Traveling Solo In Uganda: Uganda the Pearl of Africa is ranked among the best African safari destinations, adventures in the wilderness of Uganda has attraction a huge population of tourists from all over the world including Solo travelers.

Each and every year, Uganda receives thousands of solo travelers seeking to enjoy and get an opportunity to glace at different attractions in Uganda such as vegetation, landscapes, mountains and abundant wildlife and bird life.  In most incidents, solo travelers mix up with other travelers upon arrival which makes them feel more relaxed and enjoy the safari.

 Benefits of Solo Travel

As a solo traveler, being along the safari is has a lot of benefits.

While on a safari as a solo traveler, you will the ability to experience Uganda on your own terms and at your own pace, a rat race does not exist when travelling alone / sole.

Solo travel will also help you experience and explore the beauty and wilderness of Uganda at your own rate without expecting competition from other travelers.

Uganda has a lot of adventure to experience from encountering the gentle giants – mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, the big Five, having a picnic adventure on Lake Bunyonyi – the deepest lake in Uganda to climbing Rwenzori Mountains – Mountains of the moon.

Traveling Solo In Uganda
Mount Rwenzori

What To Expect on a Solo Travel in Uganda

Uganda hosts several attraction ranging from wildlife, landscapes, mountains, lakes and offer a range of adventurous and rewarding safari activities such as wildlife viewing, bird watching, mountain climbing, boat cruises among others that are combined into safari packages and itineraries which has made Uganda to be a great and recognized safari destination for solo travelers.

Mountain gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, birding and wildlife viewing are the main safari activities in Uganda that no one should miss during your solo travel, other safari activities you shouldn’t miss in Uganda include boat cruises, game drives, camping, relaxing, white-water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, and quad biking.

Solo Traveling Safely In Uganda

It is hard to deny that traveling solo can be scary most of the time since you be in no one’s company, to travel safely as a solo tourist in Uganda, here are the dos and don’ts.


  • Make sure you write down and save your contacts (phone numbers) down and them, this will be helpful in case you lose your phone.
  • Be keen and always alert, as a solo traveler you are advised to always keep your eyes looking around in case you want to be updated with everything taking place with the area around you.
  • Be extra careful with your luggage and belongings, also separate them from the others. Remember to carry enough cash with you in case it is what you are using and more so remember to use money belt.
  • Try and learn some of the few words of the local language for easier communication, Luganda is a widely used and spoken language in Uganda and as a solo traveler learning a few words in Luganda will help you in case you want to make friends during your safari. However, this does not make English is not used in Uganda. Matter of fact, it is the national language in Uganda.
  • Dress decently while on your safari in Uganda, solo travelers are advised to wear clothes that are cover the knees and the shoulders. This is give respect to the traditional culture of Uganda.


  • Take the responsibility of informing your guide or someone next to you in case you have gone somewhere, this will help to keep your safety.
  • Do not move to unfamiliar areas as they may harbor unfriendly people such as thieves, rapists and kidnappers.
  • Do not move with expensive jewelry and a lot of cash displayed in public areas as the may attempt and get attention of thieves.
  • Do not walk around alone at night
  • Do not accept edibles and drinks from strangers

Costs of a Solo Travel

Solo Travelers are always charged a lot of money compared to group travels, this is because in group travel, costs are shared among the members of the group which is not the same with a Solo traveler. Some of the costs solo travelers cannot escape include activity fees such as mountain gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking, guiding fees, transportation costs, accommodation costs among others.

 In conclusion

Uganda is a very safe destination for solo travelers, book your solo travel with us at

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