Top safari Honeymoons : Marriage is one of the top and highly blessed communions worldwide and for that case East Africa Safaris Tours respects it highly and honors it that is why we believe this has to be more valuable.

 It seems sense that the prospect of unforgettable wildlife encounters and open-top game drives attracts couples and Planning may be overwhelming, especially when a wedding is being planned.

And on your wedding vacation you might have wanted to travel back in time to see the Great Migration and are seeking for a little more seclusion during this period of fascination filled with love.

 When looking for an interesting conservation but want to keep it romantic East Africa Safaris Tours has got you covered as you get to have sight at the top 5 safari honey moon destinations.

A well-planned schedule is essential for a fantastic getaway to Africa, and we can help with that. Here are some of our top 5 honeymoon ideas to get you inspired and also boost up your love life with thousands of memories to look at after the deed is done.

Top safari Honeymoons
The Great Migration

Top safari Honeymoons : Gorillas in the Mist.

Africa’s most sought-after species is ticked off on a three-part trek via Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Go gorilla hiking in Rwanda’s mist-covered mountains with Dian Fossey to experience poignant moments with the endangered silverbacks then get to have another sight of these remarkable creatures in Uganda’s great mgahinga national park.

 After that, take a seat in a mountain refuge with towering eucalyptus trees on either side. For those extra thrills, change from bamboo forests to the Maasai Mara , where big cats arrive in light aircraft.

You may watch Kenya’s thrilling game from a fantastic location with some excellent campers. Imagine sundowners around submerged fire pits and in-room spa treatments in chic yet environmentally conscious settings.

Botswana, King of Safari.

Yet again even Botswana has proved to be the best destination for this experience among all honeymooners due the facts of its stunning white salt flats, unique campgrounds, and expansive wetlands that delightfully sway in the African sun, Botswana is a safari destination that beckons for uncharted adventure.

Offering a three-dimensional safaris from the air, sea, and land, and they are the epitome of serious style hence eroding a clear kind of safari experience to all those who would love to experience the beauty of the destination on a romantic get away.

As you get to have the great experience be in position to take a private helicopter over the wildlife, see elephants and zebra from the water, and have sundowners beneath the massive trunks of ancient baobabs.

The extreme seclusion and high sustainability factor make the costs seem exorbitant, yet they are worth it and leaving an unrecoverable mark of beauty and excellent memories.

Top safari Honeymoons : Into Kenya’s Wild.

There is a huge population of wild life in Kenya that can excellently marvel all those that are in search of great safari adventures and this is one of the major facts that have ranked Kenya as one of the excellent safari destinations in the world to have a sweet and remarkable honey moon adventure.

Evoking visions of East African-style tents, wide-open grasslands frequented by the Big 5, and the eye-catching red costumes of the Maasai tribe allow kenya safaris give you the most excellent romantic getaway in Kenya.

Along with other amazing animals, the republic of Kenya is home to the apex predators from the BBC’s Big Cat Diaries and the Great Migration’s wildebeests all contributing the beauty of the Kenya all arranged for one to marvel at.

By all means, honeymooners should indulge in lavish activities like hot air ballooning above the Mara at dawn and horseback riding in the Great Rift Valley’s high heights.

Plan your activities to include outdoor bubble tubs at a lakeside retreat and private safari camps that are trusted to wow, offering everything from candlelit three-course meals to bush breakfasts.

Great Tanzanian Escape

Tanzanian escapes are just what one would consider to be one of the excellent safari experiences in the republic of Tanzania as you get to have a sight of some of the marvel safari points on your romantic get a ways.

Tanzania’s huge vistas never disappoint for total immersion giving excellent experiences for all honeymooners as they get to make great and rewarding memories in the republic.

From the acacia-studded expanses of the Serengeti to the ancient wonder of the Ngorongoro Crater, there’s always an amazing backdrop.

During the Great Migration, you may follow the wildebeest as they stampede across the plains and enjoy dinners beneath the stars under canopies. It’s the ideal time of year for a honeymoon. Also there is chance to engage in different safari experiences as they get to have a rewarding honeymoon in ways such as game drives and so on.


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