Rwanda Bird List : Rwanda is one of the best birding destinations in East Africa and on the African continent boasting over 707 confirmed species with 2 species are globally threatened, 2 are introduced and 29 Albertine Rift Endemics. Birds in Rwanda include very common species, common species, very scarce species, breeding residents, Non-breeding among others.

Rwanda’s abundant birdlife is commonly concentrated in areas including Akagera national park, Nyungwe national park, Volcanoes national park, Gishwati – Mukura national park, Lake Kivu, wetlands of Rugezi Marsh and Kigali City.

Below is the BIRD LIST found and spotted in Rwanda while on Rwanda Safaris.

Guineafowl      Numididae

Helmeted Guineafowl

Crested Guineafowl

Francolins: Phasiandae

Coqui Francolin

Ring-necked Francolin

Red-winged Francolin

Shelley’s Francolin

Scaly Francolin

Hildebrandt’s Francolin

Handsome Francolin

Red-necked Spurfowl

Common Quail

Harlequin Quail

Blue Quail                                        

Ducks and geese: Anatidae

Fulvous Whistling Duck

White-faced Whistling Duck

White-backed Duck

Spur-winged Goose

African Pygmy Goose

Maccoa Duck

Egyptian Goose

Knob-billed Duck

Hartlaub’s Duck

African Black Duck

Yellow-billed duck

Northern Shoveler

Red-billed Teal

Northern Pintail

Rwanda Bird List
Northern Pintail


Eurasian Teal

Hottentot Teal

Southern Pochard

Grebes: Podicipedidae

Little Grebe

Great Crested Grebe


Flamingoes: Phoenicopteridae                                                                                                                                                      Lesser Flamingo

