Semuliki national park is situated within the western part of Uganda in Bundibugyo district. This national park is the smallest because it covers a total surface area of about 220 square kilometers and it also known as the newest park compared to all other national parks in the country because it was established as a national park in October in 1993. Semuliki national park shares boarders with the Democratic Republic of Congo and stands at an elevation between 670 to 760 meters above the sea level. This national park is managed by the government agency, which is known as the Uganda wildlife authority whose major role is to ensure and protect all the national parks in Uganda.

Semuliki national park is famously known as the best destination to visit while on a birding safaris in Uganda because it is a home to over 410 bird species and about 53 mammal species  such as; crocodiles, monkeys, forest elephants and many others which attract many tourists hence making a safari to this national park worth it. More so, semuliki national park has other attractions within the park that lead to attract the attention of many people to travel from all over the world and these include; Semuliki River, Sempaya hot springs, wildlife and many others.

Activities done in Semuliki national park.

Travelling to semuliki national park while on your safari in Uganda gives you great opportunities to engage in several interesting activities. In addition, the best time to visit this national park should be in the dry season between months of June to September and from mid- December to February when there are less rains and the grass is short which enables tourists to capture splendid beautiful views of the park and the species within. Therefore, these activities include;

Bird watching.

Semuliki national park is commonly visited and famously known as a birders paradise because it is a home to over 410 birds such as; the piping hornbill, the great blue turaco, the rare shoebill stork, the red-billed Dwarf hornbill, Ross’s turaco, the white crested hornbill, yellow-throated Nicator and many others. however, it is seen that these birding activities are best done in places like; Ntandi, Kirumia river, Lake Albert and within the Sempaya hot springs which offers tourists with classic views of a variety forest bird species.


Tourists exploring through semuliki national park can opt to go and hike to the top of the Sempaya hot springs and these springs have both male and female hot springs.  Therefore, tourists who decide to hike to female hot springs always pass through a palm forest and many tourists pack eggs in order to boil them in the hot water and this hike always takes about 30 minutes. More so, tourists who choose to hike to the male hot springs go through the large forest where they get chances to sight see animal species like; the black and white colobus monkeys and the red- tailed monkeys among others.

Things to do in Semuliki national park
Semliki National Park

Cultural encounters.

Tourists touring around Semuliki national park can also decide to visit within the neighbouring communities whereby they get chances to meet the Batwa people within their homesteads. These local people usually welcome their visitors with their traditional cultural performances; tourists also get to listen to their folk songs, watch how they prepare their local meals, and listen to stories where they learn about the history of the Batwa people.

Game Drives.

Tourists in semuliki national park can choose to embark on game drive activities during their free time. In addition, these game drives are usually done in the morning and afternoon hours therefore giving a chance to individuals to choose what time they would prefer. During these game drive activities, tourists always get great opportunities to sight see animals like; buffaloes, bush babies, the black and white colobus monkeys, elephants, leopards, waterbucks, hippos, warthogs, Uganda kob among others.

Guided nature walks.

Tourists also always decide to go for guided nature walks around the national park where they are always accompanied with experienced park guides/ rangers. There are two trails that individuals go through for these walks and these are; the Kirumia trail, which leads you to the heart of the forest up to the end of the Semuliki River, which takes about a distance of 13kilometers. More so, tourists can choose to use the red monkey track  which leads tourists though the parks Eastern border to semuliki river which covers a distance of about 11 kilometers and they are always blessed with chances to sight see  primate species like; the Debrazza’s monkeys, the red-tailed monkeys among others.

Accommodation facilities in Semuliki national park.

Tourists having and enjoying their safari within Semuliki national park are always offered with many lodging facilities that are always available for the guests who are within this national park. However, these lodging facilities are ranged and put in different classes such as; from budget, mid-range and luxury. Therefore, these lodging facilities include; Semuliki safari lodge, Kirimia guesthouse, Sempaya campsite and UWA Bandas and many others.

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