Lake Duluti : Tanzania is one of the most visited countries in the entire East Africa and the country is full of great and fascinating attractions to sight while on a venture into the different cities in the republic.

Arusha is one of Tanzania’s city and one of the cities that has got a lot of attractions to sight while you explore the republic of Tanzania and for this case in this article Achieve global safaris brings to you one of the most rarest places to visit in Arusha city of Tanzania and that is lake Duluti.

Lake Duluti is a volcanic crater lake in the Arusha region located in Meru District near the town of Tengeru covering about 63 hectares and the surrounding Duluti Forestry Reserve covers about 19 hectares of land.

Lake Duluti is about 700 meters deep and it is located between lush forests beautifully green and excellent to visit and a great paradise for reptiles and birds and this makes the lake excellent to tour while on a visit to Arusha town.

Lake Duluti has got extreme beautiful surroundings that are great for guides nature walks and hikes plus also taking a canoe out for a spin as you get to sight variety of animals and its flora & fauna.

Lake Duluti is rich in reptiles and snakes and one is most likely to spot some monitor lizards as they canoe across the lake and this is because the lake has got a dense rainforest that grows at the edge of the waters of the lake and hence a good home to the lizards and other reptiles.

Lake Duluti has a lovely island that is great to have a stopover at while you explore the and learn about the different varieties of fish types that that are found within the waters of the island and the different birds in the location as well.

Lake Duluti is a fascinating location to visit for it offers its sightseers different kinds of safaris activities to engage in as they explore the destination and some of these activities include;

Safari activities to do at Lake Duluti

There are various safari activities that can be done around lake duluti as one gets to experience the beauty that is hide in the republic of Tanzania and as listed below these are some of the safari activities that one is yet to experience while at lake Duluti.

Swimming: is one of the best activities that used to take place at Lake Duluti but got banned with time because of the fact that the local communities around Lake Duluti use the waters from the lake to do their domestic work.

Hiking Lake Duluti: having a day hike at Lake Duluti is yet another outstanding experience as you get to learn more about the location and the island on the lake the hike will help you explore the magnificent wildlife and flora at the lake plus also understanding the different cultures at the lake.

Lake Duluti
Lake Duluti

Canoeing on the lake: canoeing on lake Duluti is the most amazing safari activity to do around the lake and this gives an open platform to all those that are interested in exploring the lake while crossing through it, sightseers get to sight different bird species as they sail across the lake and also some have the great chances to sight the monitor lizards as well.

As listed above those are some of the safari activities the one is expected to experience while at the great Lake Duluti and after a visit at the lake one can even choose to go far and get to Explore Tanzania even deeper as they get to learn about the sacred features in the Arusha town of Tanzania.

Achieve global safari is so much ready to see to it that all its clients get to have the best and well planned visits at the great Lake Duluti of Tanzania and for that view in case of any need to sight the Lake Duluti one can make bookings through achieve global safaris operators to make sure that the visit is planned for one at a fee.

Achieve global safaris will make arrangements from transportation to accommodations and even help you make selections of the deferent great destinations to sight in the republic of Tanzania.

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