Storks: Ciconiidae

Yellow-billed Stork

African Openbill Stork

Black Stork

Abdim’s Stork

Woolly-necked Stork

White Stork

Saddle-billed Stork

Marabou Stork 


Ibis and spoonbill: Threskiornitidae

African Sacred Ibis

Hadada Ibis

Glossy Ibis          

African Spoonbill


Bitterns, Herons and Egrets : Ardeidea

Little Bittern

Dwarf Bittern

White-backed Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron

Striated Heron

Squacco Heron 

Rufous-bellied Heron

Western Cattle Egret

Grey Heron

Black-headed Heron

Goliath Heron

Purple Heron

Western Great Egret

Intermediate Egret

Black Heron

Little Egret

Western Reef Heron

Dimorphic Egret                             

Hamerkop: Scopidae



Shoebill : Balaenicipitidae


Pelicans: Pelicanidae

Great White Pelican

Pink-backed Pelican

Cormorants: Phalacrocoracidae

Reed Cormorant

Great Cormorant

White-breasted Cormorant 

Darter: Anhingidae

African Darter

Secretary Bird : Sagittariidae

Secretary Bird 

Osprey: Pandionidae

Western Osprey

Kites, Hawks, Vultures, Eagles, Harriers and Buzzards: Accipitridae

Black-winged Kite

African Harrier-Hawk

Palm-nut Vulture

European Honey Buzzard

African Cuckoo-Hawk 

White-backed Vulture

Rüppell’s Vulture

Hooded Vulture

Lappet-faced Vulture

White-headed Vulture

Black-chested Snake Eagle

Beaudouin’s Snake Eagle

Brown Snake Eagle

Western Banded Snake Eagle 


Bat Hawk

Cassin’s Hawk Eagle

Tawny Eagle

Steppe Eagle

African Hawk-Eagle

Verreaux’s Eagle

Booted Eagle

Ayres’s Hawk-Eagle

Wahlberg’s Eagle

Long-crested Eagle

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Martial Eagle

Crowned Eagle

Black Kite 

Yellow-billed Kite

African Fish Eagle

Grasshopper Buzzard

Augur Buzzard

Common Buzzard

Mountain Buzzard

Lizard Buzzard

Gabar Goshawk

Dark Chanting Goshawk

Pallid Harrier

Rwanda Bird List
Pallid Harrier

Montagu’s Harrier

African Marsh Harrier

African Goshawk


Great Sparrowhawk

Little Sparrowhawk

Red-thighed Sparrowhawk 

Ovambo Sparrowhawk

Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk


Bustards: Otididae

Black-bellied Bustard

Denham’s Bustard


Cranes: Gruidae

Grey Crowned Crane


Flufftails: Sarothruridae

White-winged Flufftail

White-spotted Flufftail

Buff-spotted Flufftail

Red-chested Flufftail

Streaky-breasted Flufftail


Finfoot: Heliornithidae

African Finfoot


Rails, Crakes, Swamphens, Gallinules, Moorhens and Coots

African Water Rail

African Crake

Corn Crake

Black Crake

Baillon’s Crake

Striped Crake

Purple Swamphen

Allen’s Gallinule

Common Moorhen

Lesser Moorhen

Red-knobbed Coot

Buttonquails: Turnicidae

Common Buttonquail

Black-rumped Buttonquail


Thick-knees: Burhinidae

Water Thick-knee

Spotted Thick-knee

Grey Plover: Pluvialidae

Grey Plover      

Stilts and Avocet: Recurvirostridae

Black-winged Stilt

Pied Avocet 

Lapwings and Plovers: Charadriidae

Long-toed Lapwing

Blacksmith Lapwing

Spur-winged Lapwing

White-crowned Lapwing

Senegal Lapwing

Black-winged Lapwing

Crowned Lapwing

African Wattled Lapwing

Brown-chested Lapwing

Common Ringed Plover

Little Ringed Plover

Kittlitz’s Plover

Three-banded Plover

Forbes’s Plover

White-fronted Plover

Lesser Sand Plover

Caspian Plover

Painted Snipe: Rostratulidae

Greater Painted Snipe

Jacanas: Jacanidae

Lesser Jacana

African Jacana


Whimbrel, Curlew, Godwit, Turnstone, Sandpiper, Knot, Stint, Snipe, Ruff, Redshank and Greenshank    Scolopacidae


Eurasian Curlew

Black-tailed Godwit

Ruddy Turnstone

Broad-billed Sandpiper



Red Knot

Little Stint

Temminck’s Stint

Curlew Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper

Spotted Redshank

Common Redshank

Marsh Sandpiper

Common Greenshank

Green Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper

Terek Sandpiper

African Snipe

Common Snipe

Great Snipe


Coursers and Pratincoles: Glarolidae

Temminck’s Courser

Bronze-winged Courser

Collared Pratincole

Black-winged Pratincole

Rock Pratincole

Grey Pratincole


Skimmer, Gulls and Terns: Laridae

African Skimmer

Black-headed Gull

Grey-headed Gull

Lesser Black-Backed Gull

Gull-billed Tern

Caspian Tern

Lesser Crested Tern

Whiskered Tern

White-winged Tern

Black Tern


Pigeons and Doves: Columbidae

Speckled Pigeon

Afep Pigeon

African Olive Pigeon

Lemon Dove

Dusky Turtle Dove

Mourning Collared Dove

Red-eyed Dove

Ring-necked Dove

Laughing Dove

Blue-spotted Wood Dove

Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

Tambourine Dove

Namaqua Dove

African Green Pigeon


Turacos, Plantain-eater, Go-away birds Musophagidae

Great Blue Turaco

Bare-faced Go-away Bird

Eastern Grey Plantain-eater

Ruwenzori Turaco

Purple-crested Turaco

Ross’s Turaco

Black-billed Turaco


Coucals, Malkoha and Cuckoos Cuculidae

Blue-headed Coucal

White-browed Coucal

Black Coucal

Blue Malkoha

Great Spotted Cuckoo

Levaillant’s Cuckoo

Jacobin Cuckoo

Thick-billed Cuckoo

Diederik Cuckoo

Klaas’s Cuckoo

African Emerald Cuckoo

Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo

Black Cuckoo

Red-chested Cuckoo

Madagascar Cuckoo

African Cuckoo

Common Cuckoo


Barn Owl, Bay Owl: Tytonidae

Western Barn Owl

African Grass Owl

Congo Bay Owl Phodilus prigoginei


Owls: Strigidae

African Scops Owl

Southern White-faced Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Fraser’s Eagle-Owl

Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl

Pel’s Fishing Owl

African Wood Owl

Pearl-spotted Owlet

Red-chested Owlet

African Barred Owlet

Albertine Owlet

Abyssinian Owl

Marsh Owl

Chestnut Owlet


Nightjars: Caprimulgidae

European Nightjar

Black-shouldered Nightjar

Fiery-necked Nightjar

Ruwenzori Nightjar

Swamp Nightjar

Freckled Nightjar

Slender-tailed Nightjar

Square-tailed Nightjar

Pennant-winged Nightjar


Swifts and Spinetails Apodidae

Scarce Swift

Mottled Spinetail

African Palm Swift

Alpine Swift

Mottled Swift

Common Swift

African Black Swift

Little Swift

Horus Swift

White-rumped Swift

Mousebirds     Coliidae

Speckled Mousebird

Blue-naped Mousebird


Trogons: Trogonidae

Narina Trogon

Bar-tailled Trogon


Rollers: Coraciidae

Purple Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller

European Roller

Broad-billed Roller


Kingfishers      Alcedinidae

African Pygmy Kingfisher

Malachite Kingfisher

Shining-blue Kingfisher

Half-collared Kingfisher

Giant Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher

Grey-headed Kingfisher

Brown-hooded Kingfisher

Striped Kingfisher

Blue-breasted Kingfisher

Woodland Kingfisher


Bee-eaters: Meropidae

Swallow-tailed Bee-eater

Little Bee-eater

Blue-breasted Bee-eater

Cinnammon-chested Bee-eater

White-fronted Bee-eater

White-throated Bee-eater

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

Olive Bee-eater

European Bee-eater

Southern Carmine Bee-eater


Hoopoes: Upupidae

Eurasian Hoopoe

African Hoopoe


Wood Hoopoes and Scimitarbills: Phoeniculidae

Forest Wood Hoopoe

White-headed Wood Hoopoe

Green Wood Hoopoe

Common Scimitarbill


Hornbills: Bucerotidae

Crowned Hornbill

African Grey Hornbill

Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill


Ground-Hornbill: Bucorvidae

Southern Ground-Hornbill


Barbets and Tinkerbirds: Lybiidae

Grey-throated Barbet

Western Tinkerbird

Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird

Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird

Spot-flanked Barbet

White-headed Barbet

Red-faced Barbet

Black-collared Barbet

Double-toothed Barbet

Yellow-billed Barbet

Crested Barbet


Honeyguides: Indicatoridae

Green-backed Honeybird

Brown-backed Honeybird

Dwarf Honeyguide

Willcock’s Honeyguide

Least Honeyguide

Lesser Honeyguide

Scaly-throated Honeyguide

Greater Honeyguide


Wrynecks and Woodpeckers: Picidae

Red-throated Wryneck

Bennett’s Woodpecker

Golden-tailed Woodpecker

Green-backed Woodpecker

Tullberg’s Woodpecker

Buff-spotted Woodpecker

Cardinal Woodpecker

Speckle-breasted Woodpecker

Bearded Woodpecker

Elliot’s Woodpecker

African Grey Woodpecker

Olive Woodpecker

Falcons, Hobbys, Kestrels: Falconidae

Pygmy Falcon

Lesser Kestrel

Common Kestrel

Grey Kestrel

Red-necked Falcon

Red-footed Falcon

Amur Falcon

Eleonora’s Falcon

Sooty Falcon

Eurasian Hobby

African Hobby

Lanner Falcon

