Resources Provided By Government Agencies Travel Businesses in Kenya : Government agencies and all the travel businesses in Kenya work hard together with the main purpose of providing a wide range of resources in order to promote tourism ensure safety of individuals and also help to enhance the overall travel experience for the visitors who travel within the country on their safari. Therefore, there effort is noticed from the marketing campaigns that take place within different areas in the country, policy development, conservation efforts and many other hospitality services among others. More so, these government agency programs and travel businesses all act as vital contributors to Kenya’s economy and cultural heritage. In addition, in the context below; we will delve into details as we learn more about the resources provided by government agencies and travel businesses.

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB);

The Kenya tourism board is famously known as a government agency program in Kenya that has a major responsibility of marketing the country as perfect tourism destination hence attracting many individuals to travel from many other different parts of the world hence leading to the development of tourism industry. More so, this agency also provides various resources to the travel businesses in the country and some of these include;

  • It provides the travel agencies with a variety of marketing materials to use such as; pamphlets, KTB produces brochures, promotes videos which help to showcasing all the tourist attractions that one can see while exploring within different destinations within the country, its wildlife animals, diverse culture and many adventure activities that visitors can opt to engage themselves into.
  • Kenya tourism board has online platforms such as; websites and several social media accounts, which one can check out and get to learn more information about the tourist destinations, events and about all the best travel trips that one, can opt to embark onto while on their safari.
  • More so, the Kenya tourism board also offers individuals with training and capacity buildings where to organize workshops, seminars and many other training programs which helps tourism professionals like; travel agents, tour guides, and the hospitality staff to learn more and improve on their skills.

Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife.

The ministry of tourism and wildlife has a major responsibility of coming with the rules and regulations that tourists are supposed to follow while exploring within national parks and game reserves hence supporting the tourism industry. And it resources include;

  • The ministry of tourism and wildlife introduces policy guidelines that individuals are meant to follow while exploring within numerous tourist destinations, this helps to promote tourism development, wildlife conservation and community development, and even these local people usually involve themselves within several tourism initiatives being practiced within the areas.
  • More so, the ministry of tourism also oversees the licensing of all the travel agencies, accommodation facilities, tour operators and many other tourism related businesses and have a licence is considered as a must to have hence ensuring compliance with high quality standards and safety regulations.
  • Tourism Incentives; the ministry of tourism and wildlife offers several initiatives and some of these include; tax breaks, grants, investment opportunities which are purposely to encourage many other private sectors to invest in tourism infrastructure and services.
  • Finally yet importantly, the ministry of tourism and wildlife works together government agencies in the country to provide individuals with support and guidance over the impact of crises that rise within some areas such as; natural disasters, security threats like theft and health emergencies that occur unexpectedly within the tourism industry.

Kenya Wildlife services (KWS)

Kenya wildlife service’s plays a major role in introducing various conservation efforts and eco-tourism. And it also provides people with several resources  such as; it protects and manages all the national parks, game reserves and conservancies where tourists get to tour as they enjoy new experiences most especially those individuals who opt to embark into activities like; guided nature walks, trekking, bird watching, wildlife viewing and many others. More so, it takes the responsibility of carrying out research and have monitoring programs, which help to study wildlife populations on a daily basis within their natural habitats, behavior hence contributing a lot towards the conservation efforts and ecotourism development.

Resources Provided By Government Agencies Travel Businesses in Kenya

Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO);

The Kenya association of tour operators is famously known to be a professional association, which represents all the tour operators and travel agencies in Kenya and also provides a variety of resources such as; Networking opportunities, advocacy and representations, it develops and disseminates guidelines and standards of many tour operators considering their ethical conducts and safe protocols and many others.

And apart from the above mentioned, the government agencies and travel businesses provide many other resources according to how they grouped themselves such as; the Kenya association of hotelkeepers and caterers mainly represent all the hotels, restaurants and many other accommodation facilities offering individuals with a number of different resources like; training and certification, industry research and industry advocacy among others. More so, the county governments, private sector partnerships also have roles as government agencies and provide resources and good services to the tourism industry of Kenya.

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