What Is The Major River In Tanzania? : Rufiji River lies entirely within Tanzania, East Africa, it is known as the largest and longest river in the country in about 600 kilometers, and it drains most through the southern part of the country. Rufiji River was formed by other water sources such as; Luwegu iver and Kilombero river and it flows through the northeast and east in order to enter into the Indian Ocean, which is opposite the Mafia Island. This river stands to be a symbol of the country’s wealth of biodiversity, economic, ecological and many other cultural realms and it flows through diverse landscapes.

Rufiji river is also famously known to be with the cultural fabric to the communities it flows through therefore, these the local people within these communities have developed a close relation with this river due to the fact that they rely on it for its sustenance, cultural practices and for their transportation services. More so, Rufiji River holds a spiritual significance for some communities and touring around this river will give tourist’s chances to known the traditions and beliefs that have been passed through generations hence emphasizing the importance of living in harmony the natural environment. Therefore, the cultural significance that is woven around this river, it helps a lot in reflecting the deep connection between the people within the communities and their natural surroundings.

In addition, economically, Rufiji River plays an important role in improving the lives of the local communities that are situated along the banks of the river. This river facilitates the irrigation for agriculture hence supporting the cultivation of the crops and then contribute towards the agricultural productivity of the surrounding areas. More so, this rivers also serves as a transportation route which enables the movement of many people and good from one region to another and this points out well the rivers role as a lifeline for trade and connectivity of people.

What Is The Major River In Tanzania
River Rufiji Hippo

Best time to visit Rufiji river.

Tourists should note that the best time to visit Rufiji river is during the dry season between months of June to October because, during this period of time, the vegetation is naturally always thin and short which will enable tourists to capture classic views of many other attractions around the river for example; it makes it easier for individuals to capture classic views of the animals and fewer rainfalls are received.

Why one should visit River Rufiji.

  • River Rufiji is seen as a home to the largest mangrove forest within the whole world therefore, visiting there will give you opportunities to explore within this forest.
  • River Rufiji is a home to large population of wildlife animals that tourists can be able to see while on this river and some of these species include; reptiles, amphibians and large mammal species such as; crocodiles, hippopotamus, frogs and many others.
  • Exploring around River Rufiji blesses tourists with chances to engage into many water sports and other activities where they learn new experiences and create remarkable memories. In addition, some of these activities include; Boat cruises, game drives that are normally carried out in open vehicles with a roof shade (4 by 4 wheels) and they are normally conducted in different sessions such as; in the morning, afternoon and evening hence gives people chances to go at any time they prefer. More so, they can opt to go for guided nature walks which involve them to walk the shores of the river and many other different areas on foot as they being guided by a park guide, they can also decide to explore and study more about the marine life of river Rufiji such as; the molluscs, crabs, jellyfish, shrimp, leeches among others.
  • The birdlife is one of the other reasons as to why tourists should visit within this area because, River Rufiji harbours a variety of bird species such as; African spoonbill, black winged stilt, heron, waterfowls, king fishers, harmerkop and many others.

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