Peregrine Falcon


Lovebirds and parrots: Psittacidae

Red-headed Lovebird

Fischer’s Lovebird

Grey Parrot

Cape Parrot

Meyer’s Parrot


Broadbill: Calyptomenidae

African Broadbill

Pitta: Pittidae

African Pitta

Batises and Wattle-eyes: Platysteiridae

Ruwenzori Batis

Chinspot Batis

Brown-throated Wattle-eye

Black-throated Wattle-eye

Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye

Western Black-headed Batis

Helmetshrikes: Prionopidae

White-crested Helmetshrike

Rufous-bellied Helmetshrike


Bushshrikes, Tchagras, Puffbacks, Boubous, Gonoleks and Brubru    Malaconotidae

Grey-headed Bushshrike

Lagden’s Bushshrike

Many-coloured Bushshrike

Bocage’s Bushshrike

Sulphur-breasted Bushshrike

Doherty’s Bushshrike

Marsh Tchagra

Brown-crowned Tchagra

Black-crowned Tchagra

Pink-footed Puffback

Red-eyed Puffback

Black-backed Puffback

Northern Puffback

Mountain Sooty Boubou

Willard’s Sooty Boubou

Slate-coloured Boubou

Lühder’s Bushshrike

Tropical Boubou

Papyrus Gonolek

Black-headed Gonolek


Cuckooshrikes: Camephagidae

Grey Cuckooshrike

White-breasted Cuckooshrike

Black Cuckooshrike

Red-shouldered Cuckooshrike

Petit’s Cuckoo shrike

Shrikes and Fiscals: Laniidae

Souza’s Shrike

Red-backed Shrike

Red-tailed Shrike

MacKinnon’s Shrike

Lesser Grey Shrike

Grey-Backed Fiscal

Northern Fiscal

Isabelline Shrike

Orioles: Oriolidae

Euraisan Golden Oriole

African Golden Oriole

Mountain Oriole

Black-headed Oriole

Drongos: Dicuridae

Fork-tailed Drongo

Velvet-mantled Drongo


Paradise and Mantled Flycatchers: Monarchidae       

Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher

African Paradise Flycatcher

Crows and Ravens: Corvidae

Pied Crow

White-necked Raven

Hyliotas: Hyliotidae

Yellow-bellied Hyliota

Violet-backed Hyliota

Blue and Crested Flycatchers: Stenostiridae

White-tailed Blue Flycatcher

White-bellied Crested Flycatcher

White-tailed Crested Flycatcher

Tits: Paridae

White-winged Black Tit

Dusky Tit

Stripe-breasted Tit


Pendilune Tit: Remizidae

Grey Penduline Tit

Larks: Alaudidae

Rufous-naped Lark

Flappet Lark

Dusky Lark

Red-capped Lark


Bulbul, Greenbul and Leaflove Pycnonotidae

Dark-capped Bulbul

Kakamega Greenbul

Olive-breasted Greenbul

Slender-billed Greenbul

Little Greenbul

Plain Greenbul

Yellow-whiskered Greenbul

Yellow-throated Leaflove

Red-tailed Leaflove

Cabanis’s Greenbul

Yellow-streaked Greenbul

Black-collared Greenbul


Saw-wings, Martins and Swallows: Hirundinidae

White-headed Saw-wing

Black Saw-wing

Grey-rumped Swallow

Brown-throated Martin

Sand Martin

Banded Martin

Barn Swallow

Angola Swallow

Wire-tailed Swallow

Blue Swallow

Rock Martin

Common House Martin

Lesser Striped Swallow

Red-breasted Swallow

Mosque Swallow

Red-rumped Swallow


Warblers, Crombecs, Chiffchaff, Cisticolas, Prinia, Apalis, Camaroptera, Wren-warbler, Eremomelas, Blackcap, Whitethroat and Hill Babbler


