Visitng Serengeti National Park With Out A Vehicle : Serengeti national park is among of the leading wildlife haven on the entire planet. Famous for the great migration, where the park inhabits the large number of the migrating wildebeest, thousands of zebras and among other animal species. The park is extra big ranging to 15000 square kilometers, almost bigger than the Hampshire. On a safari to Tanzania there is nothing spectacular than exploring Serengeti national park without the vehicle, this goes beyond your normal expectation as the tourists enjoy the entire park away from the vehicle. This is the magical experience where the travelers enjoy the beautiful wilderness to themselves.

Long time ago the tourists would best experience Serengeti national park in the safari vehicle, but now days the things are vice versa Serengeti national park, with presence of  the well experienced safari guides helps the tourists to enjoy the ecosystem in many different ways,

Visiting Serengeti National park without a vehicle.

Walking safari.

Walking safari is the best excellent way in which the tourists can best experience all the park premises with the experience of the well professional guides. Walking safari helps the tourists to reach in every safari park corner where the vehicles do not reach. This is a good experience, and during your stay in the safari camps, some offer the walking safari especially in the northern part of the park close to Mara River, private conservancies. Walking safari helps the tourists to get closer to the variety of animal species, bird species, plant species and many more. Walking safari in Serengeti national park is the prime way to reconnect with our roots and to become the immersed in nature with the incredible variety and intensity.

Hot air balloon safaris.

Hot air balloon safaris in Serengeti national park is the best way the tourists get to explore the entire landscape thus enjoying the balloon opportunities. This is the gorgeous where the tourists get to spot the plain from the above including the hills, river valleys, kopjes and among many others, everything can be observed best from the above since it’s so hard to comprehend on the ground, hot air balloon gives the tourists the best safari experience in the park.

Hot air balloon safaris is such exceptional as it gives the tourists the glowing light from the rising sun while showing the canopies of the balloon, from the tops of the hills to the slopes of the plains. This is the best way were the tourists can spot the wildlife in the beautiful scenery which pops your presence in the balloon. After landing you can be served with the delicious breakfast in the grassy glade. On a safari to Serengeti national park tourists who enjoy the park it feels like being above in the heaven in a picnic hamper.

Visitng Serengeti National Park With Out A Vehicle.
Hot air balloons

Star gazing.

Serengeti national park is the incredible where the tourists enjoy even more without the safari van or Landcruiser.The Park is the best way to be far from the noise of the city whole enjoying the beautiful national park under the star gazing. This is the best safari experience where the tourists enjoy under the blanket of the stars, while enjoying the wilderness over viewing the millions wonders of nature, with the various sounds of the animal species including the lions, hyenas, elephants as they are getting close to you. Tourists enjoying spotting the moon itself which is the worthwhile, with the great spectacle when seen through the telescope, this is a great fun zooming to the tourists. Tourists enjoy the fantastic moments using one on a moonless night in Serengeti national park.

Horseback riding.

Horseback riding is done excellently in Serengeti national park. Though there are more number of predators, the park is the great park where the tourists can enjoy horseback riding, where the tourist enjoy the fast riding in many places in the park, with the perfect chances of spotting the attractive wildlife in the park while sited at the back of the horse, Visitng Serengeti National Park With Out A Vehicle

There is presence of the Kaskazi horse safaris in Serengeti national park that manages and operates the annual migration especially in some parts of the Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro conservation area. Horseback riding safari in Serengeti national park takes the tourists in the right journey where the tourists enjoy the scenery in the area that maximizes the wildlife sightings, this makes tourists to have the ever best sighting Serengeti national park and the best chances to where the tourist spot the gathering of the entire wildlife on the planet.

Meeting the locals.

Tourists who visit Serengeti national park get to experience and meet the local, a safari to the park can never get complete minus visiting the Maasai people. Visiting the Maasai is the authentic way, this is the best way to witness their life as it has been for many centuries, majorly on the eastern margins of Serengeti in the Ngorongoro Conservation area, that gives you the best experience, this is where the tourists get to interact with the Maasai, know their life style, the daily activities and among interesting ones.

Not only the above ones, Serengeti national park can as well be explored in other ways like exploring and visiting Ngorongoro conservation area from Mwiba lodge, bird watching, community projects and visits, wellness, wildlife research and among many others.

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