The 8 Best Volcanoes To Climb In East Africa : Those who are willing and courageous enough to travel to this stunning continent will find that it has much to offer. Every tourist has access to a wide range of activities, such as safaris that go all the way into the Serengeti, shopping at one of the many regional markets or bazaars, or even taking a trip to one of the many pristine beaches found in the North and South.

All of these are excellent things to think about doing while on vacation, but nothing will be as memorable as climbing to the top of some of the most stunning (and still active) volcanoes this side of the world has to offer.

While East Africa is well known for its beautiful landscapes and extensive cultural heritage, its breathtaking mountains are what truly make the region a hiking paradise. The area offers a variety of difficult and rewarding hiking experiences, from the majestic heights of Mount Kilimanjaro to underappreciated gems like Mount Elgon. Climbing enthusiasts from all over the world talk about and frequently visit the most well-known Kilimanjaro. Here are 8 volcanoes and mountains in East Africa you should think about adding to your hiking bucket list if you’re an adventure seeker like me who yearns for an unforgettable journey.

1.      Mount Kilimanjaro

As the highest point in all of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro—also known as the roof of Africa—has earned the moniker “roof of Africa” for good reason. Kilimanjaro is not only the tallest mountain but also the highest dormant volcano in Africa.

 Since technical expertise or specialized gear are not necessary to complete the climb, Kilimanjaro is an excellent choice for intermediate climbers. Instead, one simply needs to be in excellent physical shape and be able to exert themselves vigorously while climbing.

You can choose from six different routes, each with a different degree of difficulty, starting at the bottom. Choose wisely because the views you’ll see as you ascend to the top will vary, in addition to the difficulty of the climb.

2.      Mount Meru

Mount Meru, also known as Kilimanjaro’s neighbor, is Tanzania’s second-highest mountain, rising to a height of almost 4,565 meters. In the shadow cast by Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru offers a great climb with stunning vistas and a varied rainforest that will be with you for the majority of your journey.

 Mount Meru is a great place to start for climbers who want to tackle Kilimanjaro because both mountain ranges are comparable to one another. Expect 3–4 days to complete the entire climb.

3.      Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, the tallest mountain in Kenya, rises to a height of about 5200 meters at its highest point. The most technically challenging climb in all of East Africa, this extinct volcano takes climbers anywhere from a half-week to a full week to complete.

 While Lenana is a better choice for those without prior technical climbing experience, the peaks of Batian and Nelion both require technical climbing proficiency.

4.      Mount Elgon

Five peaks make up Mount Elgon, which is located between the borders of Kenya and Uganda. Wagagai (4,321 meters high, on the Ugandan side) and Sudek (4,301 meters high, in Kenya) are the two tallest peaks. Expect plenty of picturesque sights along the route, which is dotted with caves, gorges, and waterfalls.

 You must hire a certified guide if you want to climb Mount Elgon. Its highest peaks can be reached by climbing for a total of about 5 days.

The 8 Best Volcanoes To Climb In East Africa
Mount Elgon

5.      Simien Mountains

A variety of peaks above 4,000 meters can be found in the Simien Mountains, including the well-known Ras Dejen at 4,533 meters. If you’re interested in wildlife and seeing one of Africa’s rarest species, the Ethiopian wolf, the Simien Climb in Ethiopia is a fantastic choice. The range’s gorges and valleys are also home to the Ibex and gelada baboon.

 Expect to spend anywhere between 1 and 12 days on this mountain range, depending on the route you choose and the length of the climb, which varies greatly.

  1. Mount Karisimbi

The fifth-highest volcano in Africa, Mount Karisimbi, rises to a height of about 4,507 meters at its highest point. Between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mount Karisimbi can be found inside the well-known Volcanoes National Park. Expect to see a variety of primates along the ascent in addition to the park’s well-known gorillas. It will take two days to complete the climb, including one night spent camping.

6.      Mount Nyiragongo

With a height of 3,470 meters, Mount Nyiragongo is yet another active volcano in East Africa. This volcano is undoubtedly one for the more daring individuals; the most recent eruption took place in 2002, and it is still active today.

 Another excellent reason to make the effort to climb this volcano is that it is the site of the biggest lava lake in the entire world. No climb is complete without spending the night in one of the mountain’s tiny man-made cabins, which offer a breathtaking view of the nighttime caldera from the top. Expect two days to complete the hike up Mount Nyiragongo.

7.      Mulanje Massif

Mulanje Massif, also called Mount Mulanje, rises to a height of 3,002 meters at its tallest peak, Sapitwa. This mountain is a well-liked destination for campers and hikers alike thanks to the numerous rental huts that are scattered along the trail.

 The majority of the peaks in the Mulanje Massif can be reached without the use of technical climbing. It is important to remember that the first day of the ascent is very difficult and steep. This mountain range also boasts the longest uninterrupted wall in all of Africa, providing rock climbers with a continuous 1,700-meter ascent.


The top 8 mountains in East Africa to hike are listed above. These mountains offer adventurous spirits the chance to connect with nature and test their physical and mental limits, while each offering distinctive experiences.


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