What one needs before they can go birding in Rwanda Rwanda is among the best birding destinations on the Africa continent. Birding is one of the amazing and adventurous Rwanda safari activities you can enjoy in Rwanda

Birding as a safari experience does not require a lot of things, however one needs to be highly equipped when it comes to this activity so as to enjoy it to its full maximum.  Below is a list of things that are highly recommended when one is going for a birding safari in Rwanda.

Binoculars for birders

 Binoculars are top tool every birder needs when going for a birding safari/experience, binoculars should be one of the first things that you should pack before you set off for your birding safari in Rwanda. You should note that birds are relatively shy species and once they notice that they are being approached or observed they fly away. So the best thing to do as a birder is to carry a pair of binoculars since they can easily be adjusted so that you get a sensation of seeing the birds up-close.

 Identification books and specie of birds of Rwanda

Identification books and specie books of Rwanda will help you in identification of the different bird species found in different birding spots in Rwanda

Identification books and specie books of Rwanda are sold in different birding shops around Kigali City and curio shops at lodges and hotels, they have the bird pictures and their different names which makes it easier for birders to identify birds that they see in different birding spots in Rwanda and habitats such as forests, swamps, savannah grasslands among others.

Food and water

Birding is done in very rule and remote areas in most cases they are not food stalls and restaurants where to get food on these destinations, which is why it is better to pack enough food and water to cover your whole journey as a birder.

It is not a nice birding experience if one gets hungry or thirsty.

Insect repellant

Different bird species in Rwanda are found in different habitats such as forests and grasslands which are also breeding habitats for many biting insects including mosquitoes and tsetse flies. As a birder you are advised to carry insect repellant in order to enjoy birding with less hustle from the insects and with no interruptions.


As the saying goes, memories are best kept in photographs, a camera is necessary for birders most especially those who want to keep memories of how the adventure was and for those who want to compare the birds that are being seen with those that are printed in birding books.

A camera with good memory and a pair of back up batteries are very much needed when you go birding in Rwanda or any other destination in the world.


The hides refer to camouflage clothing that is used by the birders to fit in the surrounding area during birding experience, these type of clothes help birders to approach the shy birds without being easily spotted.

What one needs before they can go birding in Rwanda
What one needs before they can go birding in Rwanda

There are several birds that fly away once they realize they are being watch or if one tries approaching them and this is where they hide so far which can make the experience less easy.


Birding experience may sound like an easy exercise but it is not that so easy, you need to be well clothed for the experience so that you do not feel uncomfortable.

For birding experience, trousers are highly recommended and some light shirts with long sleeves, this will help you to avoid insect bites and the heat from sun.

Portable voice recorders

 Different bird species make different magical sounds and for birders these sounds are heavenly, a portable voice recorder will help you record these different sounds.

Because of the different sounds made by different sounds, they can easily be identified from the sounds and call signs they make and the only way to identify the different birds easily is by using a portable recording device.

Rwanda hosts a variety of bird species that can be seen throughout the year in different birding spots such as Akagera national park, Nyungwe Forest national park, Volcanoes national park, Kigali City among others.

For birders planning to visit Rwanda for a birding safari, grab your bag with all the necessary requirements and head to the beautiful Rwanda for birding.

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