Which Is The Biggest National Park In Tanzania? Nyerere National park is considered as the largest national park in Tanzania which covers a total surface area of about 30,893 square kilometers and it is located within the Southeastern region of the country and it is a situated in a distance of about 230 kilometers by road from Dar Es Salam city to Metamere Gate and it is known to have been carved out from Selous Game reserve which was a huge wilderness area. Nyerere National park happened to have derived its name after the first president of Tanzania who was known as the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and the Tanzania National park Authority (TANAPA) who have a major role and responsibility of protecting and conserving all the national parks and game reserves in the country is managing it.

Wildlife in Nyerere national park.

Nyerere National park is among the newest national parks in country because it was established as national park in 2019. More so, this national park is commonly visited and famously known because of it has a rich and largest collection of wildlife animals which happen to be considered among the top attractions that tourists can always see as they explore through the park. therefore, some of these wildlife species include;  elephants, buffalos, elands, zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes and a good numbers of big cats like; leopards, lions, cheetah among others. Nyerere national park is also seen as a birders paradise because it harbours around 400 bird species such as; the African fish eagle, African skimmer, Bohme bee-eater and many others. In addition, it is being surrounded with savannah grasslands and Miombo, flora and fauna, dense forests that act as good natural habitats to many wildlife animals. More so, this national park is known to be one of the few game parks in Africa which have a sizable and prolific wild African hunting dog population and to see these wildlife species in large numbers within a short period of time, tourists can opt to embark on game drives which always last for only about 2-3 hours and they are always accompanied with a professional drive and a tour guide whose role is to guide them through and ensure the safety of both individuals and the animals.

Things to do in Nyerere National park.

Tourists exploring in Nyerere national park are always blessed with great opportunities to engage in many exciting activities where they also gain new experiences. Therefore, individuals can choose to embark on boat cruise which are best done on Rufiji river where they get chances to spot many wildlife species such as; hippos and crocodiles and also get to explore through the lagoons, channels and swamps. Boat cruise activities are one of the best way one the fantastic ways to explore well through the park and it commonly done and liked by many. More so, tourists can also choose to go for village visits where they get to interact with the local people, guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with the park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails, cultural encounters whereby individuals get learn more about the culture and the way of life style of the local people, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and they can also get to enjoy the sundowners and the romantic bush meals among others.

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Nyerere N.P

Where to stay in Nyerere National park.

Nyerere National park has so many accommodation facilities that they are always available for the guests who opt to have their stay within the park. however, individuals should note that these lodging facilities are of ranged differently such as; from budget, mid-range and luxury which gives people chances to choose where they want to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. Therefore, some of these accommodation facilities include; Serena Mivumo River lodge, Selous Serena camp, Beho Beho camp, Rufigi river camp, Mbuyu safari camp, sand rivers, Stiegler’s gorge camp and many others. and staying at these lodges provides guests with a quality good experience because they are also offered with good services during their stay which increases more of their comfort such as; free breakfast which is always served within the rooms, a 24 hour room service, a 24 hour good security where the safety of their guests is key, free parking for the guests that come through driving their own cars.

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