What Can I Expect At Hell’s Gate National Park? Hells Gate National park is located in the Northwestern region of Nairobi stretching to the Southwest of Lake Naivasha. This national park is known to have been named after the narrow break in the cliffs and it was once a prehistoric lake and for its geothermal activity in the eco system. More so, the geological action that led to different land formations include the hot springs and geysers hence leading the exceptional and the beautiful scenery of the park. Hell’s gate national park also situated between Lake Naivasha and the longonot and the Suswa volcanoes and lies on the floor of the Great Rift Valley.

Hell’s gate national park is dominated with a good vegetation cover which consists of grasslands with shrubs, acacia and bushes and it is characterized with a beautiful landscapes which is surrounded with stunning volcanic scenery such as; gorges, towering cliffs, belching plumes of geothermal steam, rock towers and extinct volcanoes which include; Ol Karia and Hobley’s.

Best time to visit Hell’s Gate national park.

For tourists planning to travel to Hell’s gate national park is best if they travel during the dry season which is between months of June to March when there happens to be less rainfalls received and short grass vegetation which enables individuals to capture classic views of all the beautiful physical features and wildlife animals, birds while touring around the park hence granting you a successful Kenya safari. However, they should note that the rates during this season tend to be high and that they can still travel at any time of the year.

How to get to Hell’s Gate National park.

Tourists can choose to use either road transport means more especially for those individuals who are okay with going on long trips while enjoying and exploring more through beautiful landscapes of Kenya as they drive through Nairobi-Naivasha hight way. Alternatively, they can choose to use air transport means for those individuals who would like to skip the long trips due to their tight schedules as they lead to Loldia airstrip.

Tourist Attractions found in Hell’s Gate National park.

There are so many attractions that are found in Hell’s gate national park which always lead many people to travel from different parts of the world to visit the park and some of these include;

  • Wildlife; Hell’s Gate national park is see as home to many wildlife species that can be spotted while touring around the park such as; buffalos, elands, giraffes, hartebeest, gazelles, rock hyrax, klipspringers, chandlers mountain reedbuck, impalas and many others. more so, this park also harbours large numbers of bird species such as; vultures, augur buzzard, vereaux’s eagle, lammergeyer, yellow bishop, white rumped swift, red-winged starling, yellow rumped seedeater, verreaux’s wheatear, mottled swift, Nyanza swift and many others.
  • Hells gate gorge. This is a deep valley, which flows crosses over through the game park, and rocky walls and a high volcanic column characterize it where tourists can climb being guided by a park guide. In addition, these can be able to spot animals within the valley such as; zebras, giraffes, warthogs and birds.
  • Fischer’s tower and a central tower. The Fischer’s tower is situated near the main entrance to Hells gate national park and it is known to have been formed due to the semi molten rock and then t was forced into a fissure that later cooled and solidified to form an extrusion.
What Can I Expect At Hell's Gate National Park?
Hell’s Gate National Park

There are more attractions like the Obsidian caves, Ol Njorwa gorge that is considered as the lower gorge, Ol Karia geothermal power station and visiting this station grants you chances to see how the underground thermal energy has been harnessed in order to provide electricity to the country.

Activities done in Hell’s Gate National park.

Exploring around Hell’s gate national park grants tourists opportunities to engage in so many interesting activities which include; guided nature walks where they walks on foot as they enjoy the sound of nature and the dramatic beautiful scenery in the park whereby they are always accompanied with park guides, Biking/ cycling, Game viewing due to the fact that this national park is known to be a home to the big five and many other wildlife species such as; elands, lions, buffalos, olive baboons, giraffes among others. more so, they can embark on rock climbing, Hiking which is considered as one of the best ways to have experience the parks beautiful scenery such as; red-colored cliffs, deep gorges, rock towers, hot springs, geysers hence offering good spots for photography, cultural encounters which gives tourists chances to interact with the Maasai people and get to learn more about their history, traditions and culture and many others.

Accommodation facilities in Hell’s Gate National Park.

Hell’s Gate national park has so many accommodation facilities, which are always available for individuals who choose to have their stay within the park. However, these lodging facilities are noted to be ranged and classified differently for example; from budget, mid-range and luxury, which enables guests to choose where to stay according to their preferences and to where it matches with their budget.

  • Luxury accommodation include; Mvuke spa, Kiboko luxury camp, Naivasha kongoni lodge.
  • Budget accommodation; Triple Eden Naivasha hotel, Burch’s resort naivasha, Naivasha tree house.
  • Mid-range accommodation include; Eseriani hotel, Lake Naivasha resort, sweet lake resort and Hippos safaris resort and many others.

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