.

East Africa, has quite a wide range safaris from primate safaris, savannah animal safaris, cultural tours, nature tours and many others. We are sure whatever the safari you will be delighted at the experience.

But one thing that won’t delight you will be getting on the wrong side of the locals or the East African authorities in whichever country, you’re having you Safari in.

You’re DONTS on an East African Safari
You’re DONTS on an East African Safari

To help you stay on the right side of everything, here are a few tips on you’re DONTS on an East African Safari.

  1. Don’t move without Identification: Your Identification is very key, you need to walk with it any where you go just in case, you need to use. It’s for identification, helping you to get help etc.
  2. Don’t take photographs as you wish, seek permission also respect places with a no photography signage or caution. These places may include but are not limited to government buildings, military bases etc.
  3. Don’t break the laws of the nation and those of the park or safari place. Any of these violations can hand you a ticket to jail.
  4. Don’t violate the animals in any way, animal rights cut across all nations. So whether you feeling adventurous or enthusiastic desist from doing anything that can harm the animals in any way.
  5. Don’t move alone, it’s wise to always be in the company of your guide. For direction, guidance as you interact with the locals. Also for purposes of security, you need your guide always.
  6. On a primate trek, please do not feed or touch the primates in any way, keep the 7 m distance at all times. For your sale and for the primate’s sake.
  7. Don’t enter any East African nation with illegal drugs or substances; this will land you into jail super quick.
  8. Don’t be disrespectful to the locals, this may land you into trouble with the community and also the authorities. Besides you have come to visit their nation you need them to help you in getting a round the land and on your East Africa safari Tour. Kindly be respectful to the locals.
  9. Just like not entering the countries with illegal substances, illegal substances from the country, more so animals’ products like horns, skins and many others.
  10. Don’t take anything without permission or without paying, this is termed as stealing. So desist from stealing. You will be jailed.

East African safaris are some of the best safaris on the African continent so the biggest DON’T for you on any of these safaris is to be bored or to not have fun. Please have fun its East Africa.

East African safaris happen all year round in all the East African countries that are Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania plus recently the Democratic Republic of Congo. The most popular safari destinations in the region include but are not limited to Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe National Park an Akagera National Park all in Rwanda, Bwindi National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchsion Falls National Park, Kidepo National Park and many more in Uganda. Others in Kenya and Tanzania respectively include Maasai Mara game reserve, Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Serengeti National Park, Mt kilimajaro National Park and many others.

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