Why Is Mt Kenya National Park Famous? Mount Kenya National park is famously know as a designated World Heritage site and visiting around this park blesses you with breathe taking views of its stunning lakes, dense forests, glaciers, mineral springs, high altitude plains, alpine vegetation, unique montane and it also hosts large numbers of endangered wildlife species which are always spotted moving around the game park while searching for food. Mount Kenya National park is located in the central region of Kenya with within the Northern part of the Equator and it is considered as the second highest peak in Africa and this game park is seen as a good destination to travel to while on your Kenya safari in the country which is surrounded with so many geographical features such as; U-shaped valleys, beautiful landscapes among others.

Mount Kenya National park has so many attractions which lead many people tp travel from all over different parts of the world to visit the park and some of these attractions include the following ; Mount Kenya which is commonly visited and considered as the second highest mountain in Africa and many wildlife species which are always available in the park for tourists to see such as; black-fronted duikers, leopards, suni antelopes, rock hyrax, black and white colobus monkeys, albino zebras, bongo antelopes, giant forest hog, black rhinos, white tailed buffalo and many others. More so, this national park also harbours variety bird species such as; bronze napped pigeon, redheaded parrot, scaly francolin, Ayres hawk-eagle among others.

Activities to do in Mount Kenya National park.

There are so many activities that tourists can do while exploring within Kenya National park and some of these several activities include;

Community visits and Cultural Encounters.

Tourists in Mount Kenya National park can choose to visit within the neighbouring communities where they to get to interact with the local people. And it is well known that there are so many tribes that live within slopes the of the mountain and some of these tribes include; Embu, the Kikuyu, Ameru, the Maasai and this name is known to be for the mountain which Ol donyo Keri which is also meant to the mountain of stripes which describes the dark shades that surround the plains and the Kirinyaga. In addition, the most interesting thing about these local people is that they all have different traditions and beliefs for example the Kikuyu people who believe in “Ngai” as their god.

Mountain Climbing.

Mountain Climbing   is one of the interesting activities that tourists can do whereby they decide to climb to Mount Kenya and there known to be around 3 peaks on this mountain such as; Batian, Lenana, Nelion. And the best time to climb is during the dry season which is between months of  January, February, August and September because during this period of time the rocks are easy to climb compared during the wet season when the rocks tend to be slippery which is risky to climb.

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Mount Kenya

Cave Exploration.

Cave Exploration is an exciting activity which helps you to learn kore about the history and unravel secrets behind the caves and some of these caves include; Shipton’s caves and Mau Mau Caves which was usually used by the Mau Mau warriors as a favourite place to store their supplies and it was also seen as a hideout for many colonialists hence making the Mau Mau caves have a great history. More so, tourists always use different trails to be able to access the caves where they are blessed with great opportunities to capture scenic views of stunning waterfalls and rivers along their way.

Apart from, the above-mentioned activities there are so many things to do while exploring within the park such as; camping, hiking, guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park park guides.

Accommodation facilities in Mount Kenya National park.

Mount Kenya National Park also has many accommodation facilities where tourists can always have their stay after a whole day of touring within the park and some of these lodging facilities include; Serena Mountain lodge, Castle forest lodge, whispers luxury guest rooms, Hotel Fairmount Mount Kenya safari club, Le Rustique, Soames hotel and jacks bar, Batian guest house, Starbucks Katarina, Bantu Mountain lodge and many others.

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