What are the Best Birding Destinations In Kenya? : Kenya is well renowned for its remarkable diversity of bird species therefore touring around this country offers birding enthusiasts to individuals on their safari. This country is surrounded with savannah grasslands, forests, wetlands, lakeshores, forests and all these range and act as good natural habitats to a variety of bird species. Kenya is as a country is ranked into the top birding destinations in Africa because there are several destinations where individuals can visit and some of these include the following below;

What are the Best Birding Destinations In Kenya
European Bee-eater
  1. Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Maasai Mara national reserve is located in the Southwestern region of Kenya situated along the Tanzanian border covering a total surface area of about 1,510 square kilometers and it was officially established in 1961. Maasai Mara national reserve  is considered as a birding haven and it dominated by open grasslands, acacia woodlands, grassy plains and rolling hills that act as habitats to many birds that tourists can spot such as; eagles, kestrels, vultures, Hamerkop, southern ground hornbill, turaco, white backed vulture, black headed heron, saddle billed stork, kori bustard, African harrier hawk, giant kingfisher, woolly-necked stork, Fischer’s sparrow lark, grey headed king fisher, black chested snake eagle, African jacana, bustard among others. However, apart from birds, this game reserve is also famously known as stunning wildlife species such as; cheetahs, African elephants, zebras, hippos and many others.

  1. Lake Nakuru National park.

Lake Nakuru national park was famously known for harbouring thousands of many bird species covering a total surface area of about 188 square kilometers, it was established in 1961 situated near Nakuru town, it was located in the southwestern part of Kenya, and it is being managed by Kenya wildlife service. More so, Lake Nakuru national park is considered as the best destination to travel to while on a birding safari because it harbours about 450 bird species which include; flamingos, grey crowned crane, greater flamingo, lilac breasted roller, Marabou stork, bustards, owls, pigeon and doves, osprey, Egyptian goose, larks, starlings, great white pelican, African fish eagle, white stork, ring necked dove, Macao duck, white faced whistling duck, long crested eagle, pelicans and many others.

What are the Best Birding Destinations In Kenya?What are the Best Birding Destinations In Kenya
Lake Nakuru Flamingoes
  1. Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu national reserve is located in the Northern part of Kenya  and this park is dominated by arid landscape it covers a total surface area of about 165 square kilometers and it is a birders paradise therefore, exploring around different areas of this reserve gives you chances to see birds like; secretary birds, common ostrich, southern ground hornbill, kori bustard, vulturine guinea fowl, lilac breasted roller, black capped social weaver, African fish eagle, Somali ostrich, trogons, malachite kingfisher, black faced sandgrouse, martial eagle, white headed moosebird, golden breasted starling, speckled pigeon, columbidae, African gray hornbill, Egyptian vulture, lappet faced vulture, blacksmith lapwing and many others.

  1. Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare national park is surrounded with lush montane forests and it is a home to many highland bird species such as; cisticola, turaco, eagles among others. This national park was established in 1950 covering a total surface area of about 767 square kilometers and it is located in the Eastern region of the East African Rift Valley.

  1. Mount Kenya National Park.

Mount Kenya national park has its main tourist attraction which is mount Kenya that is ranked as the second highest mountain in Africa and it is a home to a high altitude bird species that tourists can encounter with and some of these birds include; grey capped warbler, scaly spur fowl, Ayres’s hawk eagle, baglafecht weaver, Abyssinian owl, Alpine chat, African crowned eagle and many others.

And apart from the above mentioned, there are many other birding destinations that tourists can choose to visit while on a birding safari in Kenya and some of these places include; Kakamega forest reserve, Nairobi national park which is located in about 7 kilometers from the South of Nairobi which is famously known to be the capital city covering a total surface area of about 117 square kilometers harbouring around 400 bird species such as; secretary birds, Maasai ostrich and a variety of waterfowl among others. More so, tourists can also visit places like; Tsavo National park, which is a great place to find hornbills, weavers, and rollers, Lake Victoria and many others.

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