Grauer’s Warbler

Moustached Grass Warbler

Red-faced Crombec

White-browed Crombec



Neumann’s Warbler


Willow Warbler

Common Chiffchaff

Wood Warbler

Red-faced Woodland Warbler

Brown Woodland Warbler



Papyrus Yellow Warbler

Dark-capped Yellow Warbler

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Mountain Yellow Warbler

Icterine Warbler

Sedge Warbler

African Reed Warbler

Marsh Warbler

Eurasian Reed Warbler

Great Reed Warbler

Lesser Swamp Warbler

Greater Swamp Warbler



Broad-tailed Warbler

Little Rush Warbler

Grauer’s Swamp Warbler

White-winged Swamp Warbler

Evergreen Forest Warbler

Cinnamon Bracken Warbler


Red-faced Cisticola

Singing Cisticola

Trilling Cisticola

Chubb’s Cisticola

Rock-loving Cisticola

Winding Cisticola

Carruthers’s Cisticola

Stout Cisticola

Croaking Cisticola

Short-winged Cisticola

Long-tailed Cisticola

Zitting Cisticola Cisticola

Wing-snapping Cisticola

Tawny-flanked Prinia

Banded Prinia

White-chinned Prinia

Ruwenzori Apalis

Buff-bellied Warbler

Yellow-breasted Apalis

Mountain Masked Apalis

Black-throated Apalis

Chestnut-throated Apalis

Grey Apalis

Grey-capped Warbler

Grey-backed Camaroptera

Olive-Green Camaroptera

Miombo Wren-warbler

Black-faced Rufous Warbler

Green-backed Eremomela

Green-capped Eremomela

Yellow-bellied Eremomela

Green-backed Camaroptera


Eurasian Blackcap

Garden Warbler

Common Whitethroat

Ruwenzori Hill Babbler

African Hill Babbler


White-eye: Zosteropidae

African Yellow White-eye


Illadopsis: Pellorneidae

Brown Illadopsis

Mountain Illadopsis


Babblers: Leicothrichidae

Red-collared Babbler

Black-lored Babbler

Arrow-marked Babbler

Hartlaub’s Babbler


Creeper: Certhiidae

Spotted Creeper

Oxpecker         Buphagidae

Yellow-billed Oxpecker

Red-billed Oxpecker

Starlings           Sturnidae

Wattled Starling

Rüppell’s Starling

Splendid Starling

Greater Blue-eared Starling

Violet-backed Starling

Slender-billed Starling

Waller’s Starling

Stuhlmann’s Starling

Sharpe’s Starling

Thrushes         Turdidae

White-tailed Rufous Thrush

Kivu Ground Thrush

African Thrush

Abyssinian Thrush

Abyssinian Ground Thrush

Olive Thrush

Scrub Robins, Flycatchers, Robin-chats, Robins, Alethes, Rock Thrushes, Akalat, Redstart, Whinchat, Stonechat, Chats, Wheatears   Muscicapidae

