Things To Do In The Democratic Republic Of Congo : The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest country in the whole of Africa and it shares boarders with other countries like; Uganda, Angola, Tanzania, Burundi, the Central African Republic, and Sudan. More so, Kinshasa is known to be the capital city of this country and has the highest population of about 14, 950, and 00 residents compared to the other residents in the whole of Africa. In addition, Kinshasa is also considered the second largest French speaking country in Africa and the most interesting thing to known about this country is that its residents easily find employment opportunities and their basic social services.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is among the best destinations to travel to while planning an adventurous safari because it is seen as wildlife paradise and a good place to be for the nature lovers due to the fact that it is a home to the Africa’s big five animals and many bird species, reptiles and primate species such as; bongo, pygmy chimpanzees, Congolese peafowl, the exlusive okapi , bonobos and the Eastern lowland gorillas  which are also referred to as the Grauer’s gorillas among others. more so, the Democratic Republic of Congo is surrounded with great natural resources and beautiful wonders such as; oil, diamonds, gold and others 15 other minerals resources and physical features such as; Nyiragongo volcano where tourists also get chances of observing the boiling magma on top, stunning waterfalls and rivers. Exploring through this country also gives you chances to have an incredible cultural experience whereby tourists can get to interact with the Mbuti pygmies and learn a lot about their history through listening to their stories, watch their exciting traditional dance performances, listen to their folk songs, learn abit of how to speak their language and many others. However, there are so many interesting things to do while touring around the Democratic Republic of Congo and some of these include;

Things to do while exploring around the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Visiting Marche Central.

This is the market that is located in Matonge and it is considered the main market found in Kinshasa. Therefore, tourists who opt to visit within this market always get opportunities to observe how the local people do their businesses and watch their daily lifestyle. More so, individuals can also be able to buy some vegetables, fresh tropical fruits, herbs, grains, brand new Congolese fabrics and second hand clothes as they get chances to interact more with the local people.

The Congo River.

Tourists can also decide to visit the Congo River, which is considered the deepest river in the whole world and the second most extensive river system. Therefore, the waters of this river are seen to be contributing a lot towards the beautiful scenery and the biodiversity of the country. More so, the Congo River is home to over 713 fish species that tourists can be able to catch and to other mammal species like; hippos, crocodiles hence individuals can also be able to sight see at several unique bird species while they are on the river. Lastly, another interesting thing one should know about the Congo River is that it is capable of supplying all the hydroelectric power needed in Africa.

Things To Do In The Democratic Republic Of Congo
Congo River

Visiting the Historical buildings in Kinshasa.

Tourists should note that a local tour operator and an experienced private tour guide always arrange a city tour around Kinshasa and Kinshasa is well known to be a home to many prominent buildings that are worth a visit. And some of these include; the parliament building, Palais de la Nation, the chapel of the American Baptist missionary society, the national Museum of Kinshasa, the Roman catholic Cathedral and many others. 

Lake Kivu.

Lake Kivu is famously known as one of the largest lakes in Africa, which is shared by countries like; Rwanda and it lies next to the great Virunga and Kahuzi-Beiga National park. more so, touring around this lake gives you chances to relax and enjoy the breathe taking views, go for swimming for those individuals who have some goo swimming skills, island hopping, and visit the local fishing communities where they can engage in fishing activities and be able to catch a number of fish species like; the Nile Tilapia, haplochromis, limnothrissa miodon, Tanganyika sardines, clarias and Barbus among others. there are other many other interesting activities that tourists can embark on while visiting around this lake such as; canoeing, biking, Kayaking and capturing classic views of other water spots and this lake is free from animals like; crocodiles, hippos and other diseases like; Bilharzia which makes it more a perfect lake for swimming.

More so, tourists exploring around the Democratic Republic of Congo during their safari can also opt to do more of other things like; visiting Virunga National park, Idjwi Island, Mount Nyiragongo which is considered to be among the key attractions found in Virunga national park, visit Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage, the Congo bloodhounds, hike to Mount Nyamuragira, engage in activities like Chimpanzee trekking and Gorilla trekking which are best done within Virunga national park, visit Lukaya river, Zongo falls, Boyoma falls, Livingstone waterfalls and many others.

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