Uganda horse safaris involve exploring different scenic places around the country while on horseback for a given period of time. Horse safaris across Uganda can be booked as part of a private experience or carried out in groups and there are different tour operators who organize these packages. Families can also engage in the horse riding experience during tours and it is exciting and educational especially for children.

Different safety measures are put in place for enjoyable horse safaris in Uganda including use of helmets during the horse rides, limiting the weight that the horses carry to avoid wearing them out, it is also recommend to wear comfortable horse riding shoes with a small heel, creating a connection with the horse, being gentle with the horse reins, sitting straight while on the horse and these guidelines can be communicated by the guides leading the horse riding excursion.

Where to do horse safaris in Uganda

There are different locations where horse rides can be done around Uganda and they include the following;

  1. Lake Mburo national park

Horse safaris in Uganda especially around the wildlife parks such as Lake Mburo national park are an exciting way to see the wildlife species in their natural habitat while on horseback making it a unique experience.

Lake Mburo national park is among the savannah parks located in western Uganda and it is also the only national park in the country where horseback safaris can be done.

Different wildlife species can be seen during safaris around Lake Mburo national park such as zebras, buffalos, giraffes, antelopes such as duikers, bushbucks, impalas, waterbucks, hippos, leopards, warthogs among others. The beautiful landscapes in the national park make it an ideal place to explore by horse.

 The horse riding tours in Lake Mburo national park are guided by experienced horse guides and the sessions can take about 4 hours. The horses and their riders also follow different trails around the national park and it is also an opportunity to see the wildlife species such as zebras, elands, buffalos in the savannah plains closely from the horses.

In Lake Mburo national park, horse riding safaris are offered by Mihingo lodge which is one of the luxury accommodations in the national park. The horses are kept in the stables owned by the lodge and closely monitored by the staff.

Horse riding in Lake Mburo national park is an eco friendly form of wildlife viewing which also promotes sustainability. Another advantage of taking part in horse safaris in the park is that both experienced riders and those with no experience can take part in the activity during their safaris in Uganda.

 The horses gently trot around the savannah plains of Lake Mburo national park while the riders enjoy views of the surrounding hills and lakes and valleys found around the national park and also encounter different wildlife species along their path.

Some of the trails followed during horse riding in Lake Mburo National park include those leading to the Warukiri hills and also to the waterholes where wildlife species can be spotted as they drink.

Uganda horse safaris
Uganda horse safaris

Different breeds of horses are kept for the horse rides in the national park including thorough bred which is the strongest, homebred, Ethiopian bred and Kenyan bred horses. The horses are not kept in the stables at all times and are let out to graze in the grass during the day.

Horseback rides can be combined with many other activities done around Lake Mburo national park during safaris including guided nature walks around the savannah plains, game drives in the morning, afternoon and night, boat safaris on Lake Mburo, bird watching and fun filled community visits.

  1. Jinja

Another location for horse safaris in Uganda is Jinja where tourists enjoy exploring the areas around the source of the Nile on horseback.

Horse safaris in Jinja offer tourists views of the Nile river and its surrounding villages. These horse rides are also guided and can take a period of about 1 hour or more depending on the selected package for the tour.

Jinja is located in eastern Uganda and is known for being a destination where many adventure activities take place throughout the year. The horse rides in Jinja go as close as the banks of the River Nile which is the longest river in Africa and also through the plantations.

Other activities done around Jinja apart from horse riding include white water rafting, bungee jumping, boat rides on the source of the Nile, quad biking, tubing, zip lining, tours around Jinja town, visiting the railway museum in Jinja among others.

Apart from Lake Mburo national park and Jinja, horse rides can also be done in places such as Speke resort Munyonyo, at Bush baby lodge in Mukono among others.

Lessons for horse riding are also offered in the different locations in Uganda with the help of the experienced guides.

Cost of horse safari in Uganda

There are different costs associated with the horse safaris in Uganda and they vary depending on the location where the activity is carried out.

When visiting Lake Mburo national park. Park entry fees is part of the expenses incurred ti tour the destination and it is 40 USD for foreign nonresidents, 30 USD for foreign residents and 20,000 UGX for East African citizens.

The horse riding experience in Lake Mburo national park costs about 40 USD per person for guests at the lodge and 60 USD for non guests for a 1 hour ride. A 4 hour horse ride costs about 100 USD for guests and 160 USD per person for non guests including a picnic breakfast.

Horse rides in Jinja are charged according to the period of the excursion and by Wild waters lodge the horse rides cost 60 USD per person exclusive of transport,

Best tine for horse safaris in Uganda

The best time to engage in horse safaris in Uganda is the dry season from June to August and also around December, January and February which is also a time when wildlife species can be easily spotted.

The time when the horse safaris in Lake Mburo national park are done also affects the wildlife encounters as some seasons are better for wildlife viewing as compared to others.

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