What Are The Different Types Of Tourism In Kenya? Kenya is a tourism country, which is located in the Eastern part of Africa, and it ranked as the 48th largest country in the whole world, which covers a total surface area of about 580,367 square kilometers (224,081 square miles). More this country was recorded to have a total population of about 47.6 million people during the census, which occurred in 2019, which considered it to be ranked as the 29th populous country in the whole world. Nairobi city is famously known to be the largest and capital city of Kenya as the second largest city is the coastal city of Mombasa while the third largest city is known as Kisumu city. However, while touring around Kenya, there are more urban areas where individuals can visit such as; Eldoret and Nakuru. As this country is also famously for its tourism, therefore tourists should note that it has around four types of tourism, which are well explained below;

Beach Tourism.

Apart from Kenya being known for being a good adventurous destination because of hosting large population of wildlife species, it is also known to be a home to one of the best continent beaches where tourists can visit to chill and relax as they capture beautiful views of the sunsets. However, most of these stunning beaches are found in the south and North of Mombasa and within the Southeast part. In addition, other few beaches are located within the Northeastern region. Therefore some of these beaches found in Kenya include; Diani beach, Nyali beach, Malindi, Watamu beach, Lamu island, Shanzu beach, MBamburi beach, chale island, Nyali, Kinindo kwetu, tiwi beach, Gazi beach, Jomo Kenyatta public beach, Kilifi beach, Lamu beaches and many others. Therefore, a beach safari in Kenya is perfect because it has good geographical conditions and it ranked as the worl’s top sun, sand and sea destinations.

Eco Tourism.

Kenya is one of the top countries in Africa which is popular because if its ecotourism and this is well defined because of the well conserved environment and its rich wildlife. More so, this country is famously known for its status as an eco and adventurous destination due to the fact that it has around 24 national parks and 15 national reserves such as; Nairobi national park, Tsavo national park, Maasai Mara national park, Hell’s gate national park, Mount Kenya national park, Aberdare national park, meru national park, Samburu national park Sibiloi national park, ruma national park, Kora national park, Shaba national reserve and many others which all act good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

What Are The Different Types Of Tourism In Kenya?
What Are The Different Types Of Tourism In Kenya?

More so, Kenya has an incredible bio-diversity whereby it hosts many wildlife species which are considered to be among the top tourist attractions in the country and some of these include; common eland, leopards, buffalos, giraffes, hippos, lions, elephants, rhinos, masai giraffes, gerenuk, bat eared fox, black-backed jackal, Nubian giraffe, topi, Jackson’s chameleon, suni, Senegal bush baby, Atheris hispida, East African Oryx and many others.

Cultural tourism.

For tourists who visit in Kenya while on cultural safaris gives them chances to interact with the local people who are hospital and friendly. Kenyan culture is interesting due to the fact that it has over 43 tribes which include; the Maasai, Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kamba, the Samburu people, Turkana people, Kalenjin people, Meru people, Embu people, Gabra, Rendile, Borana, Kuria, Teso people, taveta, pokot, Somalis, El Molo people, Embu people, Kisii people and many others. In addition, visiting and interacting with these local people gives tourists chances to learn more about their culture, traditions, history after listening to the story telling part. In addition, get to learn more about their daily lifestyle such as; observe and watch how they prepare their local meals, how they dress and watch the exciting traditional dance performances and listen to their folk songs. However, apart from paying visits to these different indigenous tribes, tourists can also opt to tour around the central markets where they observe how these people try to earn a living and visit around the schools among others.

Sport tourism.

Kenya as a country is also famously known for having a great sporting nation therefore, the sport tourism in the country is also on the top due to the fact this country has stunning mountainous landscapes with a high altitude which lead many people who are good at running to travel from different parts of the world and visit in Kenya.

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