Popular Kenya Recipes to Taste In 2023 : On a Kenya safari, tasting on the Kenyan foods is a great and majestic African cuisine. The wonderful wildlife to be spotted on a Kenya safari becomes impressive on the athletic accomplishments, with the Kenyan dishes that is another treasure on the Kenya safari. Kenya has got the massive recipes that refresh your gastronomic knowledge with the interesting and attractive Kenyan foods as these can be well strategically found on the Kenyan streets.

Popular Kenya recipes to taste in 2023.

Mutura-Kenyan sausage.

You cannot end the Kenyan street without seeing Mutura, as this is affordable by everyone and largely seasoned by variety of sausage. The Mutura vendors do operate during the night. These sausages from the cow or goat intestines with ground meat, spices, garlic and fresh animal blood. On a safari in Kenya you can taste Mutura a blood sausage that can be tasty and yummy. The flavor of Mutura gives you a agreeable appetizer to go with soup or salads and others.

Chipsi Mayai-Omelet and French fries.

Kenyans can make for you the mouth-watering combo chipsi Mayai with the French fires with crunchy, salty, fatty fries with the buttery omelets. Here they break some eggs, then cook them with the spices, and can be serves with the French fries and Kachumbari. Chispi Mayai is very simple to prepare though no foodies are safe from its scrumptiousness. Chipsi Mayai is a popular street food item and side dish both in Kenya and Tanzania.


Ugali also known a cornmeal is a common dish eaten in the entire Africa, but in Kenya it’s a superstar for many, this simply is prepared through boiling corn flour or millet or sorghum flours into the dough-like. Kenyans use Ugali to go with all kinds of sauces like salad meat, chicken, meat, and fish and among others. Most of the times the Kenyan breakfast recipe do consist of Ugali with the porridge and chai known as tea. That’s why most Kenyans grow up in a healthy way because of the nutrients that ugali that you should not miss tasting on a Kenya safari.

Best prepared Ugali does not stick into the fingers while taking it, and as well it can be shaped into an edible spoon scoop your food with. Ugali is a greater shared food known by famous people, like in 2018 the former president US President Barack Obama visited Kenya and highly recalled the memory of sharing Ugali with the young sister during childhood.

Mukimo-Mashed potatoes and beans.

Mukimo was originally known as the tribal dish by the Kikuyu tribe but currently its shared passion of the entire nation. Kikuyu people make it by mashing potatoes with the green peas, corn and greens in together, then the mixture can be cooked in water with salt to taste.

You may hear about Mukimo as a simple dish, but trust me the dish is much treasured and in the Kikuyu it can be cooked on the special occasions like the weddings and among others, again on ordinary days still the meal can be consumed as a tasty and healthy side dish with the grilled steaks, salads, stews and among others.

Popular Kenya Recipes to Taste In 2023
Popular Kenya Recipes to Taste In 2023

Mahindi Choma-Roasted Corn.

Mahindi Choma is the known Kenyan cuisine and one of the most popular dishes in the nation. This dish takes little time to be prepared as it can be prepared when peeled corn cobs over the open charcoal fire and garnish them with a rub of chili or at time with the lime salt, and finally can be enjoyed through holding the cob by the hush and you can enjoy it warm to feel the real taste.


During the period of the British colony, that’s when under the influence of India. Again that’s how chapati, became popular Kenyan unelaved flatbread, the chapatti has got the amazing ingredients that are used to give it its inspiration to many and its shape.

Chapati is made from the kneaded wheat flour, after can be divided into small parts that people and roll each of them very flat and fry them using oil until golden with added ingredients like carrot, onions, green peppers and among others.

Nyama choma-Roasted meat.

Though most of the people think that Ugali is Kenyans number one, but Nyama Choma, Kenyan roast meat. Nyama Choma means grilled goat meat at times beef. Here people do influence nyama choma with the seasoning and species before being grilled over a low fire. That later can be served with fresh kachumbari to highlight the meat quality.

On a Kenya wildlife safari that’s when you notice that Kenyans love for Nyama choma is like the Americans love for barbecues, In Kenya nyama choma can be found in the fancy restaurants, roadside carts and among others.

Other popular kenya recipes to taste in 2023 includes Ingooho-Luhya style stewed chicken, Sukuma Wiki-Sauteed collard greens, Mishkaki-Beef Kabobs, Kuku Wa Kupaka-Chicken in coconut sauce, Samosa-Kenyan Triangular pastry, Mabuyu-Baobab seeds, Urwagwa-Kenyan Banana Beer, Maziwa Mala-Kenyan Fermented Milk, Mandazi-Kenyan Doughnut, Matoke-Plantain Banana Stew, Pilau-Kenyan Rice Dish, Kachumbari, Bhajias-Potato Fritter and among many others.

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