Brown-backed Scrub Robin

White-browed Scrub Robin

White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher

Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher

Southern Black Flycatcher

Pale Flycatcher

Grey-tit Flycatcher

Ashy Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

Swamp Flycatcher

Cassin’s Flycatcher

African Dusky Flycatcher

Cape Robin-Chat

Archer’s Ground Robin

White-starred Robin

White-bellied Robin-Chat

Red-throated Alethe

Brown-chested Alethe

White Browed Robin-Chat

Blue-shouldered Robin-Chat

Red-capped Robin-Chat

Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat

Eastern Forest Robin

Collared Palm Thrush

Equatorial Akalat

Grey-winged Robin-Chat

Collared Flycatcher

Semicollared Flycatcher

Common Redstart

Miombo Rock Thrush

Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush


African Stonechat

Mocking Cliff Chat

Sooty Chat

Ruaha Chat

Familiar Chat


Kakamega: Promeropidae

Grey-chested Kakamega

Sunbirds          Nectariniidae

Western Violet-backed Sunbird

Little Green Sunbird

Collared Sunbird

Green-headed Sunbird

Blue-throated Brown Sunbird

Blue-headed Sunbird

Olive Sunbird

Green-throated Sunbird

Amethyst Sunbird 

Scarlet-chested Sunbird

Bronzy Sunbird

Purple-breasted Sunbird

Malachite Sunbird

Scarlet-tufted Sunbird

Olive-bellied Sunbird

Ruwenzori Double-collared Sunbird

Northern Double-collared Sunbird

Regal Sunbird

Rockefeller’s Sunbird

Beautiful Sunbird

Marico Sunbird

Red-chested Sunbird

Purple-banded Sunbird

Variable Sunbird

Copper Sunbird

Eastern Violet-Backed Sunbird

Western Olive Sunbird


Weavers, Queleas, Bishops and Widowbirds  Ploceidae

Red-billed Buffalo Weaver

Thick-billed Weaver

Baglafecht Weaver

Slender-billed Weaver

Spectacled Weaver

Black-necked Weaver

Strange Weaver

Black-billed Weaver

Holub’s Golden Weaver

Northern Brown-throated Weaver

Lesser Masked Weaver

Village Weaver

Vieillot’s Black Weaver

Black-headed Weaver

Compact Weaver

Dark-backed Weaver

Brown-capped Weaver

Red-headed Weaver

Cardinal Quelea

Red-headed Quelea

Red-billed Quelea

Black-winged Red Bishop

Southern Red Bishop

Yellow Bishop

Fan-tailed Widowbird

White-winged Widowbird

Red-collared Widowbird

Mannikins, Waxbills, Quail-finch, Cordon-bleu, Bluebill, Twinspots, Pytilias, Firefinches, Oliveback, Crimsonwings          Estrildidae

Bronze Mannikin

Black-and-white Mannikin

Orange-breasted Waxbill

Black-chinned Quailfinch

Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu

Red-headed Bluebill

Dusky Twinspot

Orange-winged Pytilia

Green-winged Pytilia

Red-billed Firefinch

African Firefinch

Grey-headed Nigrita

White-breasted Nigrita

Yellow-bellied Waxbill

White-collared Oliveback

Green Twinspot

Dusky Crimsonwing

Red-faced Crimsonwing

Abyssinian Crimsonwing

Shelley’s Crimsonwing

Fawn-breasted Waxbill

Orange-cheeked Waxbill

Crimson-rumped Waxbill

Common Waxbill

Black-crowned Waxbill

Kandt’s Waxbill

Black-faced Waxbill

Black-headed Waxbill


Indigobirds, Whydas and Cuckoo Finch  Viduidae

Village Indigobird

Pin-tailed Whydah

Broad-tailed Paradise Whydah



Sparrows: Passeridae

House Sparrow Passer

Northern Grey-headed Sparrow

Wagtails, Pipits and Longclaws Motacillidae

Western Yellow Wagtail

Cape Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

Mountain Wagtail

White Wagtail

African Pied Wagtail

Yellow-throated Longclaw

African (Grassland) Pipit

Long-billed Pipit

Plain-backed Pipit

Tree Pipit

Red-throated Pipit

Striped Pipit

Short-tailed Pipit

Woodland Pipit

Oriole Finch, Canaries, Citril, Seed-eatersFringillidae

Oriole Finch

Thick-billed Seedeater

Streaky Seedeater

Brimstone Canary

Western Citril

Papyrus Canary

Yellow-fronted Canary

Black-throated Seed-eater

Yellow-crowned Canary

Cape Canary

Buntings: Emberizidae

Cinnamon-breasted Bunting

Golden-breasted Bunting

Cabanis’s Bunting

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