Which Is The Youngest National Park In Kenya? Lake Naivasha national park is considered the youngest national park in Kenya, which was established on 10thof April 1995. More so, this national park is also among the smallest national parks in the country which covers a total surface area of about 140 square kilometers and the biggest area of it is covered by stunning waterbodies such as; Lake Naivasha which is known to be shallow and seasonal due to the fact that its waters levels tend to reduce significantly more especially during the dry season. However. Apart from Lake Naivasha, there are more two other lakes, which are considered to be among the main attractions within the park such as; Lake Sonachi and Lake Oloidien.

Lake Naivasha National park is a good place to plan to visit while on your safari in Kenya because it is surrounded with unique features that are good to look at such as; the extinct volcano mount Longonot which happened to have erupted during in the 1860s. more so, this national park is beautiful surrounded by non-flowers, thick forests and fresh water bodies which act to be good natural habitats to many wildlife species and large numbers of bird species. However, there are more attractions that tourists exploring within this national park can be able to see which marks their tour within Lake Naivasha national park a successful one. These attractions include the following below;

Tourist Attractions found in Lake Naivasha National park.

Lake Naivasha National park is a popularly known as an en-route destination while heading to Hell’s Gate National park and Lake Nakuru National park and these are one of the top attractions found within Lake Naivasha National park.

Mount Longonot.

The name Longonot was got from a Masai word “Olo Nongot” which means a mountain with many summits. Mount Longonot stands at a height of about 2776meters and it is an extinct volcano, which last erupted within the 1860s. More so, Mount Longonot is known to have a large crater rim on the top however without any water. And tourists who want to see this mountain can engage in hiking to the top of this mountain which takes about 2-4 hours depending on one’s hiking abilities however, this seems abit tiring and therefore it is advisable that it is only best for individuals who are physically fit and in a good health condition whereby they are free from diseases like; conical heart problems and air borne diseases like; cough and flue.

Lake Naivasha.

Which Is The Youngest National Park In Kenya?
Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is one of the top tourist attractions found in this park and it from which the name of this national park was derived from. This lake is considered to be a shallow and season fresh water body whereby its banks are surrounded by papyrus and many forest tree species which happen to attract large numbers of bird species and primate species such as; baboons and monkeys. more so, exploring on this lake, gives you chances to sight see a number of wildlife species such as; buffalos, giraffes, gazelles which are usually spotted as they drink water from this lake to quench their thirst. Lake Naivasha is also famously known to be a home to large numbers of hippos that busk within the fresh waters all day long.


Lake Naivasha National park is a good destination for bird lovers to visit because it is a home to over 350 bird species. Thick papyrus and a good vegetation cover, which acts as good habitats to the bird species, surround this national park. Therefore, some of the bird species that can be spotted within this national park include; African fish eagles, Flamingos, African spoonbill, red-knobbed coot, Palearctic duck, the gonolek and many others.

Crescent Island.

Crescent Island is famously known to be a private island sanctuary, which is not fenced, hence, this provides animals to move from one place to another within the park. In addition, for tourists who want to visit this Island can easily access it using the boat or on a 4WD whereby they have to pass through a narrow swampy road, which is commonly by wildlife species such as; buffaloes.  More so, tourists can embark on guided nature walks during their free time in order to explore well through Crescent Island and it is the only part in the park where these walks are allowed.

Wildlife species.

Lake Naivasha National park is a good destination to visit while on your adventurous safari in Kenya because it is a home to many wildlife species that tourists can best spot and some of these include; hippos, Zebras, Buffalos, giraffes and many others. However, for tourists to see these animals in large numbers they can engage in interesting activities like; game drives, guided nature walks, horseback riding, biking because they are able move through many different parts of the park.


Elsamere are known to be stippled trees with Sisal and they form up a forest along the banks of Lake Naivasha. More so, there are many more tree species, which act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species and bird species. In addition, some of these tree species include; yellow fever trees which were named after the colour of their trees and many others.

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